Vicki calls her boss

by Anzaleth
Storyline The Mannequin
Previous Chapter [Princess Batsy] The Mad Hatter ensures Princess Batsy is adored

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"Boss, you have to send a news van over!" Vicki said into the phone, her sweaty chest heaving excitedly.

"What is this?" he said.

"The most beautiful thing has appeared in Gotham! It's got everybody fascinated! We need to cover this extra-special story right now!"

Vicki sighed. This must be what true love feels like. That princess mannequin is so beautiful! Who would have thought that Vicki's soul mate would be a mannequin?

She sighed again. A beautiful BEAUTIFUL mannequin!

* * *

"This looks like a department store mannequin," Nightwing said, as he stared at the figure there.

"Yeah, one colored like a female Joker," Barbara said in disgust.

Inside her plastic head, the former Joker was giggling.

* * *

"Now it's time for playing, Jimmi-Doll," Toyman said.

"Oooo, what shall we play?" Lana-Doll giggled.

"What about dress-up?"

"Oooo, I loooove dress-up!"

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