Jump forward to St Paddys Day

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
Category Mind Change Harem
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Bruce looked at the clock as the clock went from 11:59 March 11th to Midnight March 12th.  He sat on a conference call between Steve Rogers, Charles Xavier and Amanda Waller. He knew things had been wrong since about New Years.  His own Dick and Barbara had been useless in dealing with Catwoman since their Christmas get away.  Bruce was convinced that the former X-men Shadow Cat and Talon were now the fetish hench-wench pets of Harley Quinn who was on a cross country road trip.  Lois had dumped Clark and filed a restraining order against him and the rest of the Justice League.  Diana and Karan were on a crime spree across Europe where they have been robbing and raping people.  Bruce was convinced that Miss Martian was Doctor Pyscho’s new “Nurse.”  He also suspected that Black Cat and Tigra were now working for Catwoman too.  Everyone was confused about what had been happening and no one could find anyway of fixing it. 

“Does anyone have anything better than ‘act of god?’ I mean anything?” Bruce asked bluntly.

“Not really,” Charles admitted.


Across Gotham,

Selina was riding Felicia’s tongue for all it was worth.  Barbara, Dick, Felicia, and Greer were her loving kittens now, but she wanted more.  Selina wanted Bruce on his knees begging her to be his mistress and make him her slave.


The Demoness walked out of the alley way, she was a vision of the Saint Patrick’s Day Party girl.  Black fuck me boots, fishnets, a green plaid mini-skirt, a dark green leather corset and a glittering green top hat.  She played with the curly red hair and looked at the reflection in the shop window.  Pale with freckles.  A wicked smile played across the face.  She went out to find a certain pair to play with.


Edward Nigma walked the streets of Manhattan, no one knew who he was here.  He was taking a short break from Gotham to rest and recover.  Edward looked up at the sign, “Luck O’ the Irish Pub”.  He turned to and shifted the cane from one hand to the other so he could enter.

“Have a seat where every you want Lad,” the red head called from the bar.

Edward walked over to a bar stool and hung his cane on the raised lip of the bar.  He started pull off his black overcoat and hung it on the back of the stool and took his seat.  The red head walked over and put down a napkin.

“Do you mind me asking what happened to you Laddy?” the red head said.

“I was in a car accident,” Edward smiled, “a rather nasty one.  My doctors say I will not need the cane in another month.”

“Bad luck that,” she said.

Edward was going to smile at her but she had an odd look on her face, like she was just getting a pun and then gives a half smile.

“Sorry to hear that.  My name is Molly,” the red head smiled, “What can I get you?”

“How about a pair of Irish Car Bombs,” Edward said thinking of the pun.

“Right love,” Molly said as she turned back to the drinks. 

Edward recognized the feeling when the door opened.  The woman walked right up behind him.  He saw enough from the corner of his eye to know who it was.

“Hello Canary,” Edward said before she could speak, “Unless you have a warrant, why don’t you just have a seat.”

“What are you doing Nigma?” Dinah took a seat.

“Molly dear, could you make that three?” Edward said, “Rest and recovery.”


The Irish woman was filling the pint glasses with beer.  The Saint Paddy’s Day Sucubus grabbed the bottle of Jamesons.  She removed her top hat and put the open bottle in and pulled out a special bottle.


The Man and the Blonde were talking quietly.  Molly poured the Baileys in the three shot glasses and looked for the Jamesons.  She swore that she had had one here just a minute ago. She turned around and there was a fresh bottle.  Molly looked around again and didn’t see the open one.  She shrugged her shoulders and finished making the drinks and took them over to the man.

“Here you go,” Molly said. 

The man poured the mixed shot into his Guinness and held it up.

“Here’s the to the car that bit me!” the man smiled.

Both women figured the extras were for them.  They mixed their drinks and raised their glasses and all three drank the drinks.  Molly felt a warm buzz fill her throat.  Suddenly the feeling engulfed her whole body.


She watched as her magic did its work.  Molly, Dinah and Edward cringed after downing the Car Bombs.  Riddler’s outfit changed, the black suit stayed mostly the same but his shirt became forrest green latex and his underwear changed too.  Molly’s years of retirement melted off her body and her jeans and green blouse changed into a green rubber catsuit with bright green shamerocks and black question marks all over it with black hooker boots and a black leather half jacket. Dinah’s outfit became a black rubber teddy with green question marks, black hooker boots and a black leather jacket with a big green question mark on the back.


“Eddy dear,” Dinah cooed, “When are we going back to Gotham?”

“Yeah Mister Riddler,” Molly go up on the bar, “I can’t wait to fuck up that city!”

“Once I am ready,” Edward smiled, “Riddler, Shamrock and Canary will fuck up Gotham well and true… Until then, let’s close down your cover Molly and fuck each other up tonight!”

“Fuck yeah Mate!” Molly shouted going back to grab the magic bottle.

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