All-night Sex with the Batman

by zahnskye
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Characters Batman Poison Ivy Harley Quinn
Category Seduction Bondage M/F Female Dom Aphrodisiac Mind Control Drug
Previous Chapter In Gotham, Batman suddenly finds Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy changing their plans mid-scheme, tying him up and trying to seduce him...

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A few hours later Batman was still being held captive by the two sexy villains. He had regained full consciousness in the time that had passed but could do very little to fight off his lusty attackers. Ivy routinely sprayed him with more of her wicked chemicals to keep him compliant. Truth be told the fact that neither of the girls had tried to kill him made it easier for them to keep Batman in their thrall.

"You have to admit, Red... when he isn't trying to get in our way he's actually quite the stud."

Harley, dressed only in her mask, gloves and clown slippers ground her body against Batman, who lay trapped under her tied to a bed made of leaves. The leaves themselves released a non-lethal toxin into Batman's bloodstream as they rubbed against his back. The toxin wouldn't hurt him in any way, but would keep him aroused while Ivy's chemicals would make him more suggestible. Together the two drugs would make it so Batman couldn't even think about escaping. However if Batman's mind felt any danger the chemicals could lose their effect so both girls made sure not to hurt the Bat. Not that they wanted to this time. This time he was only here to be their boy-toy for a while. Rough sex wasn't out of the question though. They still wanted to have much fun as they could with their captive. Afterward Ivy would knock him out and erase his memory of the encounter for a while. She could always make him remember if she wanted some leverage over him. She doubted that he'd make any sort of deal with her, other than more sex in the future. Sometimes a girl got lonely and longed for new pleasures, and Harley and Ivy planned to make Batman realize that intimately.

"You aren't kidding, Harl. I hope you remember to share, hon'."

Harley just laughed at her friends comment and kept working on their prize. She kissed Batman roughly, biting at his neck and lips occasionally. Her breathing was heavy and her breasts heaved as she continued to molest the Bat. Her hands massaged his back and occasionally his butt as she continued to kiss him hungrily.

"Mmmmm. Ooooh, Bats! I can't believe you never tried to get me to go straight this way! I might've even considered it if we fucked like this every time you ruined one of my capers!"

While Harley impaled herself on the Bat's cock Ivy lazily toyed with their prize's utility belt. She'd managed to get a few compartments open, but so far found nothing truly useful. A few tasers and knock-out bombs. If she could've found his antidotes that might've been something but she suspected that he kept those under tight lock-and-key in his belt. Wouldn't want his enemies formulating even more powerful drugs using his own recipes. The sexy redhead smiled at the thought. She always like that about the Bat, even if he was her enemy. His intelligence made him a worthy conquest. However, she wasn't looking for his compounds or general gadgets. If she could find his bat-cuffs and some rope then the girls could have some real fun. It would be such a turn-on if she bound him with his own cuffs and the blonde bombshell currently driving Batman crazy had mentioned having a bondage fetish.


Harley's cries of pleasure echoed through-out the greenhouse. Ivy was almost afraid someone outside would hear them. However she sound-proofed all her lairs so there was little chance of that. She turned her attention back to Harley and Batman. The two were kissing again as Harley gyrated her hips faster and faster in order to make the Bat cum.

"C'mon, B-man. Fill 'er up! Fucking cum! Let me have all of it!"

Batman could only offer the most meager of resistance as he grunted, trying to hold it in. Harley didn't mind. Some guys came too quickly. It was becoming a sort of game. Could Harley make him submit to her or not? Harley loved games... and unfortunately for Batman she was all too good at this one. In a short time she brought him to the brink. There was really nothing he could do to resist her. With a final shout of pleasure from Harley Batman unloaded his sperm right into her pussy. Harley's eyes rolled back and she lost herself in the bliss, cumming at the same time. Exhausted, Batman went limp on the bed. Harley smiled as she reached for Batman's mask.


The blonde flinched.

"Whoopsie. Sorry Red. I forgot for a second... but don't you want to know?! It's just killin' me!"

Ivy shook her head. There was one other danger tonight. If either of them tried to unmask the Bat it might shake him from her spell. His willpower was a dangerous weapon. Both girls agreed at the beginning that tonight was just about having fun, but both Ivy and Harley truly did want to know who Batman was. Many a night had been spent discussing their theories. While Batman was good enough, both as an enemy and as a sex slave it was certainly an arousing thought that they might discover his true identity during sex. What if they knew who he was? They could attack him at any time, or even force him to sleep with them. The possibilities were certainly tempting.

"You know I do, but we can't risk it. If we try to kill him he'll just escape and capture us again. And Batman certainly won't remain compliant if we try to unmask him. I'd like to win one once in a while, you know?"

"Alright, fiiiiine. Jeez, even fucking the Bat takes a lot of work!"

Ivy smiled at her partner's complaint.

"Time to switch then."

Harley gave a bemused look to Ivy.

"You know that's not what I meant, Red. Still, I'm good for now. Don't miss me too much, B-man."

The blonde gave Batman one last kiss. She moaned into his mouth out of sheer bliss. Batman was such a good fuck. She couldn't wait to tell some of the other henchgirls of Gotham. Boy were they gonna be jealous. While she cleaned herself off Ivy sauntered up to the bed, ready to take Batman for herself.

"Harl, be a dear and see if you can get the cuffs and rope out of his belt."

Harley responded with absolute glee as she set about her task. Ivy crawled onto the bed where Batman lay, trying to recover his senses. As she gazed down at her captive she felt her breath grow hot. She loved having this man under her spell. He always fought her so hard but this time her was at her mercy. And so she would show him how tender her mercy was. She would make him want her. Need her. He would submit. Harley was a great lover but Batman was hers to dominate. And tonight was not about love, but lust. Whatever happened, whoever joined, however this ended Batman would give in to Poison Ivy. This she swore. She gently massaged his chest as she licked and kissed his crotch area.

"Noooo.... Stop..."

Batman moaned in resistance. He could feel himself wanting. He knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, that if the girls continued to fuck him like this he would never be able to forget this feeling. His effectiveness fighting against his female villains came from being detached. From seeing them as criminals. If he succumbed to Ivy's advances... if he let her have her way with him he might begin to feel something more than physical attraction for her. He would never again be able to truly defeat her. Even if he sent her to jail she would know. She would know he wanted her, and she would use that to her advantage. But, truthfully, there wasn't much Batman could do to stop her this time. She and Harley had planned this assault well. Together they were quite formidable, whether as criminal opponents or as sexual ones. As Batman fought against his own weakness Ivy set about gently sucking on Batman's dick. Her tongue flitted about, tickling his member as she slurped on his rod. A few minutes of her blowjob and Batman could feel himself ready to cum. However Ivy stopped, and pulling her mouth away she looked Batman in the face, placing her hands on the sides of his cowled head.

"Was it good for you...?"

Batman said nothing as he body began to calm down. Ivy's face darkened with anger.

"Answer me!"

Batman looked into her eyes. He didn't see any malice, just hurt. It confused him. He assumed this was a criminal scheme, but maybe... His mind cleared a little.

"... why do you care?"

Ivy's smile returned. It was beautiful. If he was anyone else her smile alone could've tamed him. But he was Batman. He could fight anything. Well, that's what he told himself at least.

"Because I need you to need me. Tonight isn't about hurting you. If we wanted to we would've killed you when you let down your guard and tried to peek inside my plant earlier. No. Tonight we want you to truly give in to us. To be affected by us. Would that be so bad...?"

Batman couldn't answer. Typically villains only revealed their plans out of sheer arrogance. This was different. The plan didn't accomplish some great evil. It was a plan only people who truly vulnerable would come up with. A truly human plan. And that's why he would fall to this plan. Because deep down Batman was just human. He couldn't respond. Ivy's smile grew brighter. She had him now. She leaned down and kissed him. This time her chemicals worked even faster. The Bat grew aroused again almost instantly. He kissed her back as her hands explored his body. Catwoman was right. Batman was more vulnerable to love than pain. Ivy and Harley had talked at length about how to seduce the Bat. At first Catwoman was reluctant to tell them, thinking they were going to hurt him but when Harley explained it to her the Cat realized the two just wanted a good time. Catwoman had bemoaned the fact they would be an even bigger threat to the Bat but she was a competitive sort. She said if she couldn't distract him enough for them to not matter she would be surprised. Leave it to Catwoman to be catty. So she told them what Batman's true weakness was. Comfort. Batman wasn't used to being treated gently. He knew about pain, and trained himself to fight against love and lust. However, even he could resist those emotions fully.


Batman's moans once again floated through the air. They had almost won. Only a little more time and he would be theirs, forever, even he somehow escaped. Ivy, herself, let out a satisfied moan as she slid Batman's cock into her waiting pussy. She rode him lovingly for a good long while, her breath becoming ragged as the two made love. She kissed him occasionally and after her relentless fucking Batman could only groan. All they needed was one last touch to finish him off...

"Heya, Red! I've got the cuffs and rope!"

Ivy's smile returned. This time it was one of triumph. She looked down at their panting captive.

"Perfect! Now... what are we going to do with you, lover?"

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