Storm and Kitty drop their bags off in their room and head to the main deck to see the ship leave New York Harbor. Part 1

by ESchorcho
Storyline The BLISS Pleasure Cruise
Characters Storm Shadowcat
Category Marvel Mind Control Bimbo F/F M/F
Previous Chapter Pepper gets settled inside her luxurious suite

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Storm and Kitty dropped their bags off in their shared cabin.  It was by no means as luxurious as Pepper’s suite, but the pair liked it well enough.  Their cabin consisted of two twin-sized beds, a flat-screen TV, a small desk and a bathroom that they would share.

“It is pretty cramped,” Kitty observed, her hands on her hips as she took in her surroundings.  She glanced over to Ororo and shrugged, “Maybe it’s meant to be like this? I mean, who takes a cruise and spends all their time in your room, you know?”

“Yes, Kitten,” Ororo smiled, “It’ll at least force us to spend most of our time on deck or involved in the nightlife aboard the ship.”

“Definitely,” Kitty agreed, noticing that Storm had peaked her head inside the bathroom.

“We’ll have to call room service and order more shampoo and conditioner.  I think the guests before us made off with what was left,” Ororo said.

“How dare they!” Kitty laughed, not bothered in the slightest by this act of thievery, “Come on.  I don’t want to miss the ship leaving port.”

With that, the two made their way out of the cabin and through the winding hallways that would bring them to the main deck of the ship.  It was a dizzying process, as, the walls of the maze-like corridors were carved with intricately spiraled designs, but luckily for the lady X-Men, every so often, BLISS had posted a map of the ship, carefully labeled with directions on how to get to each section of the large vessel.  They both felt a giddy anticipation for what was assuredly going to be a relaxing, long-overdue vacation. Ororo, especially, was excited for all of the benefits she was going to receive as a BLISS prize winner.

The pair were a little surprised that some of the guests from the past cruise still hadn’t left the ship yet.  When Storm and Kitty had encountered these people, whether they were couples or part of a group, they noticed that they all seemed relaxed, tan and incredibly happy about their time on the ship.  Despite how swiftly they were moving to leave the cruise ship before its departure, they would stop and smile at Kitty and Storm and recommend everything from the salon and spa, to the ship’s nightclub or even its casino.  Storm and Kitty thanked them for their recommendations and were even more excited for the amazing time they were certainly in for.

After climbing a series of staircases, each with an ornate wooden railing, Storm and Kitty found themselves looking up at a sign that read ‘Deck Level.’  They were greeted by a handsome man that appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties dressed in a pristine white vest and black trousers. He said he was the maitre d’ and smiled a most welcoming grin.  He then suggested that they find a place on deck since things are filling up, and they both looked out toward the far glass wall, whose doors opened to the outside deck.

Both Storm and Kitty began to walk in that direction, when they were passed by four men in expensive looking suits.  From their dark tans and the way they were hurriedly moving, Storm and Kitty surmised that they were late leaving the ship.  Both mutant women caught a fraction of their conversation.

“What a fucking moron,” the shortest of the group grumbled.

“But he’s our fucking moron,” the man next to him smiled and shrugged.

“He’s going to ruin it.  He’s going to ruin everything like he always does” another whispered angrily, “I don’t know why you keep bringing him on these trips.  And you brought him here! Also, where’s this world famous security you hear so much about when you actually need them to haul his ass off this boat?”

“Settle down.  That’ll only cause a scene.  But you’re right. Just watch that fat fuck be left on board with his...” the fourth cut in and rolled his eyes at their predicament but saw Storm and Kitty eyeing them with quizzical looks on their faces.  He flashed a winning smile at both women and said, “Enjoy your stay, ladies!”

“Nice save.  Glad to see chivalry isn’t dead,” the first laughed, “But you’re right.  Someone grab Eddie. We need to remain in Max’s good graces.”

The four men finally walked out of earshot, and Ororo and Kitty looked at each other and rolled their eyes in disbelief at their ‘bro-ish’ behavior.  A chime sounded over the ship’s PA system and a pleasant-sounding feminine voice made an announcement.

“Attention BLISS!” the syrupy voice chirped, “This is your fifteen minute warning!  All outbound guests need to head to the exits. All remaining stragglers will be shanghaied into the crew!” the speaker took a moment to giggle playfully at what she just said, before continuing, “so be sure to head on out!  For all you newbies out there, we’re about to give you all a big old BLISS welcome on any of our open air decks! Wave bye-bye to N-Y-C, and give the open ocean a great big hug!”

Kitty smiled up at Storm, excited that they would soon be embarking on their sea voyage.  They started on their way to the outside portion of the main deck, when they were stopped dead in their tracks by the sound of loud, drunken laughter coming from a most shocking sight before them.

The man before them wore a white button-down shirt tight enough that it looked slightly ridiculous on his portly frame.  Said shirt was unbuttoned and showed off his chest hair and his clearly-lily-white skin that had taken on a red sunburn. The combination of his white shirt, light-brown trousers and shiny cherry-brown shoes on his red skin made the man look like a cross between a pale pufferfish and a boiled lobster.  He was smoking a large cigar and had a drink in his hand, which he was spilling everywhere as he moved to punctuate each word.

This was clearly the man the group that had passed by minutes before were complaining about, and both Ororo and Kitty could understand why.  He certainly was causing a scene, but it wasn’t just him alone.

“Are you seeing this?” Kitty whispered to Ororo.

Ororo blinked her eyes, unable to turn away from the strange sight.  Anywhere else, the man’s appearance or behavior would have been the most startling thing about him, but it was his two companions that caused the African woman to be taken aback.

A pair of giggling Asian women that looked so similar to Ororo she could have sworn they were twins clung tightly to his bulbous body.  They looked young, energetic, and as curvaceous as the rest of the women that seemingly made up the female portion of the vessel’s crew.  They weren’t dressed like the women on board the ship, however. The giggling, vapid-looking pair were dressed almost identical, wearing extremely tight, cut-off Daisy Dukes and flannel shirts that were rolled up at the sleeves and tied just below the lower portion of their big, obviously-augmented breasts.  The only way to distinguish the two was that one of them wore a blue and white patterned shirt, while the other wore a red and white pattern. It was the only defining feature that could separate the pair in Ororo’s eyes.

The trio strode past Kitty and Storm.  It was hard for Ororo to tell if the two women were in fact twins since their faces were covered in slutty makeup and it was clear they had work done on their lips nose and maybe even their cheeks.  The woman that was closest to the two mutant women gazed over at them, as she continued to saunter on her sky-high heels, and flashed them a most blissful smile while she twirled one of her poofed out pigtails.  It was another physical trait that she shared with her supposed double.

“Hey, you two!  Take a fuckin’ picture.  It’ll last longer!” the man shouted over his shoulder to Storm and Kitty, who realized all too late they were blatantly staring at the attention-grabbing trio.  He punctuated his statement by shoving his cigar in his mouth with an enormous and leering grin. Slowly and deliberately, the man reached down with both hands and clapped both of his women on their round asses.  Their round cheeks jiggled in response to his action, the lewd motion nearly on full-display due to how tight and short the pair’s cutoffs were.. Both women tittered high-pitched “eep!” sounds, before giggling girlishly at the obvious sexual harassment.  They then thrust their bottoms further out, shaking them in the hopes of another spank from the fat man.

Kitty gasped in shock at his rude language and lewd gesture.  As he disappeared down the stairs, she turned to look up at Storm, “What a pig.  An actual human pig. Any chance you can zap him with a lightning bolt?”

“I think that would draw unwanted attention,” Ororo muttered, before she smiled, “Although, the idea of the pig-man getting caught up in an unexpected whirlwind that sucks him off the ship does sound good.  I wouldn’t want to harm his two girls, though.”

“Guilty by association, I say,” Kitty shrugged.  Storm laughed at Kitty’s mischievous statement, as the two women made their way to the outdoor portion of the Deck Level.

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