She-Hulk dutifully sits

by ESchorcho
Storyline Wedding of the century
Characters She-Hulk Moondragon
Category Marvel Bald Mind Control Bisexual Corruption Harem
Previous Chapter Moondragon gives Gamora a sensual shave

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"That is all for now, Gamora," Moondragon smiled, and the muscle-bound, green-skinned she-male rose up from the stool and took her place at her new owner's side.

"Thank you, Mistress," Gamora husked, bowing her bald, shiny head submissively.  She bit her painted bottom lip at the sensation of new immense cock swinging with her every move.  It felt delicious and she yearned to touch it!

"Have you met Gamora, Jennifer?" Moondragon asked as the heroine, lawyer and cherished friend to her new brushing bald bride walked over and took a seat.

"Yes, Heather.  We have fought both against each other and eventually with one another on the same side," She-Hulk said, unable to keep her eyes off the changed Gamora and Moondragon noticed this.

"Go on, Gamora.  Touch my generous gift that I have bestowed upon you.  That's it.  Stroke it.  Slowly.  Slowly.  There.  Doesn't that feel good?" she urged.

"Yes, Mistress," Gamora moaned.

"Isn't that how these things usually begin with heroes and heroines?" Moondragon said, rounding She-Hulk and running her hands through her long hair, "First you fight over some misunderstanding and then it's time to save the world." she gave a sly look over to Gamora and winked, "Or the galaxy.  Now, tell me, Jennifer, how much do you love my Susan?"

"I love her so very much," She-Hulk answered, "She is one of my best friends."

"And what would you do for her?" Moondragon asked.

"Anything," She-Hulk sighed.  She was loving the attention she was receiving from the bald woman behind her.

"What do you think of her new look?  Do you approve?" Moondragon continued.

"Sue is free to make any decision she wants," the green-skinned woman shrugged.

"You didn't answer my question," Moondragon sneered, "Naughty, naughty.  How do you really feel that Susan Storm, my new bride, is bald just like I am?  Her flowing, pretty blonde locks will never grow back.  I've seen to that.  And she did it all willingly because she loves me and I love her.  It's beautiful, Jenn.  Say it.  It's beautiful!"

"It's beautiful!" She-Hulk sighed, her willpower fading.

"Do you want to be close to such beauty all the time?" Moondragon asked.

"Yes!" She-Hulk exclaimed.

"Listen, Jenn," Moondragon smiled, she knew she had her, "Sue is very special to me.  I never want anything to happen to her.  Therefore, I've decided to form a harem of concubines and bodyguards that will serve us.  Gamora is our first.  Like her, they will all have smooth shaven heads and big meaty cocks to pleasure both of our needy pussies.  I want to give this to Sue as a wedding present.  I want to give Susan you as a wedding present.  Now, what do you say?"

"Hmmmmmmm," She-Hulk moaned, imagining herself with a shining bald head.  She gazed up at Moondragon with desperate, lust-addled eyes and husked, "Yessssss!  Give me to Sue as a present!  Change me, Mistressssss!!!!"

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