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Welcome to Sissyton, a new city for only the sexiest, Sissy Sluts and thoes who love/hate them.

A sizable city founded by rich eleite villians with the hopes of eliminating the heroes who constantly thwart their plans. The men who visit are converted slowly in to cock obsessed sissies or sissy obsessed alpha cocks. Women are transformed in to Alpha dom's who desire to dominate sissies and Bimbo's devoted to cocks and helping the sissies.

Sissyton has 4 main districts.

Androgeny Court, filled with mild sissies, it is where the towns newcomers are welcomed, home of the cities reeducation center.

Alphaville, filled with gyms and sports bars all staffed by the gurliest of bois, home to the manliest of men to feed teh sissies addictions.

Leather and Lace Boulevard, home to teh strictest of Doms and most demanding of women, it sells teh most fantastic fetish cloths.

The Pink Light District, a series of back allies, rough bars, strip clubs and filthy sex shops.

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