A new Holiday a new Succubus

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
Characters Batwoman (Kate Kane)
Previous Chapter Fast Forward to Good Friday

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Kate went to the sub-basement as soon as she got home.  She almost felt like she was having a panic attack.  She thought that should would never need the two special phones, that was until Easter Dinner.  Maggie and Jamie had gone to spend the holiday with her family so Kate had gone to Wayne Manor for Easter Dinner.

Even before dinner she was scared.

“Is this Fury?” Kate asked, “Good, yes, this is Batwoman.  It looks like Batman has been compromised.  Catwoman seems to have her claws in him.  I think that he is now unreliable.  OK.”

Kate hung up the one phone and hit the speed dial on the second phone.

“Red Hood,” Kate said, “Catwoman seems to have Batman under a spell.  It was creepy!  I think she has Batman, Nightwing and Batgirl are all under some sort of spell.  I don’t know how, but I am willing to bet they are letting her determine which cases they investigate.”

Alfred, Tim and Kate all noticed that Bruce, Dick and Barbara were fawning over Selina like she was the center of the universe.  Alfred was happy that Bruce seemed ready to settle down and marry Selina, but was unsure about which way the relationship was going.  Tim had whispered that he had tracked Dick and Barbara to Selina’s place on Saturday where they joined Bruce.  As the went into Selina’s place all three put on slave collars.


The Sucubunny walked into the void once again.  Sometime later the Succubus returned to the shadows of the mortal world.  This time she looked like a lingerie store sexy Nymph, a crown of leather flowers on her head and an almost see throw white mini-dress.  She smiled as she pulled out a riding crop with a leather rose on the end.  She was going to have some fun.

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