Black Cat

by C.King
Storyline The Yes Man's Ring
Previous Chapter Marvel

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One would think that Felicia Hardy, also known as the thief Black Cat, would have stolen it. But instead she had researched and saved up for the item, keeping track of it at all times. She eventually bought it, having heard the legends around it. How it would make living things agree with the wearer to the point of supernatural effects.

'Which is just what I wanted. To get what I want, when I want it.' she thought as she looked at the ring, which had shifted into a form which complimented her, with a gold ring with a cat-eyes opal. The obvious thing was how she was going to use it. Money, thrills, power, love, revenge. All open to her.

Money was simple. Either stealing or convincing people they had her property with the ring. Still, she wanted to steal most things given the fact she loved the thrills she got doing it. But playing hero, or villain, could give her those thrills. Power was also possible, since she could go to anyone and get the power she wanted. Even if the Yes Man's Ring was a great source of power.

Love and revenge. For love, there was one main man for her, a man in red and blue PJs. However, sexually she was more open to all options. Taking women into her bed was fine for her and likely her 'new' love. A weekend fling with another man would be fun, and she could swing it with the ring. As for revenge, there were men and women who she would have fun playing with, mentally and physically. Changing them and watch them react to it.

Looking at the ring again, she asked, "Where to start?"

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