See things from the Lady's point of view.

by C.King
Storyline The Yes Man's Ring
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 Harley was listening to the butler, agreeing with what he said. How all five of them loved Mr. B as well as each other, being bisexual. Willing to share their man, and each other. Which would help on their joined Honeymoon in a private tropical island, even if Kitty was the only one legally married to Brucie.

 'Giving up my life of crime with that stupid clown for helping Brucie fight crime as B-man! The obvious choice like Jeeves said. He was also right in keeping all of our Brucie's secrets no matter what. Along with a lot of the other stuff he said.' She thought as the butler continued with advice and comments.

 He stopped after a little bit and said, "Well, I hope I have helped. I know that you ladies will be going out to shop for the wedding. A driver has been vetted and is available assuming you don't use other methods. Miss Kyle has also likely taken the credit cards she thinks Master Wayne didn't know she took. He does. Meanwhile, I have to see to Master Greyson and Master Drake as well as other. I leave you ladies."

Alfie left to do his duties (hee. Duties. Heee.), leaving the girls alone with each other. Which suited Harley fine. She had friends with benefits with Red, Kitty she wanted to, Wondie was a heroic crush for her, and Zee was pretty hot too. Which is why she asked,

 "Okay. So we go shopping for ugly dresses for four of us. Then sexy lingerie for all of us for the honeymoon. Follow by the drunken pre-wedding orgy. Right?"

 Alfred had made sure that Master Bruce would be happy for now, even if he could improve that later. Making sure Bruce would accept the love of his bride and her maids. The next meeting would be with Masters Dick or Tim. Along with their 'dates'. Miss Gordon, Miss Roth and Miss Koriand'r for Master Dick. Miss Cain, Miss Sandsmark, and Miss Brown for Master Tim.

To start with.

 He was also working to being Master Jason back into the fold and had 'ideas' to make the lad's life better. But he had the ability to choose between the three masters. Dick, Jason, or Tim. Since he could visit the other two afterwards.

Alfred thought to himself, "Where to begin?"

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Interesting zig zags at the moment, GAV. Will she, won't she... be in the harem.
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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