Peter plays with the symbiote

by F_doomed
Storyline She Venom
Previous Chapter It decided it wants a reunion

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Peter stood now covered in the symbiote feeling his now larger muscles flexing them taking his first steps feeling the floor shift under his heavier weight as his now clawed toes dug into the floor stepping to the mirror seeing his  visage as he stretched open his maw to taste the air tongue flicking out of his mouth as he roared his muscles flexing as he down and saw his cock covered by the symbiote dripping green precum wrapping his hand around it. stroking all 13 inches with his  hand. He felt the symbiote saying we can so much more, as he thought back me. he began to shrink down transforming into a sexy female version of venom keeping the big cock he was now male... he looked down to his new tits and willed them to be bigger as they grew his long tongue licking them...  he then heard a crash as police broke the door down he turned around transforming back to his massive muscled male form. Ready to destroy any threats. 

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