Trickster gives a wish to her djinn to mess with Batman

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Karma's Tome of Knowledge and Sexual Transformation
Previous Chapter The pair begin to pleasure the massive cock and balls

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"Oh great Djinn of the cock I wish that whenever Batman glares at one of his fellow Justice Leaugue member Batman, would slowly become a super effeminate girly girl with a nice tight cunt that can take Alfreda's full length." Trickster wishes of Babs.
"So shall you wish it so shall it be." Babs replies.
Babs starts to do a rather erotic belly dance as magic gathers around her and starts to build. The longer her dance goes on the more it looks like an erotic masturbation session session. Babs leans back as her cock erupts in orgasm as her spell completes granting the wish.
"Your wish has been granted my Mistress I await your next command." Babs tells Trickster.
"Very good now Babs show me the Bat I want to watch this." Trickster commands.
"Of course my Mistress." Babs closes her eyes as a third one opens and from it she projects what Batman is currently doing.
* * *
Psycunt closely watches and smiles as she watches her class slowly lose the ability  to speak english and start sounding like just off the boat chinks.  Seeing that her class has made good progress she decides to move on to chink biology and why it's so inferior.
Doing a quick head count Psycunt notices an increase in her students shrugging she takes out some biology charts.
"Now students as you see this is the biology of a chink upon closer inspection you'll see that the only difference between the two is our genitals.  Now a regular female chink has three holes the oral-cunt, your ass and your regular cunt. If you look you will see both varieties of chinks have breasts a nice fuckable face. But as you see this one has a cock and balls this type of gook is refered to as a 'Futa' or a 'Sissy' any questions." Psycunt explains.
"Miss Psycunt if we chinks are so inferior how come we exist?" Jubilee asks.
"That's the thing we are nature's greatest mistake that's why we should be servicing all of the other races as living sex toys and slaves. Now back to learning why we are biologically inferior..." Psycunt goes back to teaching.
Psycunt's mind wanders to a fantasy of Storm as ruler of Wakanda and all throughout the futuristic city are slave markets selling Asian women and sissyfied Asian men. Momentarily losing herself in the fantasy Psycunt sees breeding pits for chinks like herself and sissyfied asian men.

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