Poison Ivy (DC Comics)

by zahnskye
Storyline Almost Got 'Em
Characters Poison Ivy Deathstroke Harley Quinn
Category DC
Previous Chapter A DC/Marvel Villain

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It's the floral femme fatale and long-time enemy of Batman, Poison Ivy. She looks around at the rest of the people at the table. Several other female villains are sitting to her side and at the opposite end of the table is Deathstroke. Deathstroke looks up from cleaning one of his guns and sighs.

"... on the run from the Bat as well, Pamela?"

Ivy frowns at the man. She doesn't like to be called that. Not anymore. At least not by everyone. Harley calls her Pammie, but infrequently. And there is only one man she doesn't hate calling her Pamela.

"Something like that."

To her side former partners of hers, the henchgirls Violet and Lily, chime in as they recognize their old boss.

"Oh, hey Ivy! It's been a long time!"

Ivy smiles one of her dazzling smiles at them.

"Yes, it has. Not since we tried to get back at those bastards by turning them into trees at our spa-resort, right?"

"No, there was that one time that..."

"Oh, yes, that's right! Hm. That was certainly something to remember!"

Ivy giggled at the memory.

"Yeah... Too bad the Bat had to ruin it though."

Ivy shrugs at the mention of Batman's involvement in that caper. Harley and Calendar Girl also happen to be at her table. Surprisingly enough it seems like a bigger table than last time she was here. She remembered that night a few years ago when she played poker with some of her fellow rogues. A waiter walks up to the group and presents water and bread.

"Ha, you'd think this 'ere joint is on the up-n-up with the way the service has improved over the years!"

Everyone smirks slightly at Harley's comment, even the waiter. Fortunately enough everyone in here is at least some kind of villain, though Batman and the cops did once manage to sneak in disguised as criminals. Harley continued talking without a care in the world.

"Speakin' ah service, this one time I almost managed to whack the Brat Wonder. Though I did manage to have some fun that night, the Bat had to show up an' ruin everything!"

"Oh, lord, Harl. Not another round of 'almost got 'im'. Been there, done that!"

Harley stuck her tongue out a Ivy and pouted.

"You just don't want to play because you haven't gotten any closer to knocking off one of the Bats since the last time you were here!"


Harl flinched as Ivy growled at her.

"Whoopsie, looks like I pushed the wrong button..."

"Hmph. You just don't know what you're talking about Harley! Even if you've gotten better, I've still come closer to finishing off any of the Bats than you have!"

"Oh, reeeeeally? Then why don't you regail us with that harrowing tale, Red?"

Ivy realize only too late that she had been tricked. Well, fine, if these people wanted a story she'd give them one.

"Argh! You win. Jeez. Well, there was this one time, just a couple of months ago."

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