Doctor Psycho uses Batgirl's memories to contact Wonder Woman and arrange a meeting

by ChangeIsEverything
Storyline The lab of Doctor Psycho.
Previous Chapter The Doctor use her new body to get close to Wonder Woman

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With a plan already forming in his head, Psycho reached into Batgirl's utility belt and pulled out the bat-shaped communicator. "Bruce, I need you to put me in touch with Wonder Woman. It's urgent" he said in Batgirl's sweet voice, trying to sound as firm as possible. He was shocked at how soon the brooding voice on the other end of the line responded. 

"What's wrong? Is there anything I can help with?" 
Quickly thinking up an excuse, Psycho replied, "No, I need Wonder Woman's help with this. I promise I'll fill you in later, but right now I MUST get in contact with Wonder Woman immediately. I promise I'll let you know what's going on as soon as things clear up. Just get her to the location I'm about to send you ASAP. I know you're worried, but if I've ever really earned your respect, do this favor for me." 
There was a pause at the end of the line, but Psycho was confident that he had played his cards right. Batgirl's memories showed him that Batman was just emotional enough to be played by this plea. Of course, Psycho could have just tried to lore Batman into his clutches and then used him to get to Wonder Woman, but the Dark Knight was too smart for his own good. He would realize something was up as soon as he left his cave and that realization could ruin anything. It was safer to just bypass him altogether. At least until stage-two was already well underway...
"Okay. Send me the location and I'll have her head over. And whatever you've gotten yourself into, please be careful." 
"Bruce...do you trust me?" 
Another pause. "Yes."
"Then you know I'll be careful. I'll tell you what all of this was about later. See you soon." On that note, Psycho gave Batman the coordinates to the lab and put the communicator back into Batgirl's belt. Just as he was about to leave the lab to wait for Wonder Woman's arrival a young woman dressed in a white nurse's outfit left a corner room. "Ah, Rosa. Progress report?" Psycho asked, placing his hand on Batgirl's hip. 
"Your former body has been given the injection. When he wakes up, he will be a complete amnesiac, with no memories whatsoever." 
Psycho grinned evilly. That same injection has been used on woman who was now Dr. Psycho's willing assistant only a week before as a test-run. "Very good. That means that the real Batgirl no longer exists. Which is exactly the way I want it to be. There can be no chance of this plan leaving my inner circle. Get things ready in here. We only have one shot at this, and we need to make sure it works." 
"Yes Doctor" Rosa said with a knowing grin before heading into a back room to make the appropriate preparations. With that done, Psycho finally left the lab and perched himself on a nearby rooftop. It was only a matter of time until the real fun could begin. 

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