Who is the new whore Jubilee is supposed to mentor?

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Tf cities
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"Jubilee? What is going on? I remember falling asleep at the school I wake up on some scummy mattress in this strange city..." Kitty Pryde babbled to her friend.

"hmm... going for a character huh... it's a bit long ... but I know some John's will really go for the innocent girl schtick... of course you're going to need a second character to go with it." Jubilee said while taking a drag.

"Second character?" Kitty blinked.

"Well yeah... I mean... innocent works at the beginning of the night or onto like your second and maybe even third John... but it's hard to give off the aura of innocent when you've got cum leaking down your legs from both holes... your hair is a mess and your clothes and breath stink of piss." Jubilee shrugged.

"stink of... piss?" Kitty blinked again.

"Jeez you are a fresh one aren't you. Figures... I gotta train the complete newbie." Jubilee sighs and takes another drag.

"Daddy doesn't care what the John's do to us... as long as they pay and don't leave any lasting marks. Otherwise, they are free to treat us like the disposable commodities we are."  Jubilee said with a smile.


Arcade smiled while leaning back in his large chair he couldn't believe his luck. He was getting tired of the Assassination game... especially with how he was CONSTANTLY getting thwarted by pea-brained heroes... that wouldn't just let him have his fun.

When he received a strange call on what he knew was a private internal line... promising that all of his dreams would come true in Bimburg allowing him to take over a complete and new niche while getting revenge on some of the heroines... he didn't believe it of course... some minor henchman or robot he'd have to have killed... but... then a silver haired beauty arrived the next day... and handed him a contract... looking it over it guaranteed him a position of power in this "Bimburg" if he came... and all he'd have to do was be the head of the prostitution racket there... he signed it immediately and gave the name of a few of the pesky heroes and heroine's he'd like to start his stable with.

"Miss Locke, another flute of champagne." Arcade said with a grin adjusting his bowtie.

"Yes, Sir Big Daddy." The Blue Haired long term accomplice of Arcade said with a vapid grin... he didn't warn her about the new position she would have if she remained working for him but she didn't seem to mind.

"Also I'm bored... get two of the bitches that aren't selling their ass right now to entertain me." Arcade said taking a sip.

"How do you want them to entertain you, Daddy?" Miss Locke said.

"I don't know surprise me! make them wrestle... make them strip for me... make them insult themselves... have them try and jockey for position to blow me... you're a smart slut... think of something." Arcade fumed.

"Yes, Daddy..." Miss Locke said and left the room.

"It's hard to find good help some days..." Arcade shook his head before breaking out into a laugh.

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