Back In Business

by Mr. James
Storyline New U Salon-Back In Business
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January 1 2010

Reputation: Loathed

Respectability: Not Even Close

Income: $400000

Debt: $400000000

“New U Salon closing down from bankruptcy” Says the Headline. “The Allegations surrounding the business and its alleged mind control devices has finally caused the business to shut down. While they have never being proven the rumors surrounding the business has led to its final backers removing its support.”

Reputation: None to speak of

Respectability: Unknown

Income: $2000(Start-Up Capital)

Debt: $0

January 1 2018

You enter through the revolving door. While you are doing so you remember how you bought this place. There was a auction being held after the owner died for all his remaining properties. You went in hoping to get a fancy urn or something but you got outbid every single time. However when the last item for the auction was announced only you and some weird guy who never bidded before were interested in coughing up any cash. You won and now you're the owner of the New U Salon. Looking at the place you can see why no one else wanted it. The paint is peeling off. Some of the equipment is broken and you swear you can see a rats scurrying about. Seeing a computer you switch it on and suddenly some sort of robot starts walking to you.


“Why hello there new owner. I am a Herbert. You are now the proud owner of the New U Salon. During the previous foreclosure the original owners removed as much incrimination on themselves by scuttling most of the equipment however we still have some basic body and mind modification devices left in abandoned warehouses left in the area. I will tell you a multitude of things on how to make sure we don’t go bankrupt.”

Reputation: How are we viewed by the average person. This must be reasonably high or people will start refusing to visit the salon which will cut into our profits

Respectability: How willing is someone wealthy to back the salon. The old salon had a multitude of wealthy backers in its heyday which allowed them to make their equipment at such a fast pace. However backers do have demands they expect you to keep which could bring trouble.

Income: Is how much money you have in the salon’s bank accounts which can be used to improve the salon

Debt: How much money you owe to the bank and various other people.

“We currently only have one branch in this city but we can eventually start expanding the business when we have enough Income”


“Herbert start prepping all the machines and make this place presentable. I will start putting ads all over the city.”


January 8 2018

Reputation: Positive

Respectability: Watched closely




Grand Reopening

Are you tired of your hairdo, do you want to improve yourself. Well go in to the New U Salon the world’s greatest Salon is back and it can do everything a normal salon can and so much More! Call 0123456789 for an appointment and you too can be a part of the cutting edge.


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