The Curse

by Darking
Storyline Curse of the WereBimbo
Characters Hawkeye
Category Bimboization
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It had been while since Kate Bishop had a day off, things had finally calmed down enough that she and the other West Coast Avengers could get some downtime before the next crisis .  She was spending her ’s in the city none of her teammates had come with, America Chavez had a date and Clint she had no idea what he was up to. The other’s had their own thing that they all wanted to do well.

It was getting dark as the sun was setting, Kate had decided that she should head back, heard what sound like cry coming from a nearby alley.  She went into the alley to investigate there she saw a skinny woman with red hair laying in the middle of the alley. “Are you alright?”  She asked leaning down to see if the woman had been injured.

“You have to get away, I can’t fight it,” the woman said trying to shuffle away from Kate.  The woman stumbled and grabbed her head screaming, Kate heard the screams turn into moans, oddly they sounded like moans of pleasure.  Suddenly the woman lunges at Kate pinning her against the wall before she could do or saying anything the woman bite into her shoulder.

Kate screamed in pain thrusting the woman off of her “What the hell” she shouted at the woman.

The woman smiled then giggled “Have fun tomorrow night because it’s going to be a new world for you.” Then she ran off into the night. Kate just stood for a moment watching the woman run off its going to be a new world for me, what did she mean by that? She asked herself. Kate sighed the woman was probably crazy, why else would just bite some random stranger. It was time she headed back home anyway.

The next night Kate sat alone in her room, when she felt a pulling in her figures she looked down her fingernails were growing longer, her skin became tanned. Her boobs grew rapidly forcing the zipper on the front of her costume down. She grabbed her head crying out in pain her intelligence draining away normal thoughts fading away, being replaced by thoughts of sex and blow jobs. Kate moaned in pleasure as the woman in the alley had the night before, as the new thoughts that took over her mind becoming the only things that matter.

When Kate touched her boob it sent a wave of pleasure through the whole body she the orgasm almost made her fall over.  She knew what she needed was to find some hot stud and shown him a good time, or maybe she one of her fellow Avengers could be willing to let her fuck their brains out. She giggled as she thought about how much fun that could be.

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