Back on Eternia

by colleem
Storyline He-Man She-Ra epic cross over madness
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When Adam regained consciousness he saw a dazzling glaring light shining right into his face. It took him a few seconds to realize he was in the infirmary. As he turned he saw Teela and Duncan standing there. As always, Teela had her self-opinionated look on it.


"Seriously Adam? Can't you even bring simple refugees into their camps without embarrassing yourself?" she asked sniffily.


"Uh. Yeah... well?" he stammered and looked at Duncan seeking help as he had no idea what lie he had used this time to protect his identity.


"Daughter! Don't be so hard on Prince Adam. He can't help it that the bridge collapsed," Duncan said gently but Teela just shook her head.


"He was trained by me personally. If he had taken his training seriously once, he wouldn't have crashed! And stop defending him again and again! Just now the royal house must show strength!"


"I am sorry Teela! I was probably not attentive at that moment.... Wait a minute? Why right now?" Adam asked as he straightened up in bed. He only remembered how he had returned the power of Greyskull. Then there was only a memory of pain and then darkness.


"I don't have time to explain this to him father. I must inspect the guards and prepare for an Mission." Teela said in a bad mood and left the hospital.  As soon as she was gone Duncan nodded to him.


"You made it Adam. We could evacuate Etheria. But unfortunately not everyone to our planet. The portal was unstable and we didn't manage to seal both ends. Different worlds have merged together."


Adam straightened up and took his jacket. "Is that good or bad my friend? How is my sister? Where's Adora?"


When Duncan looked down, he knew something bad had happened. "I'm sorry Adam. Unfortunately Adora hasn't been found in the castle yet. She wasn't in any of the groups that made it to Greyskull. But some eyewitnesses are sure that she went into the portal. We hope she landed in one of the other worlds."


"Wait a minute? We hope so" he asked uncertainly. "Why do we hope that the Crown Princess of Eternia is in another world?"


"Well that explains itself as soon as I have brought you up to date. After all, you were out of action for a few hours."


"Then bring me up to the latest Duncan."


"There were multiple dimensional shift phenomena. One of my reconnaissance scouts was able to transmit pictures of Snake Mountain before it was destroyed by Skeletor. Apparently an entire city appeared directly from the gates of Snake Mountain and before you do anything stupid now... it's too late. His troops have conquered the city and captured the inhabitants. There's nothing we can do for them right now."


"I don't leave anyone in the hands of Skeletor" Adam said and grabbed his back just to realize that his sword wasn't there. Duncan pointed grinning at the table at the other end of the room.


"I know it's rare for you to land here but normally you don't lie fully armed in a hospital. And Teela is right. We need Adam now more than He-Man."


"I don't hear that very often though" said a surprised Adam and shouldered his sword.


"There are some other changes on Eternia. Right between us and Snake Mountain another castle has been established". Said Duncan and his left arm recalibrated until he was a 3D projector. The mechanical weapon arm showed a 3D map of Eternia and reconnaissance images of a massive glass tower.


"What is this strange place? Do you mind if we at least save them from the skeleton?" Adam laughed.


"We don't have to. Whoever lives in this castle is very powerful. Skeletor started an attack on this castle about 3 hours ago. Led by Strong Arm." Duncan said on the way out. "This indicates that he didn't expect this castle to be very hostile."


"Otherwise he wouldn't have sent the weakest of his generals?"


"Exactly. The problem is that Skeletor was wrong. Strong arm is death."


Adam stopped and looked at Duncan confused. "Death? You mean his body has been destroyed? Strong Arm is a robot! As long as his Skull is intact he can be rebuild and we know that he launch it in the first moment of Dangers."


"No I mean my death in the sense of totally destroyed. The castle sent a Titan who attacked the troops of Skeletor alone. I was able to evaluate one of the data memories that my drones could find in the remains of robots." The image on the 3D image changed and showed:


Adam's eyes widened as he could see the image of the giant robot. They were just snapshots of the fight. Apparently the memory had been badly damaged. On one picture you could see the red robot firing a devastating volley of rockets on another one you could see the foot of the robot crushing the skull of Strong Arm.


"Impressive. And I like the color" Adam laughed and when they reached the training ground they could already see that Teela had gathered the Masters.


"We are leaving! We need to know what else happened. My father's drones have found other structures unknown to us. We want to look at them."


"And what about the tower east of us? Adam asked and nodded to the other Masters.


"Roboto will take care of that. Since the castle seems to be robotic, he's the ideal mediator." Teela said and smiled as the heavy fighting robot detached from the Masters.


"Tactical analysis shows there's a 87.31% chance of success." Said the robot confidently as always. Adam nodded to him and then said.


"What's my job on this one?"


Teela pulled up a brow. "Excuse me? The fine gentleman asks for work? Sure your head is all right," she joked and Adam crossed his arms amused at the insult. The two of them were very good friends despite all the arguments.


"Your task this time will be one that even you could accomplish. Help your father and mother to calm the refugees. I fear the world of Eternia will be very strange to them. And since the Masters are all on their way, you have to stay here to protect the city."


"Honestly? On the tour you try it now? Convince me that I have a special position here and that flatters my ego" Adam grinned broadly.


"Does it work?" grinned Teela cheekily.


"It's more than enough" Adam nodded and walked towards the throne room while Roboto reconfigured his body and powerful engines were building on his back. On a tail of fire and smoke he flew away.


"Father. What do you think? What will happen" asked Teela as she climbed on her scooter.


"I don't know. But I have a really bad feeling about this." Duncan said and made his way to his test rooms. There he wanted to find out what had damaged the portals so badly. His calculations were actually always correct. When he looked at his calculations again, he couldn't find any mistakes this time either. But then he remembered that he had sent the survivors to other places. What if these other places weren't in another place?


He went through all his calculations again and changed his basics. What if Eternia, Etheria and these other worlds were not within the same galaxy? He changed the parameters until it dawned on him. The whole situation only made sense if Etheria and Eternia were one and the same planet. They took the same place in space and time but were dimensionally shifted. That would mean that the other worlds were also like Eternia. They were different versions of the same world.


It at least reassured him that these worlds would be viable. If you started from Eternia and Etheria, both worlds had the prerequisites to host life. Just when he wanted to go to the king with this knowledge he noticed a flashing red light. It was his satellite early warning system.


"That... that... can't be true" he stammered and fell backwards from the chair. "Not now! By all the gods. Please not now!


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