Ask marry what's going on .

by OmegaJay
Storyline Spidy' s harem world
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Peter said "what's going on and where am I ?"

Marry : your in Amazon land my master , a world full of women of shape and type ,
I'm called a corpse girl meaning I was human but after my death I was brought back to life as livng sex toy .
Peter reacting hugged Mary and kissed her .
Peter : I promise I'll do every thing I can to make you happy and if I find a way home you'll be coming with me .
Marry smiled she really liked her new master .
Peter : so now what do we do and how we get home .
Marry: we need the d key that opens portals to other worlds but in order to do that master you need to build a harem and win the trounment of Isis with the winner gets the use of the key for a year .
Peter : ok what about the school and the lockers .
Marry : the school is hub world eatch locker and class room leads to different girls .
Peter : so this is your lab ?
Marry : yes but like me this lab is now yours as you have marked me .
Peter could take it any more he took off the rest of clothes and Carried marry to the bed and they went at it like rabbits for the rest of the day.
  After taking a shower and Peter and marry got dressed in his street clothes .
While marry was a green skirt and black bra and lab coat ,and red sneaker no panties .
They exit the locker and see a black locker with a checker board patern , and two class rooms 
Spanish 101 and science. Witch one should he open .

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