Rogue's search begins

by extreme1
Storyline A little corruption is good for the soul.
Characters Rogue
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter Carol looks for someone else to corrupt

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Rogue couldn't get Carol in bed, something that she wasn't happy about, but she still had plenty of suitors that would immediately take her up on her offer.

It was just a matter of settling on which name to ask first.

She was pretty sure Deadpool was unavailable at the moment so his name was temporarily off the list.

Magneto would probably realize something was up very quickly, so he would have to be a long term project.

Eventually she decided to go to the Avengers mansion and see just what could shake out.

She'd gone on a few dates with various Avengers and, although nothing came of them, it was pretty clear that everyone one of them were interested in more.

Hell if she got really lucky Johnny would be there.

After all, she knew he would be able to resist the chance to fuck her.

Maybe she'd find someone along the way and treat them to a fuck they'd never forget.

Either way the future was incredibly bright for her.

She quickly changed into a rather tight T-shirt (with no bra) and an incredibly small pair of daisy dukes (with no panties).

She also made sure to grab a bikini, it would help her cause if she went for a swim and someone got an eyeful of her.

Then she took off for the Avengers HQ, determined to introduce at least one lucky person to the new Rogue.

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