Harley collars and renames Power Girl

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Power Girl Zatanna Black Canary Huntress
Category Female Dom Corruption F/F Masturbation DC Mind Control Change of clothes
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"Huney...?" Harley chimed, eyeing the heroine writhing on the floor. "You better be saving up those Big-O's like I told you."

"Ahhh, yes, hmmmm, Mistress." Helena purred like a cat in heat. She was just so lost and desparate in her arousal. Her boring old suit was stopping her from touching her flesh, stopping her from twisting her nipples, and stopping her from thrusting her fingers into her soaked cunt. Maybe she should be glad of it, Huntress reasoned, if it weren't for her suit holding back her hands she might have cum already, but the juices building up in the crotch of the suit were tormenting her. "I promise...Ahhh, I won't cum."

"Good girl!" Harley praised, deliberately exciting Helena further. "Power Slut's almost ready! And then you get to cum, won't that be awesome, Huney!?" The mistress asked in a childishly happy tone.

"Awwwwweeeeesooooomeee..." The word dragged on Helena's tongue as she gazed to her Mistress and to her corrupted friend, who had intern corrupted her. Love filled her heart. She would do anything for the women looking at her with predatory eyes, anything to be their prey.

"Right-a-roonie!" Harley chirped with a grin, turning her focus to the newly dressed Power Girl, realising she'd forgotten something. "Oh now, would ya look at that!" The insane woman yelped with glee, grasping at Karen's red cape. "Now this is quality merchandise!" She said, rubbing the red fabric and golden rope between her fingers, before glancing to Karen's loving eyes, 'Oh, I'm never gonna bored of that look!' Harley thought, before adding, with a cheeky wink, "And the cape's pretty nice too!"

"Thank you, my beloved Mistress." Karen trembled, unable to stop her hand from reaching under her new heart shaped thong front and brushing her gloved fingertips over her clit.

Harley ignored her pet's masturbation. The jester was happy to let it continue given the sounds made her own pussy ache with need and instead pondered what to do with Power Girl's cape. "Hmmm, doesn't hide much, which we definitely wouldn't want, would we?" Karen could only nod as she moved her hand further south to dip a finger into her snatch. "No, we gotta show that body off, Power Slut! And it could be handy if I ever wanna rough you up in the sack!" Harley paused at the mental image, and Karen gasped in ecstasy. "Ooooooo! I love it when I give myself ideas! I mean it's not like you couldn't take it, huh?"

"Yes, Mistress. I can take whatever you're willing to give me, my love." Karen moaned, imagining Harley taking her from behind by thrusting a strapon up her ass and choking her with her own cape while she cried for mercy. Her Mistress would never truely harm her, Power Girl knew this, but if it would give Harley pleasure to take her in such a way... "AHHH!" The very idea sent Karen over the edge and she came hard once more. Her juices leaked out of her new, wonderful slut-uniform, further adding to the slick shine between her thighs.

"Hahaha!" Harley laughed as she watched the alien woman quiver with thoughts of the villainess violating her. "We'll see about that, Power Slut! But you're gonna hafta last alot longer than cumming from just thinking about it!"

"Yes Mistress." Power Girl panted on the way down from her high. Taking her fingers from her her cunt, Karen licked her stained glove clean, finsihing the action with a kiss on the heart on the back of her hand. "Anything for you."

"Alright now, lets finish this up, lover!" Harley announced, playfully swatting the moist glove to make Karen lower her arm to her sid. Placing her thumb on Karen's chin, Harley pushed the blonde's face to look squarely back at the mirror. "I think you're first love's about ready to pop!" The madwoman giggled, pointing to the Helena's reflection. The broken Huntress' eyes looked to be the definition of ecstasy and agony combined, while her body squirmed on the thin line between the two. "ZEE-ZEE! I want this rope to fade to black!" Harley declared, lifting the cape's rope, before raising an eyebrow at her wording and asked rhetorically, "Where have I heard that before...?"

"If you want it Mistress, let it be so!" The ever attentive Zee-Zee replied, not even trying to hide the arousal currently building in her from watching her Mistress work. The continued efforts of Sugah licking and tit-fucking her did little to reduce the level of horny in the witch's voice. "Kcalb ot dlog morf seog epor!"

In response the colour drained from the shining golden teather in Harley's fingers until it was a soulless black that seemed to radiate darkness in antithesis of the prior golden shine. "Much better!" Harley mused. Dropping the rope, the dominatrix focused her attention solely on Power Girl's face, which was still looking forward to the mirror where Harley had pointed it.

"Now, MAKE UP!" The clown called and Zee-Zee instantly recognised her cue, with another wave of her wand Karen's face was painted a ghostly white. "Hmmm, I think red eyes with black lips orta finish it!" Harley gave her final instruction, which was followed instantly as a ruby red painted on domino mask covered Karen's eyes and the alien blonde's lips puckered as her lips were coated in black lipstick by an invisible entity. "Well, what do ya think, Power Slut!?" Harley asked, stepping back to enjoy the full picture. "What do ya make of the new you!?"

"I love it Mistress!" Karen squealed, clapping her hands like a giddy schoolgirl and leaping into the air without landing back down. "I've... I've... I've never felt so HOT!" Power Girl announced wildly. Spinning herself in midair, the freshly HarleyQuinn-ized heroine admired her new self from head to toe. Her mighty breasts fought with the thin bands over her nipples, and she actually wished one might slip out and entertain her Mistress. Her black gloved hands roamed her exposed chest and ass cheeks, repeatedly tracing over her Mistress' mark. "I look like such a slut! I've never been so happy!"

"Hehe, I aim to please my angels!" Harley said with a wicked grin, damn, this was making her hot! "But you're wrong about someit, y'know?"

"What Mistress?" Karen asked, lowering herself back to the carpet, a little upset that her Mistress may not agree with how wonderfully slutty she felt.

"You're not just any slut!" Harly declared, puffing her chest out in a show of pride. "You're Power Slut! Here to save the superheroines of the world from frigidity, bordom and PG-ratings with sex, sex and MORE SEX!"

"YES MISTRESS!" Karen cried with glee, backflipping in delight as her Mistress gave her her new super-slut alias. "I'm Karen Starr! I am Power Slut! Protector of sluttiness! I'll rescue all super-chicks from their boring lives in the name of my Mistress! Harley Quinn!" Power Slut flew around the room in pure joy as she announced her mission. The mission her love had given her! She would make new superheroines see the error in their boring lives and show them the love they could feel under Mistress Harley!

"'Star', huh?" Harley's quote brought Karen out of her celebrations. Looking to her Mistress, Power Slut saw the lingering mirth in the madwoman's eyes at her childish actions. At least Harley had her laughter under control though, unlike Zee-Zee and the Sugah Canary giggling against the witch's thighs, whereas Helena wasn't really paying attention anymore still waiting for Power Slut to receive her collar. "That you're Earth name, Power Slut?" Harley asked with a bright smile.

"Yes Mistress." Karen answered, floating back to her Mistress and landing in front of her. "I'm Karen Starr, with two r's, or Kara Zor-El in kryptonian, but that's also Supergirl's name."

"Hmm," Harley mused, "I've a feeling there's more to that, huh? Tell me later, pet." The jester finished by cutting off Karen's intended answer with a gentle finger on the lips. "Now you're name's Starr! My lil Starr, with a double R rating!" Harley chuckled as the once proud kryptonian tried to suck her finger lightly, which the mistress denied by lowering her hand.

With no delay from her disappointment, Power Slut's lips formed a content smile from their pucker. Starr nodded happily in acceptance of the name her Mistress had given her.

"Zee-Zee! We have our collar name! Give her a red one!" Harley ordered to her sidekick. "Don't worry she's not a sidekick, but she's definitely higher than a bimbo-brain!"

All three of the mentioned women shuddered from the notion. Zee-Zee loved to know she was Harley's favourite. Starr loved to know her Mistress valued her enough to place her above another of her pets, the fact she was under Zee-Zee was mute in that knowledge. While Sugah, she totally loved all of Mistress Harley's pets, she'd, like, do whatever they said if Mistress Harley said it was cool!

"RratS detar R elbuod a htiw devargne ralloc ybur." As the perfectly smooth ruby collar came to being around Starr's neck, she felt a wave of euphoria. She truly belonged to Mistress Harley now. She felt complete. She felt loved.

However, this feeling was interuptted as Helena was finally able to let herself go.



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