Harley continues with Huntress' Confession & Corruption

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Huntress Power Girl Zatanna Black Canary Batman Alfred Pennyworth
Category F/F Female Dom Corruption Masturbation Mind Control Romance Change of clothes
Previous Chapter What's behind curtain No.3? It's... Huntress!

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Clifford.cao - Thanks again for going along with my control freak spree, hopefully it'll all turn out for the best.


Harley pushed the momentary niggle to the back of her mind. She was just being protective of her newly acquired babes and getting the hero community's attention was kinda the point of what she was doing, the madwoman reasoned with no irony lost on her unstable mind.

"What are your sins, my child?" Harley breathed hotly in Helena's face. "Tell your holy Mother, and maybe you shall earn redemption."

"I have fallen from grace Mother." Huntress rasped, pressing her hand harder against the crotch of her suit while under her Mistress' lustful gaze. "I have forsaken my faith in God, Mother, to follow a new idol." Helena mewled, tugging the golden cross and chain from her neck, before offering the gold charm to Harley with a look of determination. "An angel of my Goddess showed me how my heart craves the love and flesh of women. I have surrendered myself to the pleasure women stir in me. I desire to sell my soul to my new Goddess so that she may grant me this pleasure."

Harley grinned ever wider as she stared into those deep blue eyes behind the purple mask. This woman didn't just want to submit to her, Helena needed to submit. Power Slut, who had overwhelmed Helena's heart with feelings of love and euphoria, was standing directly beside them, wearing her Mistress' colours and marks of ownership. Huntress knew, accepted and embraced, the belief that there was no other way for her to survive emotionally than to submit to the same Mistress. To the same woman who had inspired the emotions Starr had used to dominate Helena's heart.

"Those are no sins in my house, child." Harley continued to play along with the religious act, leaning down to kiss Helena tenderly on the lips and closing her hand over the heroine's offered hand, and the charm within. "To sell your soul is to surrender your will totally, do you know that, pet?" Harley asked with a gentle seriousness, only pulling back enough to just end the kiss.

"Yes Mistress." Helena's trembling features screamed her need for Harley's acceptance. Her free hand still firmly between her legs, the Mafia born woman let her arousal feed her anticipation for the jester's approval.

"Then it's already mine!" Harley said, planting a rough kiss on the awestruck Huntress, letting her lips show her manical glee. Standing back to full height, Harley lifted her hand from Helena's, taking the cross with it, the freed hand flew promptly to a purple clad boob as Huntress lost herself to the ecstasy coursing through her. "Ya can cum again, y'know, Huney?"

"MISTRE--!" Helena screamed, losing her voice on the last syllable as her mouth locked in perfect O. Frozen for a few seconds the purple clad heroine fell from her high to lie flat on the floor, rubbing her body into lush carpet.

"Now I have you, heart & soul!" Harley giggled, shoving the cross necklace down the neck of her suit into the bikini bra underneath.

"My heart & soul, Mistress." Huntress echoed, raising herself to kneel, her spandex coated butt resting on the heels of her boots as she looked up to her Mistress. As she smiled happily, Helena was caught off guard when a blur grabbed by both her hips and lifted her to her feet, and then off them into the air.

"Heart & Soul!" Helena quickly realised her aerial partner was Starr, who'd begun to spin in her flight as she started to sing, "I fell in love with you, Heart & Sooooul!" Recognising the lyrics, Helena joined her alien lover and returned her embrace. "The way a fool would dooo, Maaadlyyyy!"

Harley grinned as she watched her pets frolic and added her own voice, joined in tandem by both Zee-Zee and the breathy Sugah as she walked toward the grounded pair. "Because you held me tiiiight, And stole a kiss in the night." On the last word, all five women took their kiss.

Zee-Zee kissed her Mistress with passion and vigour, which was returned in kind, as Sugah Canary planted her lips firmly over the magician's crotch and French kissed her second Mistress' cunt. Meanwhile the airborne couple drifted back to the floor, making out like a pair of horny teenagers.

"I love you Helena." Starr breathed, savouring the name as it would most likely be the last time she would speak Huntress' name before Mistress Harley changed it forever. "Seeing you surrender to Mistress made me so hot, I came before you did." Power Slut whispered in Helena's ear, grinding her soaked heart thong against her fellow slave's knee.

"I love you too Starr." Helena whispered back, relishing her lover's new name and exploring the Kryptonian's barely clad form with both her hands and eyes in delight. Pressing her knee back against the blonde's crotch, Huntrees reached behind Power Slut to pull her thong's back string up, making it sink further between the iron strong ass cheeks. "Seeing Mistress change you was fucking mind blowing..."

"AHH!" Starr yelped as the wedgied fabric brushed over her anus and pulled the small heart over her cunt tighter. "P-p-please..." She stammered. Closing her eyes, Power Slut pushed her near naked chest forward, inviting Huntress to explore where she liked. Helena responded instantly by lashing her tongue over the perfect Kryptonian skin, delighting in the slight hint of a smokey taste to the flesh, which she guessed was from the heat vision Starr had used to trim her suit.

"Alright! Alright!" Harley called out, interrupting the pair's renewed sexcapades, as she walked back to the mirror in the wall. "If I'm not mistaken I've still got a Huneypot to dip my fingers into! Not to mention dress her to show off the slutty, bronze bombshell she is!" The jester added, waving her hand to signal for Huntress to stand in front of the mirror.

"Yes Mistress!" Helena replied, removing her face from Starr's chest, to which the alien gave a forlorn moan. To compensate Huntress gave one last hard tug on Power Slut's g-string like attire and simultaneously slapped the Kryptonian's branded ass cheek with her other hand, making Starr's steel blue eyes fly open in shocked pleasure, which Helena couldn't help enjoying. She then walked with a swing in her hips to face her reflection. "Please Mistress! Make me a sexy Huney!" Huntress cried, wafting her cape up to add to the effect of the heroic pose she struck for the mirror.


"Breakfast and the files you requested, Master Bruce." Alfred Pennyworth informed his charge and employer as he placed the silver tray adorned with a plate of toast, bacon, sausage & eggs and glass of cold milk on the master bed's side table. Adjacent to this expertly crafted breakfast, were the aforementioned personal and psychiatric files for the successful escapees from a recent Arkham riot.

"Thank you, Alfred." Bruce Wayne answered, folding his newspaper to hold it in one hand, before reaching for the files and laying them open next to him on the bed, and only then, under the stern gaze of his guardian, did the man reach for the milk. "Anything reported while I was asleep?"

"No, sir." Alfred answered curtly, the subtle sharpness displaying his frustration with the workaholic tendencies of the man before him. "Is it really such a foreign concept that world will survive without Batman during your 4 hours of sleep."

"It's not the world I'm concerned about." Batman shot back with as much subtle venom as his mentor. "Zatanna hasn't been seen in public since her show three days ago," he said, scanning the headlines, 'NOW YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON'T: RENOWNED MAGICIAN MISSES SCHEDULED SELL OUT' catching his eye the most.

"I see. Troubling news." The butler said, understanding Bruce's current mood more fully.

"Perhaps," the Dark Knight answered, "she has gone missing for longer before. Sometimes with positive explanations."

"And the other times?" Alfred inquired, to which Batman turned an annoyed glare at the suggestion he would simply dismiss the possibility.

"I'll look into it." Bruce confirmed with complete seriousness. "How many inmates are officially missing?" He said while turning to the Arkham inmate files.

"Of the twenty that escaped, five remain at large." Alfred answered with a professional demeanour as Batman examined the files. "The Joker is obviously of highest priority, as would be Killer Croc, and I believe you're aware of Mitchell Mayo and Warren White."

"I am," Bruce nodded as he read through the files with impressive pace, "White would pose more of a concern out of the two as individuals, but if they're collaborating with Joker they need apprehending." Batman then placed down the files in front of him before turning to his adopted father figure. "Where's the file on the fifth?"

"Well, as it would happen, sir, the fifth escapee was the subject of the prison transfer you personally oversaw only three days." Alfred explained, his impeccable British manner not faultering as his charge's expression darkened. "So, while there is perfectly available file on her, I presumed you would already be familiar with it."

"Dr. Barbara Minerva..." Batman heaved in exasperation, "...Cheetah."

A/N: I'll step up and apologise for the major changes in characters involved and thus the general direction of the Joker subplot. I appreciate this site is about being unhindered in creativity, but the the edits I've insisted on my fellow writers, I believe helps the series as a whole.

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