She transforms the idiot sluts some more

by Theacds
Storyline Zatanna: Demonic Collar
Previous Chapter Brains be gone

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<p>The queen sat with her legs splayed out as she eagerly eyed Wonder Woman, lust burning hot in those otherwise vapid eyes.</p>

<p>But right before the fun could start, Zatanna got a great idea and cried, "!stit eguh hucs evah ouY"</p>

<p>To the sound of a balloon filling with air, the girls all dully looked to their brand new F cup busts.</p>

<p>"Wha...?" One of them said and tilted her empty head.</p>

<p>"My boobies..." Wonder Woman babbled, eyes popped wide at the sight. "They're so bigger...!"</p>

<p>"!oot, sessA" Zatanna giggled, and watched as their butts blew up.</p>

<p>"Me feel..." Hippolyta moaned in her hyper-breathy voice. "F-funny!"</p>

<p>It took them all a bit to figure it out, but soon even the dumbest of the girls had put it together than their backsides had grown. And by that point, what coherent thoughts they'd managed descended into giggly, jiggly chaos.</p>

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