A goddess queen of planets needs a consort, time to alter Batman...

by EllTho
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With the Ring still on her finger, she knew that she was a goddess and had all the power in her hand. While it was incredibly satisfying to wield such power, she expected that simply creating a new truth would not be much fun.


Ivy smiled. What could be more fun than testing out her new powers on the Batman? She had had a desire for him for years now, but this could be the edge she needed to finally win him to her side. Besides, even if he somehow resisted, she could always speak a new truth and try again.


Organizing her thoughts, Ivy lifted the hand that bore the Ring of Truth. What she wanted first was to ensure that nobody with superpowers tried to stop her.


“With the exception of Batman,” she started, “none of the Justice League care about Gotham City. They all believe that Gotham is a horrible place and want to see it destroyed, and they do not understand why Batman wants to defend it.


“Also, the supervillains not native to Gotham all believe the city to be worthless too, but they don’t care enough to try to destroy it themselves. They avoid the city at all costs and continue their schemes elsewhere. Everyone else from Gotham, except the Joker, can continue their plans to cause damage to, but not destroy, the city.”


Ivy herself was unaffected by these changes, as the Ring allowed her to retain her memories. Just to check and make sure that her words could affect other people, she grabbed her cell phone and dialed Harley’s number. The dial tone annoyingly rang a few times before she received Harley’s voicemail message.


“Hi!” the answering machine replied in Harley’s distinctive dulcet. “You’ve reached the former residence of the Clown Prince of Crime. No one is around to pick up the phone at the moment.”


She sighed, preparing to command Harley to be near the phone to answer. She should also change Harley’s affiliation to make her leave the Joker.


“Unfortunately, Mr. J will not be returning to this location again,” the answering machine continued. “And I will not be returning calls for him. If you’re looking to join his gang, please follow him to Metropolis. If you’re looking to join my gang, call one of my lieutenants. Anyone else... I don’t know how to help you. Bye!” The line clicked, then beeped, prompting her to leave a message.


Ivy cocked her head to herself. Unexpected. Ivy realized that she hadn’t considered Harley to be her own supervillain, as she was more of a follower than a leader. With Joker leaving, she would stay and essentially act as another crime lord.


She hung up the phone without leaving any messages; Harley wasn’t going to answer that phone anymore, so what was the point?


Next she needed to tip the scale further in her favor. Batman had proven resilient to her charms in the past, and even with her perfect body and stronger pheromones, there was every chance that he could overcome. She needed enough to ensure that he would fall, but not too much to remove thrill from it.


“Batman has held a deep desire for Poison Ivy ever since he first saw her. It is a burning lust that he has tried and failed to hide from himself, and he knows that if he gives in to her, he will be much happier than he is, even if he loses his free will because he feels alone now. He also knows, deep down, that she is right to want to destroy Gotham, but he still won’t let anyone destroy it because of his pledge.


“In addition, Batman still has a commitment to justice, but he is now willing to allow lesser crimes to occur when they are beneath his attention. His primary motivation is no longer justice, but a need for fulfillment; he uses his crimefighting to sustain himself, but is now willing to accept a new mode of fulfillment.


“Batman is also fetishistic. He fantasizes about being mind-controlled and defeated by a woman. He has no interest in his friends taking the role of his conqueror, however, as he sees them as friends only. The only people who can give him his sexual release are his enemies, as a sort of ‘forbidden fruit.’”


Ivy lowered her hand and turned to her mirror. To mark the occasion, she felt that she should wear something different than normal. “Poison Ivy wears a bra made of maple and ivy leaves that can be removed all at once if one of the two shoulder straps has a leaf removed.”


Sure enough, her corset phased out of existence and swapped with a bra set to her specifications. It provided no support to keep her breasts up… not that she needed it. They were able to stand proudly by themselves without sag or droop. 


Her pussy was left out uncovered in the mirror by the corset’s disappearance. She was tempted to not cloth herself at all, but she felt that it would be even more fun to get the Batman to remove them himself.


“She also wears a thong made of roses,” Ivy continued. “Two rose heads meet to cover the front, and several stalks upon one another cover the back. Like the bra, the thong can be removed if one of the roses around her hips is removed.”


The thong appeared around her to the guidelines she had given, though it wasn’t wholly to her liking. She frowned, raising the hand with the Ring again. “The rose petals are bright red and the stalks are a green darker than her skin.” The colors shifted. Better.


Finally, she needed insurance that their next encounter would go ahead without any of her spoken statements being interpreted by the Ring of Truth. She absolutely did NOT want to take the Ring off and risk it being stolen.


“Following this command,” Ivy said, “the Ring of Truth’s power will be terminated, only to be reactivated by a code phrase spoken by Poison Ivy. The code phrase is ‘Botany is beautiful.’”


Strangely, she could feel the power diminishing from the Ring on her finger, like a suction relieving a toilet of its contents. Ivy didn’t need to test this; it had gotten enough things right so that she could trust it to work still.


With her new abilities, she formulated a plan to defeat him. On a normal man, just the sight of her striking a pose would be enough. Batman, however, was not a normal man.


I can change the way my pheromones affect him, Ivy thought. With her newfound total control of her body’s chemicals, she could create new concoctions of her musk.


What would work best would be a smell that stimulated him. She could raise his sexual desire by having some dopamine be transmitted to him. The longer he was around her, the more lust he would feel.


Her lips could serve a similar function. Upon kissing him, she could transfer some dopamine into his mouth, as well as some caffeine to keep him hyperactive and bring him more pleasure.


She was ready. She just had to draw him out, which wasn’t hard. He would probably come running for an opportunity to see her. All she had to do was call the police to tell them that Poison Ivy had been spotted in the park...

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