Let's watch Batman be Brainwashed

by zahnskye
Storyline Bad and Good, Boys and Girls
Characters Batman Harley Quinn
Category Mind Change Bondage Seduction Emotion Alteration M/F
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Luckily for Batman he had one of the strongest wills of anyone on the planet. The machine set about its diabolical work, but Batman resisted. Chanting a mantra helped him block out most of the effects of the machine Harley had trapped him in. However he couldn't block everything out and right now the machine was assaulting him with various images and sensations.

Right before Batman's eyes stood Harley almost completely naked except for her mask, gloves and clown slippers.

"... what the hell."

Batman's sullen demeanor remained. Somewhere in the back of his mind he realized what he was seeing wasn't real. However the machine kept on working, trying to break down Batman's willpower. The vision of Harley began to circle Batman. He tried to move but the sensation of being tied down flooded his mind. He vaguely remembered being chained to a chair in the real world. Whatever Harley had done to him, he must still be tied to something. Whatever he saw in here was his mind playing tricks on him. As he attempted to formulate a plan to escape the machine the vision of Harley leaned forward and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body against his. A strange euphoria invaded his senses.

"The machine... trying to destroy my mind..."

He heard Harley giggle. Was that coming from the real world, or the vision in front of him? Batman couldn't tell and that scared him. Batman wasn't afraid of much, but a device that was powerful enough to manipulate his mind was certainly something to be concerned about. If it worked on him then this machine could be used to change any number of heroes. Their kiss lasted for what seemed like a while. Harley, or rather the vision of her, ravished Batman's mouth with her tongue. It felt good... Wait, that wasn't right. Batman tried once again to clear his mind. But her taste. It was amazing...


Harley heard Batman moan from inside the metal machine. She smiled to herself.

"Well, one lil' peak can't hurt, cannit?"

The blonde took a look inside, finding the bound Bat moaning and struggling against his bonds. The protective lens Harley had on shielded her from the machines' nefarious powers by dampening her vision but she could still clearly see Batman desperately trying to free himself from her trap. She shook her head as she walked over to him. Even seated Batman's head was about level with her chest. She looked down at her captive and smirked. He was pretty hot, she had to admit. The former Joker was no slouch in the looks department (according to her) but something about Batman got to her on a primal, instinctual level. She sat on the Bat's lap and wiggled her body on him. She could feel his cock harden.

"Ah-ah, B-man. Don't go poppin' the cork just yet. It ain't champagne time yet!"

The effect of the machines' various stimuli was overpowering Batman fast. Harley wasn't lying when she said that this machine was powerful. So powerful in fact that Batman couldn't see the real Harley sitting on him. The vision of Harley that was currently dominating him was one born of his own mind. Batman struggled against her but to no avail. The Harley he was currently battling against pushed him down to the ground, tearing off his pants. As she traced the bat-symbol on his chest with her fingers she rubbed her butt up against his hardening member. Batman fought against the pleasure as best he could. He'd trained himself in the past to resist all forms of persuasion, pain or pleasure, but he couldn't work up the energy to fully resist this time. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew it was because of the machine but that information did him little good as it was.

Harley once again leaned forward for a kiss, her lips brushing up against the Bat's roughly. Locking Batman's lips against her's while she sensually rubbed her butt up against his cock brought Batman closer to true defeat than he had ever known. Yet still, he resisted. He fought with all his might against his own mind. He was Batman. He would never give up. Both Harleys, his vision and the real Harley, smiled.

"Ooooh, Bats. Such a strong man. But... it's time to give in, baby! Just let yourself become mine!"

The real Harley sank down and began to suck Batman's rock hard cock while the Harley vision place Batman's mouth against her pussy and commanded him to lick. For a while Batman could do nothing but struggle against the pleasure but eventually he let out a single word...


Harley frowned. Batman was too strong-willed. She'd seen him resist both Catwoman and Ivy. Sometimes he'd somehow turn down all three of the Gotham City Sirens at once. But her machine would help her win out in the end. It was just a matter of time. But what would happen next...?

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