Let's see things through Batman's eyes.

by Solarsearcher
Storyline Bad and Good, Boys and Girls
Characters Batman Poison Ivy
Category Mind Control Seduction
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She was moving slowly in everything she did, allowing him to catch every little motion in the most excruciating detail. Bruce's still adjusting eyes caught the sparkle of the light glimmering off of her breasts between the gaps of her fingers. He could have sworn that they had increased in dimensions as he watched. In fact, as he focused on her fingers, they seemed to dilate as well, her breasts falling back to their usually large size. He followed the hands with his eyes as they traveled up her body. One stopped at her chin, the tips of them barely attempting to hide a feigned expression of shock.

"Why, Batman," Ivy exclaimed. Her other hand clasped the back of her own head as she twisted her head to the side to lean down and apply a kiss to her own bicep. "It's rude to stare."

"I'm not staring, Ivy," Bruce defended. Her lips grew larger as they fell into his vision. He was dimly aware that he had seen similar cases of dilation from inside the helmet she had put over his head, forcing him to acknowledge that something had changed within him. He'd need to find a way to correct these changes later.

Those lips pulled away from her arm, forming into a pout. "You mean you don't want to stare at me?" Ivy asked, sounding hurt.

"Of course I want to stare at you," Bruce said without thinking. He opened his mouth to further compliment her and to apologize for ever giving the impression that he didn't enjoy looking her over, but then clamped down, choking the words off before he could say them. As he did, the focus on her lips ended, returning them to a normal size.

Ivy then smiled and stepped forward, exposing some of her previously hidden flesh by yanking off a portion of her leaf top. "Then what do you want to do with this?" She proffered her breast to his face, scrunching it with her palm.

Once again, he found himself drawn to her chest, even more so than he ever had been before. He managed to keep his impulse answer under control, thankfully. "Send it back to Arkham with the rest of you, Beautiful."

Wait, that wasn't what he had wanted to say. Or was it? Part of it seemed right, but he couldn't discern which part.

She heaved out a sigh. "I'd hoped that you wouldn't resist this much. Honestly, do you really think you can escape from here?"

"I'll fight until my last breath, Ivy." His bonds didn't give him much hope for freedom, but he wasn't going to submit.

"Of course you will," Ivy said, drawing his attention to her waist as she turned her body around and rocked her hips from side to side. "Tell you what: I'll tell you how you can purge the effects of the chemicals if you promise not to try to leave yet."

In his highly suggestive state, he was quite ready to make deals that he felt might work to his advantage. He didn't want to leave nor did he want to give into her, so staying and breaking free seemed like the best option. He nodded, keeping his eyes at the center of her ass.

“Good,” she replied. “Now, if you decide you do want to break free, all you have to do is get very, very heated. They won’t take full effect if you burn them out first.”

He nodded. “Thank you, Gorgeous. When I get free, I promise I’ll make sure your cell is nice and cozy.”

Ivy chuckled, turning back to face him. She got real close to him, the short distance and the sporadic dilations making her face grow a bit larger as he focused on it. She settled down into his lap, straddling both him and the chair to which he was tied. Caressing his shoulders, she smiled. “Why would you want to get free, when you can stay here with me?”

A compelling argument, to be certain. But he needed to be resolute, needed to remain strong. “Because you’re a criminal, Darling… Ivy… and I can’t let you go free. You have to pay for what you did.”

“Oh, I understand, my dear,” Ivy soothed, whispering as she continued stroking his arms. “Is there nothing I can do to convince you?”

“Never,” Bruce said, regaining his strength as the dilation ended. “I’ll never join you, Ivy.”

She sighed. “At this rate, I’ll settle for just a night.”

Bruce raised an eyebrow. “Sorry?”

Ivy locked her hands behind his head, leaning back and pressing her ass to his crotch. “I’ll make you another deal: give me what I want, and I’ll let you go.”

Wary, he narrowed his eyes. “And what exactly do you want from me?”

She gave him a knowing smile. “I think you know what I want.”

‘No,” he grumbled. “I won’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because….” He couldn’t find an answer. “Because.”

Ivy sighed again. “Bruce, why must you fight me?” She let one hand dangle from his neck as the other trailed along his cheek. “You know you want to. Why not give in for just one night? I promise that I’ll let you leave if you still want to after we’re done.”

Her breasts came into focus, growing in size as he stared. What was so wrong about giving in to her? Especially when he could get a taste of that?

“I know how you’ve stared at me when you think I’m not looking, Bruce,” Ivy continued. “How you’ve wanted to touch, but you held yourself back out of some sense of modesty or fear.”

“I’m not afraid, Sexy,” he returned in an uncertain voice.

“Bruuuuuuuuuce,” she intoned in a whisper, drawing out the breath as she moved her lips closer to his ear. “It’s time to stop fighting. It’s time to let go, to give in. Just one night.” She leaned back giving him a meaningful look.

Her breasts returned to their normal size as he gazed silently into her eyes. Imploring him, tempting him, demanding him. Her enchanting eyes revealed her spirit to him, leaving him near breathless as he observed its fiery release.

It would only be one night. Plus, if he managed to do as she said and get his body temperature high enough, perhaps he would be free of her control after finally scratching that itch.

Just one night.

Making his decision, he set his jaw and nodded. This was his best chance for escape.

She gave a self-satisfied smirk, then leaned in to kiss him. She gave a soft kiss, yielding to his lead if he chose to take it. Eager to both clear his body and indulge in her body, he twisted into the kiss. Her taste was sweet- as he’d long imagined- and her lips were soft. Moaning, she pulled him close and continued the kiss, breaking contact only when she needed to retreat for air.

Panting, Ivy caught his eye and nodded back to him. “You made the right choice, Bruce.” She returned to kiss him again.

As Bruce fell deeper and deeper into her embrace, he felt her hands move down his arms and behind the chair. Ivy reached down to his binds, and after a quick series of scrapes and flicks, the ropes around his hands fell to the floor.

With his newly freed hands, he caught her around her back and gently lowered her to the ground, not stopping the kiss as he went. When Ivy settled to a rest on her back, Bruce moved from her mouth to her neck, savoring the sweetness of her flesh. Unfortunately, he couldn’t comfortably move lower due to the bounds on his feet.

Frantic, he turned to the ropes that tied each foot to a chair leg. As he worked to remove the ropes of one foot, Ivy slid back and began ripping off the leaves coating her chest. One foot came free, Ivy turning to the leaves around her waist.

He was sweating as the ropes on his body were finally shed. Good; he needed to keep going. He turned back to face her, then froze.

He had denied himself this all these years?

Her breasts dilated once again before his eyes. Fully unclothed, he found perfectly placed nipples peeking out from their areolas. The mounds before his eyes looked to be proudly standing on their own, as if the leaf bra had provided no support to keep them stable when worn.

As he was transfixed, Ivy chuckled, causing a slight but noticeable bounce to those fantastic tits. “They’re all yours,” she assured.

Excited, he dove forward into the giant pillows, discovering an even more succulent taste than he had taken in before from either her lips or her neck. He latched onto one nipple (he couldn’t tell which one, as he had just blindly fallen atop them) with his teeth and pulled more of the peak into his mouth. It would be so easy to get lost in them forever, just letting his tongue roam and suckle…

Careful, he thought to himself. I can’t lose control.

“Oh, Batman,” Ivy gasped. “I had no idea you could be so aggressive.”

He grunted in reply, hoping that his fervor would raise his temperature. As he enjoyed her tits, one of her legs snuck between his, knocking his thighs apart. She raised her knee into his gut slowly, gently pushing him up off of her. Playfully, she shoved her big toe into the seam of his pants, trying to make some room.

Sensing an urgent need to speed the heating along, Bruce slipped off both of his gloves, then pulled down and shimmied out of his pants, leaving him bare from the waist down. His plainly erect cock was visible for all to see, given its above-average size.

“Mmm… where do you want to put it?” she asked coyly.

Bruce smiled. “Inside, Lovely.”

She giggled. “Think you can fit that rod in my slit?”

Recognizing the effects of the chemicals she had used on him, he shook his head, determined to get heated as much as possible. That meant he would have to huddle close to her, get inside of her, and not stop until he could be absolutely certain that he had purged her concoctions from his body.

Ivy must have misinterpreted the shake of his head for a negative answer, for she reached up to stroke his cheek. “Come on,” she implored. “Give it your best shot.”

Needing no further encouragement, he aligned his member with her hole and pressed forward to her inviting hole.

Instantly, all he knew was pleasure.

The two of them gasped at the same time, Ivy following hers with a loud moan. Gauging his assault’s results, he determined that he had indeed managed to ram himself fully inside of her. The shudders of pleasure coursing through his veins at the feeling sensation of her walls nearly made him orgasm immediately, but his supreme willpower allowed him to just barely hold himself back.

Recovering from the high of the initial contact, Ivy smugly looked down at his strained face. “Don’t tell me you’re finished already.”

Grunting, Bruce reasserted his mounted position and began a steady rhythmic shuffle of his hips. He thrusted with all of his strength one way, then slowly pulled out the other. Each thrust made a small droplet of sweat splash from his temple onto his cheek.

Don’t stop, he maintained. Not until I’m free.

Not content to simply lie in place while the Batman ravaged her nethers, Ivy reached up, grasped him by the neck with both hands, and pulled his head back down to deliver a passionate kiss to his lips. Their tongues clashed amidst the war of their hips.

He quickly felt himself losing the battle there, as he could not sustain his erection without release for much longer. Brutally, he had to hold back lest he lose his only chance for freedom.

Don’t stop.

Ivy caught a brief lull in his tongue’s advances and trapped his lips in a firm lock, holding him tightly against her as she pushed her mouth against his. When he was finally left in desperate need of air, she released his mouth and shoved his face down into her breasts.

He breathed in her scent, his saliva spilling across both tits. Bruce regained his breath and resumed his thrusting into her tight slit. After a moment of resting his head on her chest, he tilted his head to the side to return to the peaks that he felt he had been separated from for far too long.

Don’t… stop.... He wasn’t allowed to stop, though he couldn’t quite establish why.

She soothed his neck as he pressed on, massaging and stroking where she knew he needed it. At one point, he felt her press two fingers into his jaw to stabilize his tongue’s motions.She truly was an expert on his body.

“Don’t stop!” she gasped, coming to the brink herself.

Don’t stop. If he stopped, he would fail.

He was nearly there. His muscles were tightening from underneath, his fingers clamping together as he began kneading her shoulders and breasts. Ivy, much like her tits, complied to his aggressions, even as they grew fiercer and fiercer with desperation.

Moaning ever louder, Ivy dropped her limbs to the ground. “Don’t stop!”

Don’t stop! He couldn’t stop. If he did, he would fail her.

But he couldn’t keep going for much longer.

In a final, frantic attempt to give her what she needed, he pulled completely out of her before returning with a vicious lunge back inside of her. His shot was perfectly-aimed and perfectly timed, crushing the walls of her clit hard enough that he nearly punched through her cervix.

Ivy cried out, shivering as she came to a climax. Bruce felt it occur as the folds around his cock tightened, enclosing it in a perfect seal. Her squirming lasted for many moments, rocking around his body.

She panted as she came down from her high. “Thank you, Bruce,” she said, cupping him by the cheek. “Now it’s your turn.”

Nodding, he resumed his thrusts with reckless abandon. Within a few seconds, he felt himself about to explode.

Don’t… hold.

Eyes widening, he came to the end still buried deep inside of her. Ivy’s body kept him aroused and alert the whole time as he came, not letting him pass out amid the sensory overflow of pleasure.

As he finished, his senses became dulled, the dilation of her breasts wearing off as he nearly lost consciousness. He slipped from her pussy, falling off of her to the side, staring up at the ceiling as he struggled to regain his breath.

Ivy suddenly began laughing. “That was wonderful,” she announced. “We should definitely do that again.”

Confused and feeling strange, Bruce looked to her, finding her to be lying on her back as well reaching out to caress his face. Then, noticing the shade of her fingertips against his cheek, he phased back from her soothing touch.


Bruce raised his ungloved hands, finding them to be nearly the exact same color of green as Ivy’s skin. He stared at them in disbelief, not knowing how or why.

Ivy chuckled again. “Oh. Silly me.” She turned over onto her front, crawling forward on all fours to his side. “Did I say before that body heat would get rid of the chemicals?”

Numbed, Bruce dropped his hands and stared up at her as she found her way back to a standing position. She no longer dilated in and out of focus when he stared at her;

Smirking, she looked down at the former Batman: unmasked, half-naked, and now colored green.

“What I meant to say was that the cold would get rid of the chemicals before they took full effect,” Ivy purred. “The heat made them work faster and faster. My mistake.” She winked at him. “I don’t think you mind, though.”

“Of course not, Darling,” he replied with a smile. He couldn’t resist with such a divine smile from her.

“Good. Now why don’t you start kissing my feet, Bruce.”

Nodding, he twisted over himself and finding her toes pointed directly at him. Without hesitation, he leaned down to apply several tender kisses all over. She laughed musically, having finally attained victory.

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