Ororo is shocked the sheer luxury of the apartment before Kitten grabs her playfully and brings her into the bathroom for a group shower

by ESchorcho
Storyline X-Men: The Stepford Submission
Characters Storm Shadowcat
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Ororo blinked her dulled blue eyes in disbelief before flashing a wide smile at the immense living area of the penthouse apartment.  The modernist room was lavishly decorated, with hardwood floors, leather furniture and large windows that looked out past the balcony and out onto the town of Stepford.  Expensive-looking paintings with ornate frames mixed in with various poster-sized photos of Kitten in various forms of dress and undress vamping for the camera were hung on the walls.  Erotic-looking sculptures were placed almost strategically around the living space so that one was always in sight of one no matter where he or she turned their gaze.  It did nothing to stop the pleasant tingle Ororo felt in her pussy.


As Ororo continued to explore the lap of luxury that was the penthouse apartment with her eyes, a distant voice, or memory, spoke to her inside her scrambled mind.  'You deserve this life.  This life can be yours. Stepford will give you this life.  Stepford can be your home.'


The nude African woman would have still probably been lost starring at the apartment, but she was playfully pulled by the arm by a giddy Kitten over to a door that was being held open by FiFi. Inside was a spacious bathroom with a tub and a large walk-in shower that looked like it was designed for multiple occupants.  Ororo continued to looked on in awe, until she caught a glance of herself in the bathroom's mirror.  Her mind, which had seconds ago been so scrambled and relaxed, suddenly tensed up in shock and a bit of her old self tried valiantly to surface from beneath her programming. Yet, the revelation that had spurred this moment of shock and even outrage at what she was seeing wasn't her former Storm persona protesting against how the former Kitty Pryde was now a seemingly empty-headed, big-titted slut.  This epiphany was exactly in line with what Victor Trask and his Stepford cohorts wanted from the formerly regal woman.


"It can't be!" Ororo pleaded softly to herself, her voice barely above a whisper.  Some spaced-out part of Ororo's brain couldn't accept that this was actually her reflection looking back at her.  She continued to stare at her image in the glass and slowly lifted her hand up.  Her heart sank when she saw her doppelganger match her exact motion.  It truly was her!  With her fingers now trembling, Ororo slowly reached up to touch the top of her head and her very soul quaked as she felt the unbelievably smooth skin beneath her fingertips.


"Oh my God!  I'm bald!" Ororo shrieked at the top of her lungs.  Now both hands were on top of her completely bald head, tears welling in her eyes."No! No, no..."  In the midst of her panic, Ororo paid no heed to the distant clap of thunder that rumbled outside the Doll House. With her worsening state of despair, the formerly courageous mistress of the weather's powers had begun to darken the skies above Stepford again.  Lightening struck down just outside the apartment complex, but still Ororo was not shaken from her horror that she had lost something that she realized only now was so important to her.


In that same instant, two distant thoughts if not actual memories began to work their ways to the forefront of Ororo's disorganized mind.  The first was of herself with beautiful long, flowing white hair.  The Stepfordized part of her praised and longed for that look to the point that she lusted that that was her once true appearance.  Then, through hazy, frazzled memories anew...or maybe old image came to her mind's eye.  Ororo's already visibly distressed face fell into a helpless, sickened pout when a new mental picture of herself formed, this time sporting a large, spiked Mohawk imposing itself over her bald reflection.  Her rapid breathing became full-on hyperventilation as she realized just how clear and vivid this image of herself was in her mind, as if it was once real!  Bile began to rise in her throat at the recollection that she had once been prideful of this unbelievably ugly look!  It made her sick!


"Kitten!" Ororo sobbed, turning to her sexy friend and looking at her like a life preserver at sea, "Wha...Why do I look like this?  Help me!"


"Oh, Ororo!" Kitten exclaimed, throwing her arms around the frantic woman.  The second she felt Kitten's soft body on her own toned flesh, the former regal calmed slightly.  Unable to stop herself, Ororo just let her body go limp and rested her head in the brunette's soft mane as she allowed the tears to flow.  Slowly running her hands through Kitten's luscious locks, Ororo found some comfort in just feeling the smooth strands of hair even if it wasn't her own.  Frowning slightly, Kitten tried her best to console her friend, "Ororo, I am so sorry!" she soothed,  "I completely forgot that you didn't know.  It's just, you were so naughty when you first arrived," Kitten tried to explain, tears of her own falling in sympathy for her bald friend, "You attacked some of the nice men on the security force, who were only doing their jobs.  I'm sorry, Ororo, but a Stepford woman just can't do that. You had to be punished and... My fiance thought this would be the best way to show you what a bad girl you were."


A tight knot formed in the pit of Ororo's stomach.  Fleeting memories buzzed past her.  They were really just partials of her experience at the boutique and then inside the large underground laboratory starring up at Kitten and three other blurred faces before everything went blank.  What she did recall didn't help her mood.  Suddenly, a name flitted past inside her mind.  'Storm.'  Ororo shuddered at the name, like it was out of some horrifying nightmare that she never wanted to experience ever again. Finally, she rose her head up off of Kitten's shoulder and gasped, "Oh God...Kitten!  I'm so sorry!  How can I make it up to you?  To your...?"  She trailed off before then burying her face into Kitten's huge, inviting chest, crying out through her tears, "Please, Kitten, tell me what I need to do!"


Before bursting into tears, the bald woman had stopped just shy of saying "your fiance."  A small part of her thought that she should be outraged at him for taking away her hair, no matter what it had looked like.  But then again, the rapidly expanding Stepford influence inside her conflicted brain took charge.  There was an echo inside her mind telling her that she will always be nothing more than a silly girl and that men like Kitten's fiance would and should make decisions for her.


"Don't worry, sweetie," Kitten soothed Ororo, "My darling Victor told me that if you are a good Stepford girl then he will let you grow your hair back!  Isn't that wonderful?"


Ororo rose her head up from Kitten's hefty bosom, and blinking rapidly to not only take in the new information that her darling friend had just given her but also to comprehend the notion that the stacked brunette's fiance could help her regrow her hair.  Sniffling, Ororo asked helplessly, "He can do that?"


"Of course!  He is so brilliant.  I am such a lucky girl!" Kitten chirped happily, planting a soft kiss on Ororo's lips.  Ororo still struggled with this notion, but if Kitten was sure he could then help then why shouldn't she be as well?  After all, Kitten would never lead her in the wrong direction.  It never occurred to her that it was Kitten's fiance in the first place that had put her in this situation.


"Excusez moi, Mademoiselles, but may I zuggzezt a nice shower to calm the nervez?" FiFi spoke as she minced into the spacious bathroom, her huge tits jiggling in time with the echo of each step her heels made on the tiled floor, "I know thiz iz a hard adjuztment, Mademoiselle Ororo, but I azsure you that Ztepfordiz truly a perfect place. No matter how bad you may have been, if you are a good girl now it will make you juzt az perfect."


"Yes," Ororo said, her head still held in shame, "You're right, FiFi.  A shower does sound good right now.  Thank you both for helping me."


"I'm going to turn that frown upside down, sweetie!" Kitten giggled, grabbing Ororo by the hand and pulling her into the walk-in shower.  FiFi leaned in and turned on the hot water and closed the shower door behind the nude, former heroines.  The second the water hit their nude bodies, Kitten wasted no time as she pulled her friend in close and kissed her passionately.  The tearful Ororo allowed herself to become lost in the hot, steamy kiss, the brunette's passion quickly melted away all of the African woman's troubles and soon she was cooing excitedly into the tongue-filled kiss.

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