When did she go blonde?

by Theacds
Storyline The Reversal Ray
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman not think so good

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"Huhhh....?" Wonder Woman wondered as she brainlessly fingered a lock of her hair. "Blonde? But me no dumb blonde. Me, uh..." She shook her hollow head and tried again. "Me... Smarty Wonder Woman." She affirmed, gently bobbing her head as drool dripped her open mouth.

"But..." The girl let her eyelids droop as a wave of numbness lapped at her mind. "Me no... feel... smart..." Her voice lowered in pitch, just a hair, as she had to talk slower and slower. "So... Me dummy head blonde!" The moronic wonder woman's eyes twinkled in dull understanding as she clapped her hands excitedly.

The ray's effects were coming to their conclusion, but, in their wake, the once powerful heroine was reduced to a mush-brained simpleton. Barely capable of holding a simple thought, much less a conversation, she let herself drift in an ocean of ignorance.

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