24 Hours Challenge

by C.King - 4/13/2017 8:02 AM

 I have re-read the original Catwoman one, and here is some ideas.                           That the figures are reality warpers of the greatest degree means they could have the power of any superhero. Like self-duplication, teleportation, mind control and body morphing. The limit being to make a permanent change, the people have to willingly submit to the Reality Warper. No Mind Control. But other methods of weakening them enough to say it, like overloading them with pain or pleasure are acceptible. Also not sure if the reality warper can affect time, given it's a twenty-four hour challenge. Otherwise they could make a time loop from the minute after they get their power only to loop back to that moment with all of their gains one minute before they loose their powers.Thoughts?

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by gothamalleyviper - 4/13/2017 9:06 AM

Well in the orginial, Selina couldn't slow or stop time for herself, the clock was ticking regardless.   Selina did have the power to warp time for individuals: age them or de-age them as she needed to. She took Wonder Woman and Jason Todd and turned them into five year old girls and then re-aged them as if she had raised them to be her latex lesbian Henchgirl daughters.

That is what I did in the orginal challenge... I am interested to see what people think and do in this version.

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by gothamalleyviper - 4/13/2017 1:21 PM

If you do a search on Deviant Art dot Com, for one Pronon1990 eventually there is a bunch of commissions he did of Harley Quinn leading a Yuri clone relationship with other ladies.  So the Crazy Strong commission is a Hoodless Harley in her classic Jester outfit with a Green and Black Jester suit clad She-Hulk.  There is a Crazy Party with the same Harley surrounded by Barbara Gordon, Black Canary and Zatana in Jester suits.

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by gothamalleyviper - 4/15/2017 11:23 PM

So Black Cat ideas:

Target Pepper Potts and Tony Stark so they provide access to all of Stark Industries to BC.  
Target Punisher find him shot to hell and offer Wolverine's healing factor and a rubber armor suit and all he has to do is agree to hunt all the scum for her so they won't get the Spider's attention.

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by C.King - 4/16/2017 7:09 AM

  1. Perhaps reversing the rolls of Pepper and Tony like the Easter one. Or Merging them into one character. Or turning Tony into Toni.
  2. Not bad. Perhaps leave one Cat with Punisher to transform some of the criminal element. Or more Cats for more of the element. But she might have to force convert him as his stubborness is legendary.
  3. Was thinking of something unique for Emma Frost and maybe some others to be interesting. Maybe my next episode.
  4. Testing out this method as I can't do paragraphs well. How did it work?

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by gothamalleyviper - 4/16/2017 9:40 PM

Harley- I hope that helps SSM, Eddie isn't going to stop trying to jockey for a better deal and powers... but he just can't directly screw up Harley's plan.  I hope you liked what I did with the "Minion factory" and Oracle.

Black Cat- I had a thought about possible twists for Black Cat.  How far along is Pete and MJ? Dating? Married? Five years plus married?
C.King- That spacing worked better.

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by C.King - 4/16/2017 10:12 PM

  • How did you like the dealings with Emma? What request could you see her asking for if she says yes?
  • Or the idea that a choice with influences of 99% yes and 1% no is still a choice of free but influenced will?
  • It is left in the air. No kids, but any time from dating to marriage to married. Unless I mentioned it and forgot
  • Any other suggestions for targets for BC?
  • Or other villainesses? I tried to add some others. Like Skitter from Worm, Baroness from G.I.Joe, Evil-lyn from Masters of the Universe, maybe Azula. Basically any superhero and/or comic book character. Including ones from other media which was made into comics.
  •  For Dr. Harleen Quinzel going after Batman. I could see her going after Bruce to be a good influence for Harley (her shoulder angel), even if that means she has to break him into freely giving himself so she could remake him. Perhaps aided by things like the moment in Harley's holiday if you want to use it.
  • Thoughts?

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by gothamalleyviper - 4/16/2017 11:21 PM

Who else for a 24 hour challenge?  Not sure, Baroness could be fun...

BC- I was thinking they don't have a kid... yet...  As for the Stark seductions; Wanted to do kind of post Iron Man 2 where Pepper is running the company and Tony is screwing off in the background running the Iron Warrior Programs and working on the Avengers Initiative.  Have BC show up and offer Pepper her own armor like BC's along with the "Extra Features" like turning from combat to club wear to board room instantly and being able to show her a good time when she wants.  Was going to do a Punisher chapter and was thinking about her trying to recruit Hellcat as well, didn't have anything planned out really.  As for Emma, She will have to be broken... her ego wouldn't let her be a bitch to anyone.
Harley- Don't really know how to handle Doctor Quinzelle trying to seduce Batman.

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by supersizeme198 - 4/17/2017 3:57 AM

I like the idea for minion factory, maybe after Harley's finished giving Kara multiple fetishes she sends her to general training. Where she'll learn proper skills like advanced pussy eating and submission 101. That ends in a graduation ceremony where she is cristened Power Quinn.http://megasweet.deviantart.com/art/Harley-ized-Power-Girl-alt-hair-589721852The Barbara story, I think she decides that maybe she can manipulate Harely into accepting the deal on her terms. Since she once rejected a deal to walk again from Neron. Barbara tries to play on her memories before the Joker. It seems to work and Harley agrees that she'll make Barbara the hero she knows she can be. Barbara agrees believing she can be the angle on Harley's shoulder. But, she didn;t realise that the contract states Harley defines what a hero is. Harley then makes two versions of Barbara.Oracle is into heavy bondage and runs Harley's website from her bondage suit, while the other is Quinn Girl a hero that will save people from their dull lives with her utility belt of mind warping goodies. Costumes is classic purple and yellow batgirl in latex, but with bat symbol swapped with asmiley face. I won't be able to post today.

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by gothamalleyviper - 4/20/2017 10:07 AM


So the ideal post 24 hours I see like this, Harley has set herself up as owner of a string of amusement parks around the country where families can go and enjoy old school fun in a safe family friendly facility.  What isn't in the advertising is that every entrance ticket gets you a free rubber fetish grafted onto your soul.  So while little Billy and Suzy get the kink, they won't understand or even know about it until they hit puberty, their older sister Melissa will start thinking about how sexy her friends on the cheerleading team would look in latex mini-dresses and how cute Tight-end Tim would be with his tight end in a gimp suit.  Mom and Dad? Well they are going do some google searches for "Latex Stores," "Bondage Boutiques" and "Fetish Fashion outlets" when they get home.
In the parks underground is where the adult entertainment is, Harley has a network of barracks for her clowns that work the park in addition there is a series of internet streaming play rooms and full production porn sets.  And as part of the contract every gets in front of the camera at some point.  If you work for Harley, you get filmed at some point.
Ok, so I would keep Barbara one person instead of trying to split her into different people.  Only here is what I see; Day time in the IT rooms she is "Barbie the IT slut" in her rubber nerdy girl / sexetrary outfit, but she also serves as the "Latex Lovely Bat-Brain" when she is on film for Harley's underground porn empire.  Perhaps some of her best films is the "Bat-Bitched; Pegging the Boy Blunder" series where a rubber Bat-girl nails Dick, Jason and Tim.

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by supersizeme198 - 4/20/2017 11:50 AM

Okey your Barbara idea is way better than my one.I like the fun park idea but with the time sensitivity of her powers, she'll need an alternative method for soul grafting, definatle a magic user.I have an idea for the prise for the HARLEY GAMES but I don't want to spoil it.

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by C.King - 4/20/2017 2:23 PM

  • For non DC or Marvel Superheroes, I have been using the following list for comics based on other media. Like TV or Films or Books. Of course, some of those shows are based on comics, so you gets comics based on tv based on comics.
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_comics_based_on_television_programs
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_comics_based_on_films
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_comics_based_on_video_games
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_comics_based_on_fiction
  • I was looking for something different then the Baroness. Not that I can't or won't do it. But a Flint/Baroness pairing is my default. Might need some additional ideas for that.
  • Also what do you think of the latest Black Cat episode?
  • Also which non Harley or Felicia Marvel or DC Villainess would you like to see?
  • Or would you like to see heroes, heroines or villains get the same challenge?
  • Thoughts and thanks

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by gothamalleyviper - 4/20/2017 2:44 PM

Harley- I got some ideas for who Harley could recruit to curse the parks.  I want to see what you have for the Prize, all I ask is that the Robin-Quinn is Damian.  (I know I have an irrational hatred for that character, but he did sell his soul to be "A better Batman" so him submitting to an unholy deal is not outside of cannon Damian, plus I want to keep the other three birds with their dick in tact so they can be stable studs for the Porn Empire)

Black Cat- I liked it, I have some ideas to make it less smooth than that, but still make it work to Felicia's advantage.  How would people feel about a "Chibi Black Cat" helping with the "wheel of Emma?"
GI Joe doesn't have that many well known ladies to play with.  Cobra's Brand Name Nemisisi are Baroness and Zaranna, and Zaranna isn't even full time Cobra, rather she is a part time Merc.  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of vile ladies in the GI Joe continuities, it's just lasses like Doctor Knox never made it into the prime time.  I can think of about a dozen ladies in the Cobra camp from the comics and shows... but I can't name them without doing searches in Wikis.

RE: 24 Hours Challenge

by C.King - 4/22/2017 9:58 AM

  1. Don't think I mind little Black Cat. Depends on who or what it is.
  2. Trying to make a option for less obvious less Marvel/Dc comics or superhero linked worked. Hope it works.
  3. For male villains option, this works. But if heroes or heroines do it, a penalty is needed if they don't use it to the fullest. Like their enemies getting the power.
  4. How was the Baroness starter?

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Cont... Other medias to make up the population of the city.
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