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So if this all seems like me vomiting stuff, it is.  This is about six pages from notes for the Feminist "Good are Lesbians or Bisexual women and men are bad" project.

DCU 3rd Wave Earth

This is a world where women are assumed to be good, and men are assumed to be bad or prone to being bad.  All of the superheroes in this world are women or women version of male heroes from the main DC series.  As a rule, all of the superheroines are either bisexual or lesbian woman.  The world at large is filled with a healthy mix of men and women.  While a number of women have become criminals, they are the costumed super criminals or the master minds, the overwhelming number of the criminal classes are men.  The world’s matriarchal religions assign blame for the worlds evil on men as having a stupid savage nature that embraced original sin and seduced women into the fall as well.  As the noted doctor and Men’s Right Activist Doctor Helga Strange this is nonsense.  Rather she puts forth the following ideas:

“The simple nature of human reproduction dictates that women will always commit more calories and nutrients in the endeavor of producing a baby.  As such, women are always viewed as more valuable than men.  Men became the shields and spears for the tribes and were forced to be stronger, hardier, and more ruthless in order to be more valuable.  In short mothers raised their daughters to be leaders and mothers, but trained their sons to be attack dogs.  Between conflicts the stronger sons were put to work in hard jobs such as farming and building houses while women continued to take leadership and skill based craft jobs.  This arrangement allowed the women to be provided with the needed resources during pregnancy and early child care.  This in addition to the development of more lethal weapons created the Widow legacy responsible for normalizing bi-sexuality and homosexuality in women.  The Amazons famed in their divine favor by Hera took this to the nth degree in that their sons and men captured were made into slaves and breeding stock.  After Hercules, the retribution of Zeus, lead a slave rebellion that almost wiped out the Amazons, they retreated from the world and swore off men entirely.  But throw out history, women have needed men in order to have children, and this has been seen as the curse of the half women upon humanity as a whole.  This is why in Christianity the Daughter of the Goddess is said to be borne to a virgin untouched by man, representing liberation from the curse of man in her creation.  As we move into the later ages, men continue to be shoehorned into menial labor jobs while women are assumed to be leaders and developers and are put in manager and skill based jobs.  To this day in spite of the promise many boys show in STEM fields, teachers disregard them in favor of spending time and resources developing the talents of their sisters and other female classmates.  As one teacher has told me, ‘when teaching boys math, we need to ensure they can do their taxes and can figure out their paycheck, anything more is a waste for them.’  This mentality coupled with the loss of traditional men’s jobs to automation and an ever increasing amount of “men free” child birth are leading to more and more single unemployed men that are swelling our criminal classes.  Many of the super-criminals we see today could have been productive members of society had women not tossed them into the trash head of low expectations at their birth.”

The story of Arthur Brown:Arthur Brown is a genius, he has passed every MENSA test ever given him, but he is almost entirely self-taught.  Growing up, he was shuffled into shop class rather than calculus, automotive repair rather than AP history, but he still proved to be smarter than everyone in his school.  His parents dimly agreed with the group think that a boy’s place was on a track to work a hard labor job, not a smart job like girl got.  When the school got a batch of MENSA tests, the only one to pass was Annie Braun, and much to the entire school embarrassment Arthur came forward to claim his work at the assembly to announce the triumph.  He was suspended for five days as a result.  But one of the MENSA proctor went to his home and re-administered the test to confirm the boy’s story.  That was were Arthur met two people who would change his life forever.  Emma Wolfsburg and Bryce Wayne.  Emma was a network executive for a television group and was looking for a rival for the hit Jeopardy.  She wanted smart, attractive talent that could anchor the perfect game show.  She saw the perfect opportunity.  Bryce was the orphaned daughter of Martha Wayne and her husband Thomas Kane-Wayne, an introvert and a posterchild for the Goth movement, if Arthur could seduce the girl, he could seduce the nation.  So she gave Arthur the challenge, seduce the girl and I take you to Hollywood.  The eighteen-year-old went to work on the seventeen-year-old and shortly before Arthur turned nineteen, he forwarded a message from Bryce of a positive pregnancy test to Emma and for his nineteenth birthday he was in Hollywood starting up his show, The Cluemaster!  Fortune would not smile on him long.  The network liked the shows format, and the rating, but they said no one believed that a man could be a member of MENSA.  Emma defended her protégé by siting the up and coming tech monster Alexander “Lex” Luthor the soon to be wealthiest person in America, man or woman!  However things would come grinding to a halt for Author very quickly.  Late in the first season Emma’s wife accused her of having an affair with the gameshow host and ending the night with a murder suicide.  Without Emma in the boardrooms, a new host was brought on for the second season of the renamed “Cluemistress!”  And by the end of the second season Brown was forgotten and scraping by as the Cluemistress took a sexist edge.  At the start of the third season Brown was horrified to see that now the contestants were all men being asked stupid questions for paltry rewards or degrading punishments by the now leather clad Cluemistress.  By the middle of the fourth season he laughed as most gasped in horror as a Men’s Right Activist who got on the show as a contestant detonated a bomb-vest during a live broadcast.  But fortune continued to laugh at him as now anyone who was connected to the show in anyway was blacklisted by America in general.  Making his way back to Gotham, Brown was met by a restraining order barring him from having anything to do with Bryce Wayne and HER daughter.  Broke, alone, and jaded… Brown had an idea, Annie Bruan sent a gang an offer, execute her plan and they get to keep the cash minus a small cut that her brother would bring back after the job.  The goons fell for it and Brown soon had the cash and the start of a costume criminal career going for him.  Using what he remembered from TV he would interrupt popular shows in Gotham, give the police a clue with multiple meanings as to where he would strike and then rob the place that fit with the current theme.  Quickly he came to blows with the Batwoman and her belfree of Robyns, Batgirls, and assorted other Bats.  If he knows about the secret life of Bryce and Stephanie Wayne, he isn’t saying anything.  The Belfree questions this because he has wished the last Robyn now Blonde-Bat happy birthday during fights that happen on Stephanie’s birthday.

The trying life of Lex LuthorAlexander Luthor has always been the red haired whipping boy.  The son of Leticia Luthor, Lex as he was called as a child was always passed over in favor of his sister Lena.  Lena with her pretty smile, cute face, lovely blonde hair and pretty blue eyes was the apple of her parents eyes and for her twenty first birthday was given complete control over Luthor Properties Group.  Lex being an actual redhead was the subject of much abuse growing up.  Instead of going to college, Lex ended up working on the nacent personal computers development in a girlfriend’s garage.  When the intial investors were brought in, Lex pretended to be doing yard work, but soon the girlfriend and her friends were swamped by the questions and Lex had to step in to answer them all.  Lex managed to become a technologies powerhouse and quietly spun the girls off into their own companies or bought them and the investors out making his company a private venture.  Lexcorp is now a rival to Microsoft and Apple in the computers field, and their research and development group has them lightyears ahead of Google and DARPA.  Only massive mega corps like Sony, Wayne, or Ford can really stand up to what Lexcorp.  Lex has been the target of a lot of pushback by society at large and a few women in particular.  A number of women have attempted to bed Lex with the hopes that he would provide them with a child that they could use against him in court to steal control of his company.  The only two women he really trusts are Claire Kent, the country bumpkin reporter for the daily planet, and Mercy Graves, his personal Valkyrie assistant.  While he is honest, straight forward and polite to them, he is never affectionate, leading to snipes about him being gay.  All is not honkey dory at Lexcorp however.  From Lex down the company has a strict anti-valkyrie agenda refusing sales to the Amazons, Justice Sorority, or other superheroine groups.  In fact, some of the company’s products and prototypes have ended up in the hands of supervillains, Narcotics and Terrorism Cartels (Narcos), and Pro Men Terrorist Groups (Pomtegs), but by the end of the episode Lexcorp has provided the government and legitimate police with countermeasures and a sacrificial lamb to be hung up to dry (Many cases a young woman who wants to push sales at the expense of innocents and justification for repressing men in general).  Superwoman, Batwoman and Wonder Woman all believe that Lex is the mastermind to all of this, and while he makes his Men’s Right Agenda no secret he always wraps it in inclusive terms and actions.  Many belive that either Lex Luthor will be killed as the greatest threat to humanity ever or the first man elected President of the United States.

Bryce Wayne alias the BatwomanThe story of Bryce Wayne starts in the early eighteen hundreds, the Waynes had been members of the Society of Athena, but were noting the darker tone the group was taking in regards to men as Gotham began its’ urban and industrialization.  Alice Wayne and her Husband Casper Van Derm-Wayne called for the society to either rededicate itself to the ideas of the enlightenment or disband.  They were saddened but not surprised when the group voted to close up, saying that if they lacked the confidence of the Wayne’s then they lacked the confidence of Gotham in general.  Shortly after that night, Alice and Casper were murdered by a figure in an owl cloak.  Little did anyone know that this would be the first of murder ordered by the Court Of Owls.  The Court, formed from the leaving members of the Society of Athena, were dedicated to turning Gotham into an experiment.  They wanted to create a man free world, but first they had to create the justifications.  They worked to ensure men would suffer and like rats in cages would become enraged and attack anyone who came too close, all the while pushing a “justifiable” misandry response, such as calls against Men’s Suffrage, pushing wars and the conscription of men to fill the enlisted ranks, legally enforcing bans on men serving as officers in the military, and recently calling for the Lesbian Marriage Act.  Many were sad on the day Martha Wayne married Thomas Kane, there had been hopes that Martha would dedicate herself to the cult of Saphos, a lesbian recognition group at the time.  In time Gotham rejoiced at the birth of Bryce Wayne a daughter to the Wayne and Kane families.  All of Gotham cried when the murders of Doctor Martha and Thomas Wayne were announced.  Crowds cheered when Junior Detective Jamie Gordon arrested Joe Chill, an ex-Wayne industries employee, for the murder of the Waynes.  Bryce Wayne was left orphaned and alone in the care of her maid Angela Pennyworth, now the caretaker and guardian to the Wayne estates.  Angela feared Bryce was going down a dark path and made every attempt to stop it, some ending up making things worse.  She had made a vow and set about transforming herself into a tool of justice.  Bryce became a master detective and an accomplished martial artist by the time she was sixteen.  At seventeen Angela dragged her to a MENSA meeting for promising youth in Gotham.  That was where she met Edward Nigma and Arthur Brown.  While Edward was annoying, something about him set Bryce on edge, but Arthur became charming to her and even managed to get her to smile.  Meeting on even terms and not taking even the slightest interest in Bryce’s money, she thought that maybe she could find love in this hell that Gotham had become, after months of courtship she was almost eighteen when she sent him the news that she was pregnant with their child.  And she was heartbroken when he disappeared, turning up on TV as the host of some trivia gameshow.  Seducing her had been his audition!  To Angela’s horror, she carried the child to term, and returned to her crusade stepping out into the night on her twenty first birthday as the Batwoman.  Shortly after returning to the streets of Gotham as the Batwoman, she was confronted with the case of the Grayson murders.  Roxane “Dixie” Grayson was orphaned when her parents were killed by the Tony Zucco’s gang sabotaging the high wires for the family’s circus act.  At first Batwoman tried to keep a distance, but by the time they broke the gang and Zucco had fled into hiding, Batwoman decided to adopt Dixie and help her so she wouldn’t become the dark figure Bryce had.  Dixie adopted the mantle of Robyn and shortly thereafter they were joined by Captain Jamie Gordon’s teenage daughter Barbara in the guise of Batgirl.  Batwoman started running into the master thief, the Catwoman, around this time and Bryce Wayne was introduced to the stunning Charity manager Selina Kyle on the social scene.  The the Bat and Cat tango would go on for some time.  Dixie and Barbara would take sabbaticals to attend college leaving Bryce with Angela and young Stephanie.  Soon a new girl would come to her attention, Jennifer Todd the daughter of an abusive father that killed his wife for insurance money and had been killed trying to rob a wealthy couple.  Batwoman came back to her batmobile to find a girl taking the wheels off and with that she was “Arrested”.  Angela protested, but Bryce countered by asking would Angela rather the girl go to jail to be reformed or Angela do it right herself?  With Dixie and Barbara’s blessing Jennifer became the new Robyn.  But her term was short lived because she ended up chasing a lead that claimed her real mother was alive right into a death trap by the Joker.  As everyone mourned Jennifer’s death she was in fact taken to be healed by the League of Shadow.  After this Batwoman had an encounter with Catwoman that changed everything.  Their masks were pulled off and both were revealed to each other.  Catwoman made a choice, she abandoned her life as a criminal.  She became a member of Batwoman’s belfree, as the group was now being called.  Batwoman and Catwoman managed to rescue young Cassie Cain from her abusive assassin father David Cain and she became the new Batgirl.  She would have her first social outing as an adopted Wayne at Bryce and Selina’s wedding.  Around this time young Tina Drake, the heiress of Drake enterprises contacted Bryce Wayne and asked to become the new Robyn.  The request stunned everyone but the young Stephanie who took a shining to the dark haired girl.  Janet Drake had been a member of Bryce’s social circle and after her murder by Pomtegs, Tina had been raised by her crippled father who had acted as the trust holder for her.  Tina was soon accepted as a Robyn when Dixie and Barbara returned to Gotham with new nighttime names.  Nightwing and Oracle worked hard to help Batgirl and Robyn.  But it was clear that Stephanie wanted to join the belfree when her father turned up in Gotham calling himself the Cluemaster.  Soon Bryce’s cousin Kate joined as the Vampire Bat, a blood red haired batwoman dressed in a black suit, red boots and gloves, a red bat on her chest, and cowl made of a red mask and helmet covered in a red wig.  Cassie become the Black Bat, Tina took the mantle of Brown Bat and Stephanie took her place at her mother’s side as Robyn.  Soon Tina and Stephanie announced their love for each other.  Then horror struck.  While out of Gotham a Pomteg cell broke into Tina’s home intent on kidnaping the heiress, but when they couldn’t find her they just killed her father.  Since then Stehpanie has grown up and become what the media and “bat-watchers” are calling the blonde bat. 

Lesbian Marriage Act, is a recent law that provides full national legal status and protection for female same sex marriage as well as providing national definitions and protections for ex-males who have undergone gender reassignment.  Before this there was no legal status for female same sex marriages on a national level since marriages started off as social contracts to legitimize a woman’s claim to a man as a reproductive partner.  It allows for a female spouse to be given benefits normally given to male partners in the event of a tragedy happening to the wife.  Ex-males are covered as some states and companies do not extend husband benefits to a spouse that has undergone gender reassignment to stop being male.  The law does not address the rights or same sex marriages for male homosexuals. 

Claire “Superwoman” Kent aka Kal-El

As a baby Kal Jor-El was placed in one of two rocket pods to escape the destruction of their homeworld, while her older cousin Kara Zor-El was placed in the other pod.  These two girls would be the light and hope of Krypton.  But while Kal Jor-El’s pod had a direct flight to earth, Kara’s was stuck in ice asteroid on the dark side of Saturn.  Kal Jor-El was left to the mercy of the earthling who found her.  That family was Martha Kent and her husband Jonathan Kent-Clark.  Taking the child to a fire station claiming to have found the baby abandoned by the road, the Kent’s asked about adopting the child.  After a police investigation found nothing but a crash site with the major bits of wreckage missing.  The official report stated that the child was abandoned after a crash by persons unknown and said persons fled the scene of the crash.  The town major endorsed the adoption papers and the county judge granted the adoption without contest.  As time crept by Claire Kent as she was named began displaying superhuman powers.  Martha and Jonathan began to wonder if they were raising an Amazon by mistake.  As Claire was ready to graduate high school an extraordinary thing happened.  One of the bits of wreckage that Jonathan had taken to the barn’s storm cellar came to life beeping and signaling.  Claire took it up to the drive way where she saw something approaching in the distance.  To her amazement it was a spaceship landing in her driveway and inside of it was a girl that looked a lot like her when she was eight.  The girl started coming too and was amazed at the sight of Claire, she became very animated when she saw Claire holding the bit of machinery.  The girl spoke in a foreign language that Claire didn’t know.  When the girl held out a sort of machine with four handles and gestured for Claire to take the other ones she learned all about the girl.  Her name was Kara Zor-El, one of the last daughters of the dying world of Krypton and she was speaking an alien langue that served as the primary language for that planet’s people.  And Caire about peed in her panties when the alien girl started speaking English and commenting about this world she had just arrived on.  Kara called Claire’s name and tossed her a crystal, and that was when Claire’s world shattered.  The Crystal activated when Claire grabbed it.  And instantly she found herself in a scene from the girl’s memories, her uncle’s lab.  The uncle Jor-El and aunt Lara Lor-Van appeared and explained that the girl’s name was Kal Jor-El that she was their only child and as such represented their hopes and dreams.  Krypton had been ravaged by countless wars with alien forces, and the devastation to the planet had come to a head when the once noble General Zod used a number of prototype weapons during his coup and the civil war that followed.  Krypton was doomed but Jor-El would save his as yet unborn daughter and niece with two rocket pods, both pods had copies of the planetary archives as well as virtual constructs of their parents.  Martha Kent adopted Lara and Claire graduated high school, and enrolled in Kanas State University’s school of journalism.  She quickly transferred to Metropolis University and started working as an intern for the Daily Planet until she graduated.  That was when she was promoted to junior reporter and placed in the care of the feisty city girl Lois Lane.  Lois was just a year older according to earth records, but she had been a hard charger that graduated early in multiple schools and was now a seasoned professional.  She initially resented being assigned the country girl as a partner, but quickly warmed up to her honest charm.  When mysterious rescues were being done by a new Valkyrie Lois got the first stories in and in fact published the first story of the Claire’s costumed persona being seen in public and named the costumed figure “Superwoman”, but Claire earned Lois’ respect by publishing the first interview with Superwoman where she explains her point of view.  Claire gained the attention of Lex Luthor and his respect based on an article in which she lambasted him and his company, but she did give the devil his due and pointed out all of the positives and neutrals of the Lexcorp project. 

Lois and Claire would develop romantic feelings for each other, Lois towards Superwoman and then towards Claire herself.  Eventually Claire revealed her secret identity to Lois after Kara came to help Claire in Metropolis as Supergirl.  The two were married after the passage of the Lesbain Marriage act.


by C.King - 9/8/2017 12:20 PM

There is a good story which could come from this... But it is like dancing on the third rail. Easy to fall and get shocked to death. Aligning Sex with morality has many ways to backfire. Unless something like parody or satire. If you continue with this... tread carefully.


by gothamalleyviper - 9/8/2017 2:16 PM

C.King the guiding quote for the entire project was something Paul Verhoven said about making Starship Troopers in the 90's:

Verhoeven replied, "If I tell the world that a right-wing, fascist way of doing things doesn't work, no one will listen to me. So I'm going to make a perfect fascist world: everyone is beautiful, everything is shiny, everything has big guns and fancy ships, but it's only good for killing fucking bugs!"[11]
So the entire idea is to create an interesting and complex Feminist utopia that doesn't work.


by exidor455 - 9/15/2017 7:47 PM

Bloody hell. I wish the chapters people posted were as long as this.

-RE: FPVH DC by gothamalleyviper - 9/25/2017 9:33 AM

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Apologies for the long time no post, been really busy. Special K, feel free to continue without me but I'll try to add more today or tomorrow. Was thinking Dr. Diabolical was either brand new or a hybrid of Proteus/Mojo and/or Sleeze/Psycho Pirate who
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I really like the Dr. Diabolical's Delights story line. Should he be a new character or turn out to be an established character from one of the Universes like Mojo, Arcade or Mxy?
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If anyone has any ideas on where they would like Satyr Silliness to go, let me know.
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The Dr. Diabolical stuff is really great. Loving all the America material, the character pairings feel really fresh.
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Loving the Dr. Diabolical additions Special K Alpha, will add more soon. :)
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but you could use whomever obviously :P
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couldn't decide who to actually make the deputy mayor but had the idea of Mojo trying to hype that he's doing this for a good cause :P was debating between like Silver Sable or She-hulk
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