United States od Amazons

by mindwave69 - 11/4/2018 9:42 AM

Here are a few ideas for the story:
Women have a greater role in society with many of the heroines having been trained or some kind of link to the amazons.
The superhero community are a mix of the two universes with team of mixed rosters, e.g. The Justice League (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hank Pym, Wasp, Iron man and Flash)
The Thunderbolts and the Suicide Squad are working for Amanda Waller. The X-woman are lead by Jean Grey, in DC the meta-gene exist and is basically the mutant gene, so there can be a mixed team.
As for the femdom angle I think that it should be limited to the agents of the Shadow Council since not all villains work for them.

RE: United States od Amazons

by Evva - 11/8/2018 1:54 PM

I truly liked this world. Here is some team sugestions and my 2 cents.
The main changes which happened during the 1950's-1960's were on education. The president indicated an amazon sympatizer as education secretary. She worked hard to make the lovely submission the base of USA education. This educational philosophy made the future generations more  oriented to follow the law and made the next generations males less violents. And that is why crime and villains are considered a great danger this days.
My ideas crossover a little more than blend the characters. In some cases I blend origins or swap powersets or names.
For example. The star saphire for sector 2814 would be Mary Jane Watson. Her sector mate os Carol Ferris, the main Star Saphire, the single one who can see directly Predator, the Star Saphire's beast of light
Teams suggestions:
The Champions is a team formed with former ladies liberator junior members who had a major discord with their mentors and the adult members of LL about males being capable to be essential part of a team or not. Of course the boys and girls on that team want to get into the pants from each other like any normal teens and sometimes they act like jailbait.
Miss Marvel (Kamala Kahn, she is the second girl to get the magical word, the first is Carol Danvers)
Vivian Vision (Vision's daughter and Doctor Will Magnus magnum opus, Viv's responsometer gives life to her vibranum body and her mind is almost as a teenager girl)
Stargirl (Courtney Witmore, she was a cheerleader and an amazons fangirl who discovered her step father is James Hammond, the golden age human torch and he was hiding several JSA and Invaders weapons with him, including Star sprangled kid cosmic belt and Starman's cosmic staff to protect the mankind)
Spidergirl (Jessica Drew, but she is a clone from Cindy Moon from another dimension)
Robin  (Damian Wayne, the team's brat and somewhat troublemaker)
Brawl (Amadeus Cho, the genius boy who worked to help control Jen Walters, the Hulk, but failed and he got a blood transfusion from her)
Justice League Amazonia
This is the team formed to replace the Justice Society. Originally the team was formed during an emergency related an alien invasion. This is the most popular team among the people and one of the few teams which is not seem as propaganda by the nations who hadn't adopted Amazon's life style or point of view.
The team actual formation is:Star Saphire (Mary Jane Watson, the second Star Saphire. She is very popular and she is the team's spokewoman)
Atom (Janet van Dyne, she discovered the van Dyne's particle which helps her to growth or reduce. At the past she wore a pair of cybernetic wings and used an insect commanding collar when she thought her particles were incapable to reduce her beyond of the size of a wasp)
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff is the team's token mutant and liason between JLA and the X-women. Her powers let her control the probabilities, but actually her magical practice is more intense, including tantric magic)
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers got her powers when she was a 10 years old girl after she met the Wizard SHAZAM at a lonely lighthouse close to her home in Maine during the period when her parents were divorcing. She actually started to act as a heroine when she moved to Fawcett city in Michigan. Actually she is a woman about her twenty something years old and she has a sidekick, Kamala Kahn the Miss Marvel)
Batman (Bruce Wayne.... well Batman is Batman, right ^.^? He is the team's token male. He just hopes his son start to act like a man at the Champions)

RE: United States od Amazons

by mindwave69 - 11/10/2018 3:20 AM

Not what I had in mind, but I like the premise. I'll try and post something later.

RE: United States od Amazons

by Evva - 11/10/2018 8:22 PM

WOW, sempai noticed me!
Anyway, that was just one idea, you can use it, trash it, Do anything you want. I just added more kinky elements because the site. But your idea is very interesting and I want read more about this world

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