Justice League: Love and Sex and Magic

An orgy breaks out in the Hall of Justice.


Characters: Justice League Batman Black Canary Catwoman Huntress Nightwing Power Girl Star Sapphire Green Lantern Supergirl Superman Wonder Woman Zatanna

Classification: DC Mind Control M/F F/F

Justice League: Love and Sex and Magic



Author's note:

This is probably the most ambitious fic I've written to date. Compared to some other stuff out there it's pretty tame but I'm curious to see what regular readers will make of it.

Though I haven't been too strict with continuity, I would classify this as pre-New52/DCnU, with some inspiration also taken from the DCAU.

This story is a parody. I do not own the rights to any characters in the DC Universe. I do not make any money from the writing of this story and do not intend it as a challenge to their respective copyrights. This story is adult in nature and should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Feedback and voting is always appreciated. Thanks.


The Hall of Justice glinted like a golden crown in the midday light. Tourists circulated outside, frustrated they hadn't planned their trips well enough in advance to know that the Justice League's embassy on Earth, ordinarily open to the public, was closed today for a private conference.

If they knew what was really going on inside, however, they may not be so understanding...

"Source's will!" Big Barda grunted as Superman yanked off her battle armour, her ripe breasts springing free. They were large and firm with small, erect nipples just begging to be sucked.

Her eyes burned with fiery passion as she offered herself up to the Man of Steel, happy to be acting on the desire she'd held for him for so many years now.

Superman was transfixed by the sight of her solid, womanly figure. Though he could use his x-ray vision to see any of his female compatriots naked, he never did. His parents raised him better than that. But now that Big Barda was standing before him, presenting herself to him, he thrilled at the prospect, wondering how he could have resisted all this time.

"Are you just going to stare, Kryptonian?" Barda asked him boldly. "Or are you going to act?"

Superman decided to let his actions speak louder than his words. Without saying anything, he grabbed Barda's ass with one hand and cupped an exquisite breast with the other, pulling her against him roughly, his cock swelling beneath his red briefs as he locked his mouth to hers in a passionate embrace.

The Man of Steel wasn't the only one in the room keeping busy.

Batman was demonstrating the smooth dexterity he was renowned for as he made out with both Wonder Woman and Zatanna at the same time. Neither woman felt overlooked as he slid his mouth from one to the other, his hands roaming both their bodies to their mutual moaning approval.

"Mmmm, Bruuuuce..." Zatanna murmured as Batman suckled her earlobe. "...that feels sooogooood."

"There are gods with less able lips!" Wonder Woman exclaimed, squeezing and massaging her sizeable breasts through her costume. Noticing this, Batman leaned into the Amazonian beauty and, without needing to look, sought out the clasps keeping her uniform from slipping off and effortlessly undid them, proving as stealthy in removing a woman's clothing as he was in battle.

Diana's breast plate fell away, clattering on the ground, and her magnificent tits were revealed, her rosy nipples painfully hard.

"Mmmm..." Wonder Woman moaned as Batman devoured her mouth in a hungry kiss, even as he performed the same operation on Zatanna, popping her buttons so that her breasts burst from her white collared shirt. The magician giggled in response, flicking her dark wavy hair back as she joined in the concert of hot lips and fevered tongues.

Not to be outdone by his mentor, Nightwing was contending with two women of his own. Starfire and Huntress laughed warmly as they licked at each other's lips and nibbled at Nightwing's neck, scratching their fingers along the black and blue of his skin tight uniform.

"I have to admit, Dick, I was always curious about you and Kori..." Huntress said as she placed purple-lipped kisses along Nightwing's chin and lips. "...I wonder if you both look as good fucking each other as I always imagined you did."

"Only one way to know for sure..." Nightwing replied with a wry grin, taking hold of the purple straps of Starfire's costume and pulling them from her body, exposing her breasts to the cool air.

"Mmmm, X'hal yesss!" Starfire murmured happily as Nightwing took one breast into his mouth and Huntress took the other. Kori arched her back as her two lovers suckled noisily at her titflesh, flicking her hard nipples with their tongues and swallowing as much of her mammaries as possible.

Across the way, Hawkgirl sat perched atop a prostrate Green Lantern, her wings spread wide apart, as she raked her nails over his broad chest, seeking out his mouth as a hunting bird would its prey.

Green Lantern, in turn, was massaging her body, using both hands to knead her pert breasts through her top. His ring flashed green as he used it to manifest a second pair of hands that rubbed and clutched Hawkgirl's tight little ass, spanking her to her yelping delight.

"That's it, baby," she panted. "I like it rough."

"You do, huh? Well in that case..." Green Lantern said, his eyes flashing with emerald-hued power. "Get on your hands and knees."

Power Girl and Supergirl, in the corner of the hall, moaned and muttered quietly as they lost themselves in one another. It felt so right, so natural, to be coiled in each other's embrace, tongues entwined and chests pressing against each other.

The Flash, unsure of how to insinuate himself between the two of them, opted to press himself in behind Power Girl to run his hands up along the cello-like curves of her body, doing the first thing that any man in his position would do; cupping and squeezing the massive tits that the blonde superheroine was so famous for.

His erection, trapped in the red lycra of his costume, throbbed hungrily at Power Girl's shapely rear as he fondled her soft, exquisite breasts, making her break off her kiss with Supergirl just long enough to offer the speedster an appreciative groan, her eyes drifting shut as she lost herself to the heat of the moment.

"Fuck yeah..." She muttered, before diving back into kissing the young blonde whose arms were wrapped so tightly around her.

Up on the balcony of the second floor, Green Arrow had Black Canary bent over the railing, looking out over the rest of the Hall. The couple, already so intimately familiar with one another, had been the first to strip each other free of everything, leaving Ollie dressed only in his mask and Dinah with nothing but her stockings and jacket.

With three of Green Arrow's long, thin archer's fingers now buried in the bubbling seam of her hot slit, Black Canary groaned and cursed with excitement.

"Oh, fuck, Ollie! Fuck!" She spat as she pressed her crotch down on his finely honed digits, her sun-kissed breasts heaving in time with his fingers.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, Oracle sat monitoring the feed from the Hall on her high-def computer monitor. She watched in shock as the heroes that made up the Justice League began to suck and fuck each other's brains out. The more she watched, however, the more she felt a tingle building in her loins...

Superman had now stripped Big Barda of everything but her headdress, leaving the proud Apokoliptian warrior to drop to her knees before him.

"Son of Krypton!" She groaned, reaching for his yellow belt. "How I've longed for this!"

It was true. She had wanted the Man of Steel ever since the alien empath Sleez had telepathically manipulated the both of them into feeling an overriding desire for each other. In truth, all Sleez had done was amplify feelings that Barda already had for this paragon of Kryptonian perfection, and now she was free to act on them.

Unclasping his belt, Barda slid her hands down to take hold of the red briefs that bulged so promisingly before her.

"Wait..." Superman said, taking her hand in his. "What...what about Scott?"

"Scott will understand." Barda said, before tugging decidedly down on Superman's pants, his hard cock springing free.

"Man of Steel indeed!" She said with delighted approval, greedily eyeing the length and girth of his impressive member, before she opened her mouth wide to receive it, sucking it hungrily between her pursed lips.

"Gd!" Superman grunted as Big Barda started bobbing her head up and down on his shaft.

"Sappho's sweet cunt!" Wonder Woman squealed from the other side of the room as Batman licked her out with expert efficiency, Zatanna fingering her clit the entire time.

The Amazonian beauty was clutching one swollen tit in her hand and biting the fingers of the other hand to keep from screaming too loudly. Her back was against a display case holding alien battle armour and various other trophies, her muscles tightening so hard that she cracked the glass.

"Gods yessssss!" She wailed, Batman's tongue like a flickering candle in her foaming pussy, Zatanna watching with bated breath, fingers pinching at her plump breasts.

"How does that feel, Dick? Hmm?" Huntress asked as she leaned in behind Starfire to hold the former Teen Titan's bulging breasts tight as Nightwing slid his dick up and down between them, eagerly fucking her big bronze orbs.

"So! Fucking! Good!" He grunted with every thrust, his cock like the pink sausage in the middle of a golden hot dog bun.

"Mmmm..." Both Huntress and Starfire moaned as they kissed over Kori's shoulder, their lips soft and supple against one another, Starfire's cleavage rippling from the intensity of Nightwing's titfucking.

Having complied with Green Lantern's command, Hawkgirl was now on all fours as her lover slipped his cock between her thighs, positioning himself to give her the fucking of a lifetime. Hawkgirl, however, was amply distracted by the womanly figure that was staked out and shimmering green beneath her.

Using his ring's abilities, Green Lantern had generated a simulacrum of Star Sapphire who squirmed contentedly beneath Hawkgirl, raising her thigh for Hawkgirl to grind lasciviously against it as the two women kissed and fondled each other.

"Mmmmhhhhh! Anh!" Hawkgirl groaned, undulating her hips against Star Sapphire's thigh-length boot, her already wet pussy growing ever wetter.

"I thought...I thought you said you were going to be rough..." She said, casting a look back at Green Lantern, her hair tussled, her cheeks flushed.

"Oh, he's just getting started!" The Star Sapphire construct surprised Hawkgirl by speaking in a teasing, ghostly voice.

And on cue, with the winged redhead amply distracted, Green Lantern thrust forward, piercing Hawkgirl's swollen labia with his thick shaft

"Nnnhhhhhh!! Hellzzz!" Hawkgirl screamed out in sudden, overwhelmed pleasure.

Despite how loud she was, the Flash was far too busy to even notice her.

He was now little more than a red blur as he sped between Power Girl and Supergirl, the two blondes writhing on the floor. The infamously busty Power Girl had removed her white top, allowing her giant, gelatinous breasts to bounce freely as she gobbled down the Girl of Steel's grateful clit.

"Unnfhhh! Mmmhhhfff!" Supergirl huffed and panted, unable to truly express every rush of pleasure she was feeling as the Flash was busily turbo-fucking her mouth, forcing her to suck in air through her flared nostrils.

She barely registered the brief break between thrusts as the Scarlet Speedster raced between having her suck his cock and plunging his dick into Power Girl's moist mound, PeeGee's big tits swaying as he fucked her from behind fast and furious.

"Hhunnf! Mmmnnhhh! Rrnnhhh!" Both blondes grunted and groaned, both happy to have the attention of the speedster's pulsating penis.

On the balcony overhead, Ollie worked Dinah's quim with nimble dexterity, fingering her like a fletched arrow, while his goatee tickled her labia with every juicy lick he took.

"Ollie! Ollie! Ollll-eeeeeeeee!" The Black Canary squealed, barely keeping her sonic scream in check.

Down the other end of a wireless connection, with the light of her computer monitor glowing on her face, Oracle watched the events unfolding in the Hall of Justice with heart-pounding awe, her fingers twisting in her damp mound.

"Mm!" She muttered, biting her lip, as she took to lightly rubbing her clit, switching from the sight of Green Arrow and Black Canary and back to Big Barda and the Man of Steel...

Superman, ever the gentleman, was returning Big Barda's earlier oral favour, licking her out with a super-speedy tongue that whirled with the speed of a motor boat propeller, splashing drops of pussy juice all over the floor as the former Female Fury tugged at his hair and punched the ground in uncontrolled ecstasy.

"Darkseidscock that feels so! Fucking! Good!" She growled, pressing her hips up into Superman's mouth and uncharacteristically squealing like a little girl as he added his heat vision to the mix, applying just enough energy to warm her clit and turn her cunt to frothing goo.

"Yes! Yeeesssss!" She screamed, buffeted by the hurricane of her first orgasm, riding through it just enough to demand, "Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

"Yes, ma'am." Superman said, ever the Boy Scout and only too happy to oblige...

Batman's scalloped cape was spread out like a blanket on the floor as he lay back, watching with stoic interest as Zatanna and Wonder Woman shared his dick between them, suckling at his nuts and slurping around the head of his straining shaft.

"Hh." He grunted simply, allowing himself a brief lapse in control by closing his eyes and surrendering to the sensations of the two heroine's mouths. When Wonder Woman added her bulging breasts to the mix, slipping his cock between them with a mischievous smile, Zatanna angled herself to lap at his balls.

"Do you like that, Bruce?" Diana asked as she held tight to her tits, sliding them up and down the length of him. "Do you like the feel of your manhood lost between my breasts? Hmm?"

"Hnnn!" Batman groaned in reply, pressing his pelvis closer to Wonder Woman's tits, lost to the soft, smooth, fleshy warmth of them.

"Don't get too carried away, girls," a new voice in the room rang out. "Leave some for me."

Batman, Wonder Woman and Zatanna all looked up to see Catwoman crawling towards them on all fours, her ass swaying in the air.

She was dressed head to toe in sheeny black leather, her goggles pushed up to reveal her beautiful face and arched eyebrows. The zipper on the front of her costume was already zipped all the way down to her navel, revealing a scandalous amount of cleavage.

Brushing past Wonder Woman and Zatanna, Catwoman showed no hesitation in crawling up along Batman's body and straddling his lap, his cock twitching readily at her ass.

Under normal circumstances, the Dark Knight would question her presence here. But with his head swimming and blood thundering in his veins, he simply grabbed her by the waist and kissed her.

"Meeeeoowwwwwwww...!" Catwoman breathed huskily, licking her tongue along his as she pulled her top wide open, exposing her sumptuous breasts to her lover's grateful attention. He nuzzled, nibbled and licked at her already hard nipples as she cooed and mewled in approval.

"Mmmm....that's ittt.....yyyyeeess..." Catwoman purred, pressing herself closer.

"OOOOOUUUUHHHHHH!!" There was a sudden howl of ecstasy across the room as Starfire pressed her crotch up into Huntress's mouth.

Nightwing, drawn by the exotic notes of Starfire's love cries, leaned in over the Huntress's back to kiss Kori's lips. Though he was busy fucking Helena from behind, he proved highly adept in doing two things at once, never losing speed as he curled his mouth around Starfire's.

Not one to be overlooked, Huntress stole back Nightwing's attention by pulling her lips from Starfire's pussy long enough to exclaim,

"Fl---flip me on my back, Dick...umnh! Please!"

Panting and sweaty, Nightwing paused long enough to look at the Huntress in confusion.


"Because, " she replied, looking up at Starfire with a dark gleam in her eye. "I want our princess here to earn her reward."

Kori, still writhing from Helena's ministrations, returned the look with a curious, excited smile.

"NN! NN! NN!" Hawkgirl grunted with every lunge of Green Lantern's cock, the Star Sapphire construct squirming beneath her, licking at her nipples and sucking on her breasts.

"Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy!Fuck it!" Hawkgirl demanded, bucking like a mount that needed breaking.

"Fuck your pussy?" Green Lantern said, sliding his dick from Hawkgirl's molten cunt. "Why don't I do you one better?"

Hawkgirl's eyes bulged beneath her mask as he pressed the fleshy head of shaft up against her cherry pink asshole, skewering it in one clean stroke.

"HO! LEE! SSSHHHHHIITTTTT!!!" She screamed.

The Flash, meanwhile, had proven to truly be the fastest man alive. With both Power Girl and Supergirl lying on their sides and with their legs scissored open, he'd sped from one to the other in a constant blur of motion, hyper-fucking the both of them.

Mortal women would have been overwhelmed by the super-powered friction and long ago spontaneously combusted. But not so for these two blonde dynamos.

"Is that...hnfff!...is that all you've got??!" Power Girl asked defiantly, blowing her hair out of her face with a super-powered puff of breath, before leaning back in to have another taste of Supergirl's sweet tongue.

"Mmmm! Pllp!Nnmmmm! Plp!" Dinah had found a way to keep from unleashing her sonic scream by slipping Ollie's arrowhead between her lips and delving up and down on it, lathering it in a thick coat of saliva as she twisted her fingers in her fishnet stockings.

"Aw shit, Dinah!" Green Arrow grunted. "Oh, babe...that's it!"

"That's it!" Oracle's speakers crackled with Ollie's words as she pulled her wheelchair up alongside her desk again, having left just long enough to retrieve her vibrator. Cranking up the speed setting on the device, she toggled the webcam between Batman and Nightwing, watching the two men she'd wanted so badly for so long fuck their respective partners to heaven and back.

VVVVVNNN The vibrator buzzed.

"Oh God!" Oracle breathed, running the sex toy down along her strawberry red pubic hair, her labia growing twice as moist. She felt a moment of exquisite anticipation as she hovered the device over the slick entrance to her body, before pushing it up inside her.

"Yes! Mmmmm!"

As much pleasure as Barbara was experiencing, however, it was nothing compared to Big Barda, who had her long legs hooked around Superman's waist as he laid her out and sank his rigid dick inside her sizzling cunt.

"Fuck. Yes." Barda grunted, pressing her black thatch up against the Man of Steel's unyielding shaft, one arm circled behind her as she squelched her Mega-Rod in and out of her rock-hard ass. Kal-El didn't go in for backdoor shenanigans himself, but if that was what did it for Barda then who was he to stop her?

"Mmmm, don'tstopdon'tstopdon'tstop!" She pleaded with Superman as he paused with his cock lodged deep within her. As if to demonstrate what she wanted from him, Barda started to speedily thrust her Mega-Rod in her asshole, the ridges and nodules rasping in and out of her rubbery sphincter.

Not to be outdone, Superman once more brought his powers to bear. Targeting her clitoris, he alternated blasts of heat vision with gusts of freezing cold super-breath.


Losing her grip, the Mega-Rod was left sticking halfway out of Big Barda's ass as she thrashed and convulsed from the assault Superman was waging on her clit.

"Yes! Yes! By the Old Gods yes!" She cried, every muscle in her body straining like high-tensile steel cable as he started to fuck her with long, driving strokes, the ground shaking beneath them...

Wonder Woman, frustrated by Catwoman's theft of Batman's attention, had decided to vent her frustrations on Zatanna. With whiplash speed, she'd bound the magician's hands with her Lasso of Truth, pulling her over her knee and yanking her bloomers down to spank her stockinged ass.

Zatanna squealed with pain-spiked delight as the Amazon smacked her with her flat palm.

"You've been bad, haven't you sorceress?" Diana demanded between hard-cracking slaps of Zatanna's flesh, her breasts bouncing with every hit. "Tell me!"

"Y-yes, Princess!" Zatanna shrieked, the juice of her arousal trickling down her inner leg as she surrendered herself to Wonder Woman's dominance.

"And what do we do with bad girls? Hmm?" Wonder Woman asked, landing another strike on Zatanna's blushing ass.

"I---I don't know, princess!" Zatanna confessed, wriggling her rear as she adjusted herself on Wonder Woman's lap.

"We eat them," Wonder Woman said, smiling with sinful delight. "That's what we do."

"Oh, yes, princess! Yes, please!" Zatanna said, though there was no need. She hadn't even finished her pleas before Diana had rolled her onto the floor, spread her legs, and torn her stockings at the crotch, burying her mouth in the pink gash of Zatanna's grateful pussy.

All the while, Catwoman yelped and mewled with ecstatic glee as she rode Batman roughly, her claws digging and scratching into the black wings on his chest emblem.

"Hunnhh! Nnnhhh! Hnnnrrr!" She exhaled with every spearing thrust, his unrelenting shaft filling her thick and deep. "Oh fuck! Oh, Bats! Yes! Yes!"

Her face turned to the sky, her back rigid, her breasts free and her pussy drenched, Catwoman licked her lips and swallowed hard, her stamina coming to an end.

Her legs wobbled and her knees quaked as she pressed down hard on the base of Batman's cock, her arms strained and pressing her tits together as she wailed in rapturous release.


She convulsed on top of him for several moments and then, spent, she crumpled to the floor. Batman, however, was far from finished.

Turning, his arousal still red and straining, he looked to see Wonder Woman pleasuring Zatanna's pussy with an expertise crafted over many years of hot, sticky Themysciran nights.

"Puh---puh---princess! Oh yyyyess! I'm...I'm...!" Zatanna swooned, her head swaying. But just as she was verging on release, just as she could feel it so excruciatingly close, Batman grabbed Wonder Woman by her rounded hips, pulling her back and up into his arms, crushing his mouth to hers.

"Diana," he rumbled. "I need you." And Wonder Woman groaned with contentment, with anticipation.

Zatanna, breathing heavily and shifting in disappointment at the loss of Wonder Woman's glorious tongue and teasing fingers, watched them for a moment as they lost themselves in each other. Knowing that Wonder Woman wouldn't be coming back anytime soon, she dipped a hand into her jacket pocket and removed her wand.

"Mrofsnart otni rotarbiv!" She commanded, waving her hand as her wand sparkled and changed shape into a long, thick, black vibrator before her eyes.

Smiling, Zatanna clicked the toy into buzzing life and pressed it against her folds, fucking herself contentedly as she settled in for the show that Batman and Wonder Woman were staging.

Not far away, Nightwing, Huntress and Starfire were staging a show of their own...

Huntress, on her back, had her toned thighs parted wide as Dick fucked her hot and sweet. Her face was buried in Starfire's cunt, pussy juices dripping on her lips and spattering on her mask. The alien princess was lounged on top of her, gobbling the vigilante's clit around Nightwing's pistoning shaft, locked in a feverish 69 with Helena.

Starfire slurped at Huntress's folds, at Nightwing's cock. She stroked Helena's clit and tugged at Dick's balls.

"Mmmmm!" She moaned, swirling her tongue over Huntress's every erogenous nerve. Helena leaned back, her chin poking into Starfire's ass. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was parted.

She screamed as she started to cum...


"---UUUUCK! Oh fuck!" Hawkgirl finished, malting feathers as she experienced her first orgasm of the day, Green Lantern's hard-driving cock never pausing as he continued to sodomize her into senselessness.

Beneath her, the Star Sapphire construct squeezed her breasts and licked her throat, frigging her clit and fingering her cunt with surgical precision. Hawkgirl was trembling from the overpowering intensity of their combined attention, having to remind herself that the woman glowing beneath her wasn't real, no matter how good her touch felt.

The uncanny simulation was only reinforced as the sometimes-villainess leaned up and nibbled Hawkgirl's earlobe, her breath warm against the Thanagarian's skin.

"He has a dirty trick in mind!" Star Sapphire whispered with an evil smile, gesturing towards Green Lantern.

"Does...unh!...does he?" Hawkgirl asked, brow creased, lip bitten, ass thrust up to accommodate the cock pounding into her.

"Oh yes," Star Sapphire replied, licking at the side of Hawkgirl's face. "Positively villainous!"

"Sounds--mm!--sounds intriguing...So what are we-hhhh-we waiting for...?"

"Indeed!" Star Sapphire replied, her voice lowering to sound just like Green Lantern's as the image of the emerald-tinged beauty split apart into a swirling cloud of energy, before reforming into a set of four tendrils, all of them composed of solid green light.

Each of the pliable strands was thick and rounded at the end, shaped like dildos the length of garden hoses, and all of them were mercilessly quick in positioning themselves at the entrance of Hawkgirl's spare orifices and asserting themselves into her grip.

"Gnnnf!" She gulped as one construct pressed itself between her lips.

"Fnnnnnnn!!" She breathed raggedly as another slid its tip into her pussy.

"Mmmm!" She moaned as the final two thrust back and forth in her each of her hands, wanking themselves in her grip.

And all the while, Green Lantern continued to fuck her with the strength, stamina and determination one would expect of an intergalactic superhero. The pleasure was overwhelming as each of the constructs fed him the sensations they were experiencing, the sum total of it blasting through his body.

He gave no sign of just how intense the feeling was, however. Instead, he simply narrowed his eyes and doubled his speed...

The Flash meanwhile, had sped up to such a degree it was like he was acting out every single scene in a porn film on fast forward, fucking Supergirl's little pink ass one second, thrusting his dick between Power Girl's gargantuan breasts the next, before returning to fuck Supergirl's mouth, and spraying a load of semen on both blondes at every turn.

"Ffffuucckkk!" He grunted. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfffuuuuuuuckkk!"

Cum splattered Power Girl's cleavage, glazing her tits. It rained down on Supergirl's pubes, on Pee Gee's ass and in Supergirl's hair. The two heroines were absolutely lathered in the sticky white substance, busying themselves by licking it from each other's skin as they explored one another's bodies.

By the time of his twentieth ejaculation, the Flash had tired himself out to such a degree that all there was left to do was stumble backwards, drop to the floor on his bare ass, and slip into sweet oblivion...

"Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!" Black Canary grunted with every thrusting stab of Green Arrow's cock into her cunt. "OhmyGod!Soooodeeeeep!"

All her bodyweight was supported on her shoulders, with her crotch pointed up to the ceiling, as Ollie worked her like a jackhammer, squatting over her and giving her every ramming inch of his cock.

"You --unh! --- you like my pussy, Ollie? Huh?" Dinah asked, saucily wriggling her hips as Green Arrow continued to mercilessly piledrive her.

"HHHHYEESS!" He bellowed in reply, the veins on his neck standing out as Dinah's syrupy cunt proved thoroughly intoxicating. "Fuck yes!"

"FUCK IT, BABY!" Black Canary screamed. "FUCK! MY! PUSSY!"

Fucking her own pussy, Oracle ran a shaking hand through her hair, her brow sweaty. The vibrator growled in her cunt as she worked it in and out, rasping it against her clit in a twisting motion.

"Mmrrrh! Ah! ANH! Oh, Dick! Dick!" Barbara burbled quietly to herself as she came, a single tear in the corner of her eye. Falling back into her chair, she looked listlessly at the monitor, the image flickering as the connection faltered for a second.

Little did Barbara realise that it was Superman and Big Barda causing the signal's disruption.

Their fucking having reached an urgent pace, they were making the entire room quake as they pounded against each other, the slapping of Kal's pelvis against Barda's cunt like the violent thundering of storm clouds.

Bmmm! Fmmm! Rmmm!, the hall echoed.

Sllrpp! Pllrrrp! Plluupp! Barda's pussy squelched as Superman fucked her.

"FFFFFFFUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!" Barda screamed as the lava raging through her veins bubbled up and erupted, making her wail as her pussy burst, simmering hot fluid running between her thighs. Her pussy clenched hard as she came, squeezing Kal-El's cock tighter than anything he'd ever experienced before.

"Great --- unnhhh! --- Great Rao!!" Superman exclaimed through gritted teeth, as he stumbled back a step, his cock popping out of Barda's pussy at the critical moment. Seizing the opportunity, Barda repositioned herself quickly, holding out her tongue and opening her mouth wide as the Man of Steel started to cum.

"Do it, my Kryptonian! Cum for me!" She urged him. "Do it!"

His cock throbbing, his balls tight, Superman roared as he exploded.


Fast as a rocket and just as powerful, his stream of cum splattered in the middle of Barda's face. She clenched her eyes and pursed her lips as she felt his seed, hot and sticky, spray all over her strong, beautiful features, cascading over her cheekbones like a surging waterfall, spilling over her pouty lips and proud chin.

But it didn't stop there, as the Last Son of Krypton showered his lover in a truly superhuman load of spunk, drenching her hair, her chest, spattering her tits, her muscular stomach and her firm thighs in wave after crashing wave of sperm.

By the time he was finished, strained and shuddering above her, Big Barda was covered from forehead to kneecap in sparkling, steaming semen, saturated in the spoils of a one-man bukkake act.

"Never...never have I experienced such a thing...!" She murmured in amazement, eyeing Superman through jizz-sequined lashes. Her words were lost, however, as a deep, hypnotic sleep took hold of the Man of Steel, leaving him to tumble to the floor. Only moments later, Big Barda joined him...

His teammates dropping one by one, Batman showed no sign in stopping as he fucked Wonder Woman straight to heaven with his dynamic dick.

"Oh, Bruce! Brruuuuuuuuce!" Wonder Woman moaned, holding him so tight she worried she might hurt him, but the concern was swept aside as she felt her moment arrive.

"Hnnh! Hh---HHHH----HERRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!" Wonder Woman screamed, her orgasm hitting her like an avalanche, sending an inescapable wave of release rolling through every fibre of her being, flooding her thighs and leaving her slack and sated.

"Diana!" Batman grunted simply, and it was enough for her to know. She looked up at him, her smile sweet and encouraging.

"Yes, my sweet Bruce! Yes!"

His already thick cock swelling even bigger in her gushing cunt, Wonder Woman muttered and cooed with joy as she felt Batman's seed gushing inside her.

"RRRNNNNNNNN!" He roared as he blew his load inside her, ropey strands flowing out around the Amazonian beauty's pussy lips.

"...That's it....that's it..." Diana sighed with approval, running a hand over his shoulders even as she slipped into a deep slumber.

Batman shook his head and looked around the room, and for one moment he saw all the madness laid bare, smelt the tang of sweat and seminal fluid and knew that this wasn't right...

But then Zatanna approached him. She was dressed in top hat and tails, her breasts bouncing hypnotically, her fishnet stockings ripped and her white gloves stained with cunney juice. She looked him over with hungry eyes and a dangerous smile.

"My turn, Bruce."

"Yes, Zee..." He said, pulling her to him and parting her legs in one fluid motion. "...I believe it is."

Huntress lay on the floor, her face and most of her fingers buried in Starfire's lap. Starfire, sitting, had her mouth wrapped around Nightwing's salty balls as he stroked his shaft, watching the two beauties with rapt attention.

"X! X! X'Hal!!!" Kori breathed as she experienced the latest in her series of uncounted orgasms, timing it just right for the moment that Dick's shaft flared beneath his hand, making him grunt as he tilted forward.

"This is it!" Huntress said, jumping up onto her knees beside Starfire. "Open wide!"

"Awwwwwfffffffuuuucckkkkk!" Nightwing slurred, jerking off into the faces of his two lovers, painting them both with the sticky, sweltering fluid that exploded from him.

Helena and Kori giggled as blob after blob shot into their mouths, over their cheeks, up their nostrils and down their chins. Tittering, they reclined into each other, kissing away Dick's spunk as the former Robin fell to his ass, completely done.

He watched them for a while, his vision blurring until he drifted off, and it wasn't long before the two gorgeous women joined him, all three tangled around each other...

Green Lantern's brow ran with sweat as he concentrated on fucking every orifice Hawkgirl had to offer, ploughing his dick into her rippling ass, his energy shaft constructs fucking her simultaneously in her pussy and her mouth, every single sensation channelling straight into his brain.

"Oh. My. God!" He grunted, his mind reeling at what it felt like to fuck Hawkgirl from every angle, all at once.

"Hnnnmmmhhnnfff!" Hawkgirl moaned like an animal in heat around the two phallic constructs she was heartily sucking on, her ass and thighs red with welted hand marks. "Rnnhhhmmfff!"

Her wings were poised as if in mid-flight, as splayed as her legs and as erect as her nipples, every feather standing to attention. She felt more fucked than she ever had before, more out of control and submissive than a warrior of her standing was accustomed to...and she was loving every pounding, pulsating moment of it.

And just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, just as she was wondering if she would pass out from the exertion, the energy constructs disappeared in a flash of light, leaving only the inescapable heat of Green Lantern's dick in her quavering ass.

Overwhelmed, Hawkgirl slumped forward. With the side of her face plastered against the floor and her ass stuck high up in the air, there was nothing for her to do but to fully surrender herself to the onslaught of Green Lantern's cock, driving so hard and so deep into her stretched, spongy hole.

"Fnn! Fnn! Mmm!" She muttered and gasped as he filled her up more fully than anything else ever had, his cock sluicing in and out of her relentlessly, even as she shoved her ass back at him.

She was surprised to find herself on the brink of another orgasm when she felt Green Lantern's hands suddenly clasp the flesh of her rump, his power ring cold on her goosebumping skin, his pelvis banging spasmodically against her.

"Rnnn! Hunh! Gnnn!" He grunted as his cock swelled to epic proportions inside her, making her scream into the polished marble floor. Hawkgirl could feel every nerve ending in her body blaze to life, every hair and feather stand on end, as she screeched to the high of another orgasm.

But more than that -- she could feel Green Lantern's cock seizing within her, his thick pasty goo coating her sleek insides, his balls hot against her womanhood, his roar of release loud and unbridled.

"Seven hells!" Hawkgirl gasped, her breath fogging the marble, her face red, her wings twitching. "Feels! ... So Good!"

"Fuck yeah...!" Green Lantern grunted in agreement, jerking and thrusting with the last of his climax, slowly leaning over Hawkgirl more and more until finally they fell against each other, his cock slipping messily from her oozing asshole as they fell asleep in each other's arms...

"Ollie! Oh, Ollie!" Black Canary cried as the growing heat of their fucking proved too much and she suddenly exploded in burning release.

"Jeeesus----!" She screamed, her words drawing out, reaching an ever higher pitch until, rolling under the weight of her orgasm, she let slip her Canary Cry. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

"Hunh!" Green Arrow grunted as the full force of the sonic scream hit him head on, knocking him out and throwing him backwards at the very moment of his climax, sending white pearls of spunk spattering all over Black Canary's flushed, sweaty body.

Panting, Black Canary dully registered both Green Arrow's sudden disappearance and the pools of semen on her body, before she slipped into unconsciousness, exhausted by the strength of her release.

Power Girl and Supergirl, however, were still proving to be inexhaustible. Having licked up every drop of jizz that the Flash had deposited on them, they were now using their own respective superspeed powers to fingerfuck each other to orgasmic bliss.

"Oh, Kara!" Power Girl cried as Supergirl ran high-speed, concentric circles all around her g-spot, the tip of Kara's tongue flickering on Pee Gee's clit. "Kara, yess! I can feel it---I can feel itttt! Oh! Oh! Ouuunhhhhhhh!!!!"

Power Girl cried out as her orgasm hit, the sheer force of it driving her determination to make Supergirl cum as well. With sweat pouring down her body, Power Girl reared her arm back and pressed her hand up into Supergirl's cunt, burying all five fingers and most of her palm in the young blonde's pussy.

"GREAT! FUCKING! KRYPTON!!!" Supergirl screamed, her voice like a warning alarm, high-pitched and gaining in urgency, until finally her pleasure crested and she came, juices pouring down over Power Girl's wrist.

Kara broke down into a series of grateful sobs as PeeGee leaned in, kissing her warm and wet, the two blondes collapsing into each other.

"Ti s'taht! Sey! Em kcuf! Drah em kcuf!!" Zatanna screamed, one half of the only couple in the room that was still conscious. Neither she nor Batman took any notice of how quiet everyone surrounding them was. They were too lost in the heat of their own passion.

Knowing her penchant for sodomy thanks to their handful of previous trysts, Batman had lubed Zatanna up with a quick but thorough tonguing and was now fucking her ass with the speed and stamina of an Olympic athlete, the magician riding the Dark Knight in a reverse cowgirl position.

"More more more more more more!" Zatanna demanded, every word exploding from her with a ragged breath, her ass popping and squelching around Batman's substantial cock.

"Oh fuh--*! Kk! Fuck! Oh you're gonna makemecummm!" Zatanna squealed, the room whirling before her eyes as she tumbled into the heady vertigo of bliss, sweat pouring from every inch of her nubile body.

And knowing that this was the moment, Batman reached around to finger the raven-haired magician's clitoris, the tips of his fingers buzzing on the erect little nub.

"Hhhhhho ym gggnniikkkcuffff Hotath ssseyyyyyyy! " Zatanna wailed as her pussy spasmed and her asshole contracted, her legs kicking of their own accord.

Throwing her head back, her scream of agonizing joy reached earth-shattering heights, her constricting ass driving Batman over the edge for the second time, leaving him to hold on tight as he burst like a geyser deep in her bowels.

"Gnnnhh!" He grunted, gripping Zatanna's waist so tight it was as if he was holding on for life itself.

"NNNNNHHHHHHHHHHYYYSSSSSSSSSS!!!" Zatanna screamed in blinding, white hot release, the sound of her cries blowing out every light in the room. Sparks rained down from each exploded bulb as Zatanna thrashed atop Batman, her orgasm driving her higher and higher, until finally it proved too much...

...and a purple-haired woman grunted, overwhelmed by the force of the psychic feedback she was receiving, and promptly fell unconscious, lifting the hypnotic spell she'd weaved...

"Huh? Whu? Hh?" Zatanna panted, snapping to her senses even as her body glowed and rippled in a post-climactic daze, her muscles twitching and her nerves blinking.

Zatanna wasn't the only one confused. Every one of the Justice League members snapped suddenly awake to look around the room in dazed bewilderment.

What the hell had just happened...?

- - Hours Later --

"Why would she do this?" Superman asked, looking into the containment cell that contained Circe, the purple-haired sorceress and rival of Wonder Woman. "Circe's always had a taste for humiliating her enemies, but never on a scale like this..."

"I suspect she was manipulated into doing it," Batman said, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Man of Steel. Wonder Woman had elected not to stick around; a fact that Bruce found troubling. "It's too great a coincidence that she would choose the day we were hosting a membership drive to enact such a plan. My theories have been all but corroborated by Catwoman."


"She's confessed she broke into the Hall to rob the security vaults while Circe kept us all distracted. The plan went out the window when Circe's spell proved too strong, drawing Catwoman to the main hall with the rest of us."

"The signal was that powerful?"

"Steel says it was powerful enough to reach the training room where he was conducting combat trials with Batgirl, Vixen, Blue Beetle, and Fire & Ice."

Superman's mind reeled with the full implications of what Batman had just said. Setting aside his concerns, he focused instead on his line of questioning.

"So who hired the both of them? Seems like the kind of act that would appeal to Luthor's depraved sensibilities."

"I have my suspicions, but Catwoman keeps weaving in and out of consciousness, making it difficult to question her. Don't worry. I'll get it out of her."

"I'm sure you will...though I'm still uncertain as to how exactly we managed to break free of Circe's influence."

"I can explain that," Batman said. "My first...release...proved to be the break in the signal I needed to initiate my secondary consciousness."

"Your what...?"

"An artificially-constructed psychological persona. My conscious mind was lost to Circe's control, but on a subliminal level my sub-personality gained enough awareness to start formulating an escape plan. I knew the key lay in Zatanna. "

"How so?"

"The more we lost ourselves to the signal, the greater Circe's power over us grew. Every climax that each participant experienced fuelled her like an energy surge. I knew the channel needed to be flooded, and the best way to do that was to bring Zatanna -- with her reality-warping, mind-controlling powers so much like Circe's own -- to orgasm. The resultant psychic feedback was like a lightning bolt hitting a power transformer; it completely blew Circe's fuse, knocking her out and severing the connection between her mind and all of ours."

"Just when I think there's no more ways for you to amaze me, Bruce, you turn around and do something like this."

"All he's done is delay the inevitable."

Both Batman and Superman were taken aback as Circe spoke. She shouldn't have been able to hear them through the soundproof observation window of her cell...

"The inevitable?" Batman asked, stepping forward to address the sorceress.

"Across the multiverse he stretches," Circe said, her eyes glowing white, her voice like a recording of itself. "Soon his time will be at hand."

"And who is this 'he'?" Superman asked, arms crossed.

"Access." Circe hissed as a light shone from her so bright it was blinding. One moment she was in her cell and in the next she was gone, the cell left empty.

The Justice League members looked at each other warily.

Outside, the sun was setting on the Hall of Justice...


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