Mary Jane's Reality Show

Mojo decides to invest on TV shows on Earth-616. As his audience doesn't care for violence, he needs to invest on hardcore sex. Enter MJ Watson

by crazygene

Characters: Mary Jane Watson

Classification: Transformation

Years ago
Mojo was in his room watching TV channels from around the universe. As the biggest TV producer in all dimensions, he was researching for content all the time. This evening he was looking at a TV show called TMZ, from Earth 616. In this TV show they exposed the secrets of celebrities. Mojo realized the rating of the show soared when they exposed celebrities’ secret sex lives.
Unfortunately, he thought, that meant nothing to him. In his world, where ratings were power, the public would rather watch violence and death than sex.
He was already bored when he realized he could actually change that. He screamed for his assistant, Major Domo
- All those inter-dimensional cameras we have on the X-men’s Earth, do they still record everything?
- Yes, my lord. Everything from the last 50 years! Ever since their dimension was discovered! Too bad it was an unwise investment, though; we have no use for it.
- Think again – laughed Mojo.
- I do you mean, my lord? What could we do with that?
- What TV producers do: Let’s make a deal. Find out who are the best TV producers over there.
No one thought the world could change that fast.
This thought crossed Mary Jane Watson Parker’s mind, as she watched one of her favorite shows on cable: ‘Celebrities Sexposed’. Her husband Peter Parker, the superhero known as Spider-man was in the shower. He pretended to not like the show that much, but he was constantly besides her watching. Tonight’s episode would be about two MMA fighters who were in-fact gay lovers.
The ads promised two hours of shows, with one-hour of hardcore sex with the duo. Ratings were guaranteed.
The fighters could not be reached for comments, but it didn’t matter. That’s not how things work anymore.
The networks had footage of everyone, it seemed. It was acquired from another dimension which spied on us for the last 50 years. As the videos started to leak into the internet, with high-quality and in large numbers, the stars in them (from TV stars, to politicians and businessmen), reacted quickly to block them, to no avail, it was like a hydra: there were always more videos in their place. As the popularity of those videos increased, TV was becoming obsolete.
When it became impossible to control the release of the videos and to protect people from being exposed, a deal was made:
TV stations bought all the content, and by doing so, they became relevant again. To placate the fury of Hollywood, it was agreed the TV could use the footage as and when they seemed fit, but they would have to pay fees to the people who appeared on them. The celebrities were furious, but they remembered it was a step up, as the videos could be the internet for free anyway.
Celebrities started to behave, for a while, to save face. It was useless, if there was no new video, no new incidents, a video from 5, 10 years ago would surface anyway. They resigned to their fate.
Mary Jane and Peter Parker had been victims already, twice.
Once, NBC exposed Peter’s secret identity to the world. It was his greatest fear, yet, thankfully, he survived the experience.
Another time, IDTV, a new channel created basically to exploit those videos, showed a video of MJ and him having sex (‘Spider Hit the Jackpot’, as they advertised). 
It was deemed a moderate failure, as sex between married couples didn’t attract much attention. Mary Jane, though, got some gigs over it. Even though she had been modeling forever, people couldn’t believe how hot the redhead was.
- I can’t believe you are watching that crap! – joked Peter.
- Sit down here, Tiger. It’s time to see some celebrity dirty!
- Oh, God! That’s the end of civilization, isn’t it? I can’t believe we survived those incidents. Those scandals destroyed some people’s lives. We were very lucky.
- Yes, so lucky, answered MJ.
In fact, she was thinking exact the opposite, she knew, just like herself, some people had benefitted from those ‘scandals’. One would actually help propel her career at the moment. She felt ashamed of herself for thinking that.
Despite his outrage, Peter sat next to her.

The latest TV hit was called ‘Fans versus Celebrities’. Like most of the other recent shows, it was about celebs in awkward positions of any kind (financial, social or sexual). The catch here was how they packaged it. It was both a reality and a game show. One fan would write to the channel telling a story about a celebrity. The TV crew would then search for the footage and invite someone to defend the celebrity.
The participants would then be invited to the station and receive cards containing a series of statements. The first participant would write a value for each bet. The challenger would then have to choose if the statement was ‘true’ or ‘false’ and the value for the bet.
In an hour format, each statement would be tested against the footage, with the usual Host doing jokes and pauses for advertisements. The winner of each bet got the difference, in dollars, of the value written in their cards. The maximum prize was 2 million dollars.
Of course, the game was biased towards the fans, as they would know exactly what was on the video, but some smart people had won already, against odds.

One day, Peter and MJ got a visit from a TV producer.
- I got a proposition to you both!
- What kind?
- Well, that’s part of the mystery and why we will pay you handsomely.
- I do not like it, said Peter. The more conservative of the duo. Peter wasn’t a natural celebrity. He was a scientist and a superhero.
- Hear me out, please, said the man.
- Ok, said Peter, MJ was silent.
- Again, let me explain that the money is good, great even. We will use footage from you guys and you get the standard fees.
- Well, we or you don’t have a say on that, said MJ. She was savvier of the two about this stuff. She negotiated contract often, with the help of her agent. He had actually warned her about the eminent visit.
- It’s true, but we intend to use lots of footage from both of you. We are talking about dozens of hours. It could solve all your financial problems.
- How do you know we have financial problems? Peter didn’t like the fact the man had such information at his disposal.
- Your wife hasn’t modeled much, Peter, and after you were exposed as Spider-man no one is buying your photos. With this money, you will be able to go back to college and graduate, and MJ will restart her career.
- How much of this is sexual? Asked Peter. My aunt won’t be able to handle something like that again.
- I honestly don’t know. It’s part of a new show format, no one gets to see the whole picture, until it airs.
- That sounds dangerous.
- Let’s do it, said MJ. We talk to May and prepare her for whatever it might happen. It will be good for us.
Peter sighed, but he knew a good deal when he heard one. MJ read the papers and signed them, Peter followed her lead.
- When do we go to the studio? - Asked MJ.
- Whenever they call you. It should be soon.
The couple discussed the odd proposition for a few hours. They agreed they were probably duped in some way. They were relieved when a good amount of money was deposited, in advance, in their accounts the next day.
One year later.
The call happened in morning, IDTV was on the line and they requested Peter’s presence in the studio. The shooting would be that afternoon. Peter informed them MJ had gone to LA for a meeting and they said it didn’t matter; today it would be all about him.
Peter left late for the show. He had butterflies on his stomach as he swung through the city. It wasn’t for the heights, which he loved, but for the weird TV show deal. One year without contact from anyone, and then BAM! We need you right here, right now.
He didn’t bother about wearing a Spider-man costume anymore. He arrived at the studio; all eyes were on him when he landed.
The crew talked to him. They were very nice. They prepped him and sent him to the studio, very quickly and efficiently. No one talked about what it would be about.
They pointed him to a waiting room; he sat in chair with his name on it and waited.
Half an hour later, he heard a noise and his spider sense tingled. As his chair turned he saw the wall disappear and the cameras, the audience and the host, Rex Sheppard, came into view. His waiting room was actually, a TV set.
- Welcome to Fans versus Celebrities! The hit new show on IDTV. Today we have a very special edition, folks at home. As you can see none other than the friendly-neighborhood Spider-man is here. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is here to defend his wife, bikini model Mary Jane Watson from a very big fan.
- Hi, Peter, surprised?
- Very! That’s all very strange!
- It always is, my friend. But it’s exciting, isn’t it?
- I guess, said Peter, unconvinced.
- Well, you will have the chance to make up to 2 million dollars, so light up, young man. Any guess who is the fan you will have to face, today?
- No idea, Mr. Sheppard.
- Call me Rex.
- Ok…
- Without further ado, let’s call him, the man who started all of this, the fan….Nick Katzenberg!!

Peter froze when he heard the name. Nick was a rival photographer from the Daily Bugle. He was older, almost 50, rude, fat, ugly. He smoked a lot; he was always wearing bad suits and kept his beard unshaved.
- Hi, Peter, said Nick, trying very hard to be sympathetic. He didn’t convince Peter.
- Hi Nick. What is this all about?
Nick smirked.
- It seems both of you have history, doesn’t it? Why don’t we show it for the folks at home? -Interjected Rex.
The screens all over the studio started showing videos of interaction between Nick, Peter and MJ. They showed them arguing, they showing Nick flirting with MJ and mocking Peter. Nick was huge asshole, but somehow, Peter thought, the edition of the videos showed him as an interesting asshole. Both MJ and he were made look uptight and somewhat arrogant. Nick seemed to the most interesting of the trio. Peter was fuming.
- Wow, juicy material! – exclaimed Rex. Why don’t we show Peter what are tonight’s bets?
The stage girl walked in, giving both competitors’ the bets cards. People read it and he was about to scream and leave the place in anger. Anticipating that, Rex and someone who seemed to be a lawyer were displaying the contract to him. Peter had to hide his anger and swallow his pride. The cards bets were all about Nick seducing MJ!
He tried to be smart about it: MJ had dismissed Nick forever. Why would he think he could do it now? Was he trying to play Peter against Mary Jane? He didn’t know. He had to think fast.
The stage girl walked in and collected the cards about both gentlemen wrote down the bets and their values.
Rex then teased the audience, before explaining the contents of the bets. Peter thought had a mean streak to him he hadn’t detected when watching the show on TV.
- Showtime, he said. It’s time to see how it all played out.
In the big screens in the studio, a female figure appeared. MJ, at her hottest, is wearing only a beautiful bikini in what seem to be a dressing room for a modeling job. Peter had been duped, he thought. Now he understood some of the bets. He felt relief, though; the cards implied something more sinister.
The quality of the video, as usual, surprised Peter. It was HD, in several angles. The tech used was far too advanced to be from this world, and he knew it wasn’t.
The camera was edited to tease the viewers, showing Mary Jane in slow and detailed form. It was pure exploitation. Again, Peter expected that. Mary Jane was a knock-out, she was 5ft9in tall, weighted 121 lbs. and her measurements were 36D, 27, 37. The audience was eating her up.
Soon, there was a knock in the door and someone from the modeling crew called MJ to the set.
The photographer, who seemed to be MJ’s friend or someone who worked with her before, explained to MJ today’s shooting would be somewhat different. They would start with some pictures of her alone and they she would pair up with another model.
- What is different about it? We do it all the time.
- Chill, MJ. You will see what I mean. Just relax and let’s start.
For around 5 minutes, they showed how the shooting was going, and then the video was sped up, before it got boring.
With that, the scene was cut, showing the outer area of the shooting, where Nick was talking to the crew.
- Lucky bastard! Said one of them. And the show is arranging and paying for everything?
- Yes, can you believe it? It’s a win-win for me, answered Nick. I get to play grab ass with a hottie and humiliate her husband!
- How far do you think you will go?
- As far as I can.
- Doesn’t sound very promising. Any special trick up your sleeve?
- No, but I have got a 10 incher under by pants. It’s known to be a good ice-breaker.
- Hahaha! You asshole. Well, good luck! We are pulling for you.
All the men laughed. Peter was closing his fists.
Back on the video, the prep team was working on MJ, so she didn’t see Nick Katzenberg walk in.
When she did, she screamed!
- What the hell is he doing here?
- What? Asked the photographer. Do you know him?
- Of course, I know him. He is a creep who hates my husband and hits on me all the time!
- I didn’t know that…he is your partner today.
- Whatttt?
- Sorry, MJ. Orders from above, today’s theme is ‘Beauty and the Beast’. It juxtaposes your classic beauty with a more normal looking man. It will be on the cover of the magazine.
- I...can’t believe this. How did he get involved?
- I’m a photographer as well, MJ, said Nick. I know people. I offered myself when I knew it was you. My man pulled some strings.
- You fucker, spat MJ.
- Be nice, MJ. You might like it, mocked Nick.
- Sorry for that MJ, said Johnny, the photographer. I have a tight schedule and this must be shot this afternoon, or else we both will suffer the ire of our managers.-Shit, said MJ.
She walked to her position and Nick followed. He was in his usual old fashioned, worn out suit.
After a few pictures, Johnny asked Nick to put his arms around MJ. He happily complied, MJ, professionally, allowed it.
With that, Nick won a bet.
Rex interrupted the video, saying:
- Peter, you bet $5000 MJ would not allow Nick to put his arms around it. He bet $20000 he could. That’s 15 bucks for him. Are you surprised?
- Well, Rex. I didn’t know everything was going to be staged. She had no choice, did she?
- No, she didn’t. Rex said, annoyed. Let’s resume the video, shall we?
Back in the video, Johnny was instructing MJ and Nick in their poses. It was clear that on each break, MJ looked miserable and Nick was ecstatic. He was smirking all the time.
Soon, Johnny asked the couple to take a break and change clothes for the next pictures. Peter understood a few more bets in that moment. Few people knew Peter was a genius. So nobody realized he could figure everything out. He saw the pattern when he read the cards and bet accordingly. He knew how far Nick got; he knew how to use that.
Soon, everyone’s attention was in the video. MJ’s bikini was smaller than the previous one. She looked embarrassed. She was practically nude. The g-string was less than an inch wide, it seemed to Peter.
- This is not tasteful, at all, she said.
- Yeah, said Johnny. I don’t know how the magazine will sell this.
- Oh, God! She exclaimed when she saw Nick reappearing.
He was wearing only his underwear. It was white and glued to his genitals, which looked huge. He was clearly using something to create that effect.
Johnny looked at MJ, without saying anything, he looked sorry.
- Let’s go back to it.
The first pictures were staged so they looked like they were flirting with each other. Peter rolled his eyes at the screen.
Finally, a new challenge, Nick bet he could get MJ to sit on his lap. Johnny then, on the screen, asked just for that. Peter rolled his eyes again. When she did, Nick, both the one in the screen and the sitting next to him, smirked.
Rex interrupted once again.
- Nick succeeds once again! Let’s give him a round of applause!
The audience in the studio cheered and applauded.
- Let’s see how much he got for it.
Nick’s card showed he bet 100k on it. When they opened Peter’s card, everyone got silenced. Peter also bet Nick would succeed, and he bet 150k.
- Wow, said Rex. Peter just got 50k for himself here!
Nick looked angry, the audience clapped politely. It was clear the whole purpose of the show was to humiliate the couple and Peter was preventing it from happening.
Peter should be happy, but the video was making him extremely uncomfortable. It was clear that Nick was grinding his cock on MJ’s pussy, with only the protection of their flimsy clothes.
Soon there were bets about Nick touching her boobies, which he did, to MJ’s protest. But Peter bet correctly again. And again, and again. His earning amounted to 300k already. The show was becoming a disaster for the producers.
They thought there would be a reversal when, Nick, after being asked to look straight to MJ, stole a kiss from her. They were shocked to open Peter’s card and see if foresaw that as well.
He looked at Rex and Nick, who were fuming. Nick tried to smirk at him. Peter knew why. The last one involved MJ kissing Peter on her free will. He bet ‘False’ for that. He bet high. He didn’t know if he could survive if he missed that one.
The showed the footage, when Johnny asked MJ to kiss Nick, she said:
- No! Are you kidding me? This freak is already groping me and kissed me against my will! Do you want me to kiss him???
- Wow. Wait a minute; let’s see what I can do... Okay, pretend you are kissing him and I will shoot for an angle which will look like you are doing it.
- That’s better, said MJ.

And that was that. Peter got home with 500k dollars that night. The producers, Nick and the crowd left the show disappointed.
Peter swung home happily. He was 500k richer and with his marriage intact. He gambled correctly when he bet on his wife fidelity.
He tried to reach her in LA and tell what had transpired and how they got the money to pay all their debts and save some for the future. Unfortunately, he reached voice mail. He found a message from her telling him she was busy. She calm Peter down telling him she had a lot of work on her plate and she would return home in a few weeks.
Peter went to sleep in peace.
On the weekend the show went to the air and it was a huge hit, despite the controversial ending.
The next day, Peter went around in the city and people congratulated him. Well, some people at least. He could see some people were showing contempt while others were showing disappointment, as he was a buzz kill. Some criminals even tried to mock him; he happily slapped some sense into them.
‘Some people’, he thought.
The same happened the following day.
On the third day, he got a letter from the studio, telling him to return to the studio, for another shooting. He was angry. He called the station and they said they were in their right, and he should have read the contract.
He did exactly that, and saw there was some opening which allowed them to do use him more if the show was a hit. He was crestfallen.

He arrived at the studio again, this time he was more apprehensive than the first time. Fewer people came to welcome him. He was prepped really quickly and was walked to the set. This time the show would be live.
Peter could tell Rex had a nasty streak he could barely conceal. He just said to Peter to sit down the show would start.
- Ladies and gentleman, we have a surprise for you tonight! For the first time our show is live and for the first time ever on our show we have a repeat guest. Peter Parker is here after winning last week. He bet on his wife virtue and won.
(APPLAUSES and BOOS from the crowd)
- But the question is: will she behave again? Our other guest today is here to show us. Back with a vengeance, here he is: Nick Katzenberg!
Peter rolled his eyes. He feared it would be him again. He sensed it. As a matter of fact, as soon he entered the building his spider sense tingled. He expected the worse.
- Think you can win today, Nick?
- Oh, feeling really lucky. This asshole won’t be leaving laughing today.
- Harsh words, Nick! I see you are confident, let’s put the show on the road. 
The stage girls gave them the statement cards. Peter almost jumped from his chair. He was right about the nature of the show. This time, the questions were all done in a way it was clear MJ had succumbed. The questions where not about ‘Yes’ or ‘No’s, but about how hard would she fall. He knew it was a setup; somehow MJ was used by Nick. Angrily, he still bet on her and returned the card.
With this matter finished, they returned to the footage of the challenge. Peter was confused at first; it was just the same footage from last week. No, he realized, it was the continuation. MJ was still seating on Nick’s lap as Johnny took pictures. Nick was moving below her. MJ looked frustrated and annoyed.
- What’s the problem, Red? Not used to a have a big tool between your legs? I saw your video and I was not impressed by your husband.
- I want you both on your feet again, please. Said Johnny.
As they both got up, the people in the audience, both in the video and in the studio, gasped.
Nick’s underwear was barely covering his genitals, it was massive! The girls around the set were giggling and whispering! He wasn’t kidding when he said talked to the stage crew.
MJ’s panties were drenched in liquids. She looked embarrassed out of her mind.
- Nick, screamed Johnny, get out of here! We can’t continue this in the condition you are. Go do something about it!
Nick laughed, without MJ noticing he caught her hand and put on her penis. He whispered: “Can you help me, doll? A Hand job would be fine”, and laughed.
MJ removed his hand and got away from him. She sat down on the couch waiting for instructions.
Johnny waited for her to come down and went to talk to her:
- Relax, MJ. I’ll take some pictures of you alone now and that’s a wrap.
- Sorry for everything, it wasn’t my fault.
- I know. Sorry too.
- Go change again and we start another session.
- Phone for you, Johnny, it’s the boss! It was Johnny’s assistance.
- I have to pick that up, doll. See you in 20.
MJ walked towards her dressing room alone. She was surprised none of the girls followed her. When she got to her room she understood why, she could hear noises through the thin walls, it sounded like moans and whispers. She could swear it was Sarah, her make-up artist of the day.
She then heard a grunt and a ‘Fuck’ and she knew it was Katzenberg. Her curiosity got the best of her and she got closer to the wall to confirm it.
Not satisfied she walked out of the room and slid to the one besides her. She didn’t need to imagine anything anymore. The door was half open and she could see Nick, just sitting on his chair while Sarah blowed him enthusiastically. Beside the couple, another helper was getting down on her knees. Nick looked at the new girl and said: ‘You can do my balls, bitch’. The girl didn’t answer him; she just moved her head below Sarah’s.
MJ was in shock. She finally saw Nick’s cock in its full size, and it was a sight to behold. She had no idea how big it was, but it was humungous. It was long and thick and veiny with compatibly big, hairy balls underneath it. It was scary. She was wet.
When Nick caught her eye at the door, she left it running.
She closed the door behind her and tried to concentrate on changing her bikinis for the next shoot. Her nipples were pointing straight forward, so she waited before putting the new bra on. Once she calmed down, she went back to the shooting.
As Johnny took the photos, MJ’s heart wasn’t in it. That was clear. He didn’t complain. He knew that whoever had requested these photos didn’t care about these ones. The shot they wanted had already gone down the toilet when MJ refused to kiss the man. Johnny was a friend of MJ but it was well paid to help in today’s events. His boss was furious and let him know it; he shouldn’t have interrupted the shooting before.
- That’s a wrap, he said. Thank you, doll.
- You are welcome! I’m glad I can go home now.
- I know what you mean.
MJ went straight to the shower. After she was finished, she went to the dressing room, to put on her own clothes.
She enters the dressing room and throws the towel away. She is naked in her full glory. Her big bosoms exposed, her long red hair dripping and her round big butt looking amazing to the male audience watching the video. You could hear a pin drop in the theater. For a second, Peter is proud.
Then both he and MJ realize she isn’t alone.
Nick Katzenberg is sitting in a chair on the other side of the dressing room. He is dressed, but his huge cock is free and hard again.
- Nick, you creep, what you are doing here?
She should have screamed, Peter thought. But she didn’t. She looked scared, but the sound of her voice wouldn’t get anyone’s attention.
Nick walked towards her, beating his meat. He said nothing.
- Leave me alone, she said.
- Suck it. He finally said.
- No! Are you crazy?
- Suck it. He said again.
- Listen, Nick. What are you doing? I’m not going to suck you off! I’m married! I love my husband!
- That’s sweet, bitch. Now stop talking and suck it. We both know you are dying to.
- I’m not!
- Well, laughed Nick, then why are you on your knees already, staring at my cock?
It seemed only now she realized what she had done, she had dropped to her knees when he got near her, so she could take a closer look at that monster. She was almost drooling.
- Suck it, whore! She pushed his cock onto her lips. I won’t force you. You need to open your mouth and come get it. Put it where it belongs!
That was too much for MJ. She despised Katzenberg, but that only made her want his cock more. It was a sick situation, but in a twisted way, highly erotic!
To Peter’s horror, she opened her mouth and attacked his tool!
There were cheers and applause everywhere!
- Nick, Nick, Nick! The audience screamed.
- With that, Nick wins the first bet, said Rex. More applause.
In the screen, MJ started the blowjob slowly. She couldn’t insert even the head in her mouth. She was licking it and applying small kisses all over it. Her hands couldn’t encircle it completely.
After a couple more minutes, her reluctance disappeared and she slurping on it, wetting it with her saliva. Satisfied with that, Nick looked for the couch, he removed his penis from her mouth with a plop; he walked in that direction, undressed, exposing his ugly fat body to everyone. He laid down on it.
- Come here, you size queen slut! He ordered Mary Jane. Let’s 69.
MJ happily complied. She put her pussy onto his face and got back to work on his shaft.
Nick roughly lick and bit her pussy, who was leaking profusely. On her side, MJ was able to put more than the head in her mouth. She looked determined to get everything down her throat, but it was too big of a challenge.
The urgency of the act was escalating quickly; a few minutes later, MJ had almost 6 inches in her mouth, and Nick had two fingers inside her.
- I’m coming! Screamed MJ. I’m coming Nick!
- Another win for Nick – declared Rex, without interrupting the video.
Peter lowered his head in shame. The audience was whistling and chanting Nick’s name. He was the crowd’s favorite. The ugly, everyman, had succeeded in seducing the beautiful, faithful, married supermodel. They didn’t care how immoral and unethical everything was. They were high-fiving each other.
Peter wanted it to stop, but he looked at the watch and there was much time to go yet. His humiliation was just starting. His marriage was ending.
Back in the video, the couple was now performing a standing 69. Nick was walking her around, licking her pussy, sometimes using a hand on her head to face fuck her. Her drool was running down her nose, eyes and finally falling to the floor.
While he walked her around, he quickly unlocked the door. She didn’t see it, but the audience did it. There were murmurs, ‘what he is going to do now’?
Nick answered them quickly. He returned to the couch and dropped MJ’s upside-down body on it. Her legs were up in the air against the couch, he arranged her so her head was falling to the ground. He pointed his cock at her mouth like a target and rammed it in. He was face fucking her again, this time, he was brutal, and MJ was gagging.
- Holy shit! Someone in the audience screamed, other just laughed around him.
Despite her awful position, Peter realized MJ wasn’t complaining. Her face was a mask of drool, pre-cum and smeared make-up, but she took everything Nick threw at her. He didn’t know this woman. It seemed Nick had really, in a few minutes, transformed her in a cheap size queen slut, as he put it.
Nick stopped the attack and removed his cock from her mouth. She caught up her breath.
- I always wanted to titty fuck you! He slid his cock between her huge breasts and started doing just that. MJ seemed lost without his cock in her mouth.
- Suck my balls, bitch!
Another collective gasp was heard when she obeyed. Peter was near the brink of madness when he realized Rex didn’t declare another win for Nick.
He continued to titty fuck her while MJ sucked and kissed his balls. Now he alternated between titty fucking, fingering her and shoving his cock back in her mouth.
She screamed in ecstasy once again.
- People will hear it, bitch. Make less noise.
When she stopped, Nick looked behind him and winked. The audience could see now that the workers who had talked to him previously that morning were watching everything from the door. He signaled them to get in.
He then restarted the show. MJ was unaware of what was happening behind her.
As giving his friends a show, he stopped titty fucking her, and offered his balls for her again. She gladly took them. He looked behind him again and contained his laugh when his friends sent him the thumbs up sign. He removed the balls and adjusted himself again so his asshole was the only thing she could reach.
MJ didn’t seem to mind. She started licking his asshole automatically. When he retrieved his asshole from her and ordered her to use her hands to open his cheeks and dive in and she obeyed again, the studio erupted in cheers.
Rex finally announced another win for Nick.
- ‘My God’ – thought Peter.
On the screen Nick finally decided to twist the knife against the supermodel that always rejected him. Looking at his ‘friends’, he said:
- You see, a few hours ago she didn’t want to kiss me. I tried it for years. Now, she is gladly kissing my prick, my balls and even my asshole. When it was the last time, do you reckon she kissed her husband with the same passion?
- Yeah! Answered his friends. You rock, dude!
MJ eyes were wide in shock. Upside down she could see a small crew from the shooting. She didn’t know how long they had been there, and realized she had been duped. She felt humiliated.
Then Nick drove his cock back in her mouth and his fingers back inside her pussy and ass and she forgot all about it. Yet another orgasm overtook her. She felt bad for Peter. He was never able to make her come so hard and as often as Nick had just done.
Nick was spent. He got up and, by the hair, drove MJ back to her knees on the floor.
- You guys can gather around! He said to his friends.
- I saved myself for you the whole day, slut. It’s been hard for hours. I will paint your face with my cum and you will drink everything!
As soon as she nodded he exploded. He didn’t cum from the makeup girls because he wanted this moment to the perfect. His first volley caught her forehead and hair, the second hit her cheeks and the 3rd went straight to her mouth. He got closer to her so the remaining spurts dropped on her breasts.
As she swallowed the cum in her mouth, he looked annoyed at her. Then it hit her he wanted her to gather what had fallen in the other parts of her body. She dutifully search for it and brought to her mouth using her fingers.
- Wow, I have to go jerk off quickly! Said a crew member.
- Yeah, said Nick. Maybe next time I’ll ask her to suck you guys off too. It would be fun.
With that, the crew left, leaving Nick and MJ alone. She was still on the floor, licking Nick’s slowly deflating cock.
- MJ, I thought you had left already! Said Johnny who had come from the hall and saw people leaving her dressing room. To say he was surprise was an understatement.
- Oh, my! He finally said. Are you alright?
- Yes, she whispered.
- Why don’t you take a picture? It would fit with today’s theme, wouldn’t it? Taunted Nick.
Johnny left immediately, but thinking yes, he shouldn’t have left his camera in its bag. It would be the perfect picture for today’s shooting. Then he thought ‘well, maybe I can get into my boss good grace again’. The people watching the in the video wouldn’t complain, though: The last frame on the screen was MJ’s tongue two inches below Nick’s cockhead, with a string of sperm connecting them.
- That ends the first part of our show! – announced Rex. For those at home thinking this was the most one-sided, twisted, hardcore show we ever had, stay after the commercials! Nick has more plans for the redheaded slut. Bigger and better plans. Our ratings will go through the roof!

End of part 1.
Peter didn’t know what to do. He should leave, but he had a contract to fulfill. Nick and Rex were talking and they seemed to have completely forgotten about him. 
When the ‘on’ sign was back in the studio, Rex went to his podium and started again.
- I know you must be thinking: ‘the first part of tonight’s show was amazing! It must be fake!’ Well, it isn’t. Let’s bring some of the stars of the first segment to tell us the details.
The crew men entered the show and were interviewed by Rex. Nick participated in the discussion as well. They referred to MJ as ‘the slut’, or ‘whore’ and to Peter as ‘the cuckold’, without caring about the fact he was right there. They declared they were anxious for people to see what happened afterwards.
- Well, sit down and let’s see it! I have seen already and it will blow your socks off!
Back on the screen, MJ was still on her knees gathering her strength to get up. When she did, she tried to reach for her clothes, but Nick tells her to not bother. He hands her a bag.
- You are going to wear this. It will fit you much better than the clothes you came here today.
MJ got the bag from Nick without saying a word. She couldn’t look him in the face.
Before looking at the contents in the bag she took a shower. As soon as she finished, she opened the bag and tried the clothes Nick gave her. The whole outfit was based on the idea of easy access. The bottom was just a string in the back and a tiny triangle up the front and the strings when up to shoulders. No top. Over it, a small tube dress, almost transparent, with generous cleavage. MJ realized that someone without her curves would look ridiculous with that outfit. On her, she looked like a sex gift. The fuck me pumps enhanced the effect. She combed her hair and applied lipstick.
She waited for Nick’s return. For 5 minutes, she didn’t know what to think. What Nick was planning for her? Why hadn’t she run away? What Peter would think?
Peter couldn’t know that by looking at the video. He hated MJ at that moment.
When Nick returned, he surprised her again, by remaining naked.
- What the fuck! She exclaimed.
- Come with me, he said. You look extremely fuckable, as usual. My fuckstick is growing again just by looking at you. He got behind her: I have another surprise for you, I want to you to guide me up to the studio by my cock. Jerk me off!
MJ was almost crying in shame, but obeyed.
When they crossed the door to the studio, Nick was completely hard again. Johnny had his machine ready and the crew members were jacking off with the scene. The whole studio was ready again.
The first pic got her surprised face and Nick’s smirk. Johnny asked her to smile big for the next one. Always the professional, she did.
In the time of an afternoon, MJ had left the modeling business to ingress in the porn business. She knew it wouldn’t be in the couples porn either, but full-on hardcore. Her career was over. With that realization she felt free. Without anyone asking she got on her knees beside Nick’s cock and licked the head, smiling, looking at the camera.
The audience in the studio chose a new favorite:
- Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane!
Rex and Nick smiled.
On the screen, MJ was enthusiastically and sloppily blowing Nick. Johnny had positioned himself so he could only see MJ’s body from behind, on all fours and her head moving, without showing Nick’s penis.
Nick then raised her dress exposing the bum. Everyone could see her pussy lips and asshole, because the string was so small. Nick removed the string to one side, wet his fingers in his mouth and applied the shocker on her (two fingers in the pussy and one in the ass). A crew member behind them came at that point.
Once Johnny was happy with this pose, he moved to see MJ's face. He got behind Nick, by using the couch to be above him and asked MJ to look at him. In that position he shot her face, which seemed to be looking at Nick, adoringly. He shot her licking his balls and swallowing almost half of his shaft.
- Now, come on her face Nick, for the grand finale!
- Watch this! Said Nick.
Nick didn’t have as much sperm left, but he repeated what he did in the dressing room; he face fucked MJ, and then asked her to lick his balls and ass while jerking off. In the end, he got her by the hair and screamed:
- Johnny, get this! Bitch, open your mouth!
Johnny took dozens of shots in those few seconds. Later on, magazine readers would see the volleys of sperms hitting MJ’s face and mouth; the cum swimming in her tongue and her smile while swallowing it. Her erect nipples and her lipstick smeared by all the cock sucking.
Nick proceeded to use his shaft to gather droplets of cum around her face and breasts and take them to her mouth, while Johnny took more pictures.
- And that, said Rex, is how you make 2 million dollars!
The audience went wild!
And in the video:
- That’s a wrap! Johnny said. Holy Crap!
More applause was heard everywhere. Soon, everyone left leaving only Nick, Johnny and MJ in the studio.
- I’m going to hit the showers, said Nick. You both stay here.
- Ok, both answered.
When Katzenberg left, Johnny asked if she was fine, but she didn’t answer.
- I’m going to wash my face, she said.
When she returned Nick was ready.
- Let’s go out. Johnny is going with us! We have much to do.
- - -
- Our time is up, said Rex!
- Ahh, replied the audience.
- Don’t worry, hahahaha, it’s not over! We do have a winner though: you guys can see we have a new millionaire among us.
- Nick, Nick, Nick! Screamed the audience.
- And the production tells me we have a surprise round? Nick proposed this one to be ‘double or nothing’. Are you guys ready?
- Yes! The audience replied in unison.
- Gentlemen, why don’t you get up?
Both Nick and Peter got up. Nick looked at Peter and pumped his fist to the air. When Peter looked at the screen, Rex was smirking at him, it was written: I bet the cuckold will get hard watching me debasing his wife.
- The winner of 4 million dollars, and the newest big kahuna in the show: Niiiick Katzenberg!!

After the commotion, Rex is addressing the live audience:
Here is Rex Sheppard after another episode of the successful series ‘Fans versus Celebrities’. I see that, after that cliffhanger, you guys are anxious to see what happen next with the stars of tonight’s show, so we have a gift for every one you:
An exclusive DVD set with our brand new show that starts next week: the Adventures of Nick Katzenberg and MJ Watson Parker. In there you will see our two episodes of Fans versus Celebrities plus the continuation of the sexual challenges of our antihero Nick Katzenberg and his gorgeous married supermodel Cum Dump MJ Watson Parker under the nose of her superhero cuckold husband, the Amazing Spider-man, Peter Parker.
And for the folks at home, the already anticipated show, I repeat, starts next week on IDTV, at midnight; or if you cannot wait, you can pre-order the DVD set containing all 13 episodes in our webpage. We know you want to!
With that the show was over. No one bothered to look at Peter, who then left the stage.
When he got to the dressing room, he saw the production had let him a DVD set, but he didn’t bother to unwrap it. They let him a letter, as well, saying the money from tonight’s show would be deposited in his account the following day.
When he woke up the next morning, his answering machine had hundreds of messages for him. Most were from the media, but he erased them. None was from MJ.
Finally at noon, his cell phone rang and it was her.
- Hello, he said simply.
- Hi, Tiger. Sorry for everything. Are you going to divorce me now?
- I will, unless you explain yourself to me. Convince me you were drugged, or hypnotized or mind controlled for Chrissakes!
- Honey, I wish I could, but ever since we signed that paper I have behaved like a whore. It started a year ago, whenever I came to LA. It started when I succumbed to Nick, God knows why. Well, we know why. My agent is telling me is the best thing that ever happened to me.
- Why?
- He said this is the future. People had stopped caring about porn and no one cared about Hollywood movies. But now everyone wants celebrity porn and he claims I was born for it. No half assed Paris Hilton or Kadarshians movies, but a full-fledged married slut, capable of extreme hardcore stuff. Did you get the DVD set from season one of Nick and me?
- Season One? You mean there will be more?
- Oh, dear, didn’t they tell you? They have material for several seasons already. The problem is that Nick only guest stars in the second one, so they will have to rebrand it, I think. They say as I am the biggest celebrity slut in the world, therefore I will soon be the biggest celeb ever, the first star of the new age. They tell me Angela Bolie is mad about it and she is planning her own series where she will cuckold the hell of her husband Brad Sicc.
- They deposited millions of dollars in our account today. Take a look. Half of it is yours. You will never have to work again. Call me when you want to talk some more.
With that she hangs up.
Peter didn’t have the strength to leave his apartment that day. He looked at his desk and saw the DVD set. He tore the plastic up and saw the cover. It showed the pic Johnny took when MJ had her tongue out, smiling besides Nick, while holding his cock.
The cock was hidden in the external cover, but it was showing in the internal one. On top of it there was the title: the Adventures of Nick Katzenberg and MJ Watson Parker, on the bottom it was written ‘The first celebrity slut wife’.
Within, there was a booklet. It was written, or pretended to have been written, by Mary Jane. In in there were the titles of each chapter:
1 – How my husband’s big cock stud enemy tried to get me to suck his cock! [From the ‘Fans versus Celebrities’ episode ‘Teasing the Red Head]
2 – Didn’t want to kiss him, he made kiss his ass! [From the ‘Fans versus Celebrities’ episode ‘Nick’s HUGE revenge’]
3 – Deep throating all over the city!
4 – He owns my pussy!
5 – Balls deep! (Or So much deeper than my husband)!
6 – It’s only ass fucking, bitch!
7 – My asshole is loose! (Shove it back in!)
8 – Ass to mouth? That’s gross! (I’m kidding, it’s yummy)!
9 – Suck your friends? Only if they are big!
10 – Bigger friends come to visit me!
11 – Every hole is a goal.
12 – Nick is cuckolded again.
13 – So many huge cocks, so little time.
Bonus Disk: I narrate the best moments of the season (while blowing the interviewer)
Peter was speechless.
He was deciding what to do. He had no reason to leave the apartment if he didn’t want to. Why save people that had always just mocked him? He got more money than Nick already.
He hesitated, looked around to see if anyone was watching, even though he was home alone. Then he inserted the disc in the DVD Player. MJ was right; he loved celebrity dirty, he was just afraid to admit it. MJ once told him that most models and actresses, deep down, were whores. He now found ironic that she was talking about herself as well. He was married with the biggest slut in the world.
He removed his penis from his pajamas, getting himself more comfortable.
- This will be the best show ever!
On his chair, in the Mojoverse, Mojo smiled in victory, as owner of IDTV, he had the best rated show in all dimensions. In the last years, with some good marketing, his people learned to love sex just like our world did.


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