Mistress Straus converts Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is turned into german dominatrix

by Silerspotted


Classification: Female Dom Transformation

Mistress Straus Converts Wonder Woman

The hallway inside the Gestapo building was dim. Wonder woman crept quietly along the narrow corridor. She had been given information that her lover, Colonel Steve Trevor had been captured and was being held in this high security building. Her invisible plane was parked in the grounds and in these early hours of the morning she had expected few guards to be around. This was as expected but, even still, she was surprised at just how few there had been. She had easily disabled the alarm system of one lower ground window and proceeded to make her way into the building. Now she was moving silently from the ground floor. Her information, from S.O.E. Headquarters, had said before being captured, Steve was able to reveal that a number of high ranking American officers were being kept on the second floor in a high security area. Obviously he had been captured in his attempt, Wonder Woman now had the job of rescuing him and the officers.

She peered into the dimness of the long corridor to the stairs. Upon reaching them  she read ‘Zwie’, “Ah, level Two” she thought. Quickly she climbed the stairs and came to a grey entrance door. She stopped for a moment and began to ponder. This just seemed to be too easy. There were no guards and no alarms. It was obviously a trap. But what sort of trap? She had encountered these many times before and been triumphant, she would succeed again but it was puzzling.

However, she thought.” I mustn’t waste time”. Slowly she opened the door and stared down the corridor. It was about 50 yards long and possessed three doors. She would have to try all three. As she approached the door on the left, she heard a muffled sound, someone trying to speak. Carefully she opened the door. In a bare room, with only a single light, tied to a chair, was General Alexander, one of the captured officers. She quickly removed the gag from him and untied him.

“Thank God , you have arrived, Wonder Woman, I thought it was too late. The germans are interrogating our men as we speak attempting to obtain the secrets of D-Day. Steve is with them in the far room. All I hear are their screams. We must hurry and rescue them”

Wonder Woman undid her lasso and prepared to fight. They crept up to the door and she burst the door down with one thrust of her leg. As the door flew open, she looked around the room and was aghast at what she saw. Immediately in front of her was the woman she knew to be Mistress Strauss, with an automatic machine gone pointed at the head of Steve Trevor. “ One move Wonder Woman and he is dead” barked the Nazi Mistress. Wonder Woman could do nothing, she did not want to endanger his life. “Step over here to the centre of the room” the Mistress ordered her. The Nazis’ next words were to shock her rigid. “Herr general, remove the lasso from her and her bracelets”. To her amazement General Alexander willingly took the equipment from her and made her sit down.

“Surprised, American Bitch?! Please meet Herr General Alexander of the SS Brigade Strauss” At this phrase Alexander clicked his heels together and shouted “Seig Heil!!”

“I bet you are wondering what has happened to him. Let us say he has had a change of heart and mind. Your brilliant general is now a nazi general dedicated to our Fuhrer. And soon the rest of your officers will join him!!” Mistress Strauss Laughed out loud and stepped fully into the light.

Now Wonder woman could see her clearly. Her blue eyes were distinctive as usual but she wore a new uniform. Her large breasts were accentuated by a tight black leather corset which went right down to her vagina. This area was accessed by a silver zip. Emblazoned across her chest was a swastika on a red background. Her arms were covered by long leather opera gloves and at her waist was a coiled black whip. What made her look even more like a goddess were the thigh length  boots that stretched up her legs. The 3 inch heels made her rise above Wonder woman.

“You may be thinking” said the nazi goddess “ how such a strong willed man such as our General here, has been transformed? I am going to show you a practical example. You will see this later, but now, time for sleep” As she said this, the General placed a white cloth over the Amazons mouth and seconds later she was unconscious.

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Later on, Diana awoke. She tried to move but was restricted. Her hands and feet were chained to the table upon which she was lying. “ Ah! The princess awakes” announced the Mistress. “ Have you slept well? It does not matter but we have been getting things ready. You will see, on your right, also chained, your beloved Steve Trevor. He is going to be our first subject tonight. In fact, he will soon be My beloved!” And Mistress Strauss laughed as the Amazon screamed “Nooooooooo!”

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Colonel Steve Trevor lay tied to a long oak table, clearly in no position to move. His uniform had been removed, replaced by black leather underpants and a slave hood. He could see but the opening to his mouth was zipped up. Wonder Woman was also unable to move, but was clearly able to see the predicament of her beloved. However, all her magical items had been removed from her and she was able to do nothing but watch. Mistress Strauss walked into the room. “ Ah, well done!” she said to the female German guards beside her, both of which were wearing similar costumes to her own. “Colonel Trevor is well prepared and looks most inviting”. The nazi dominatrix turned to Wonder woman. “Watch carefully Wonder Woman. Soon I will have a new officer in my brigade and he will help me conquer the world!” “ And you can do nothing but watch” Wonder woman tried to turn her head but metal restrictors kept her facing the table. She tried to close her eyes, but as she did so   searing electrical shocks went through her. The nazi Mistress looked at her and laughed. “ Oh yes my captive, you have no choice, you will see the conversion of my new slave, and that is but the beginning!”.

 The Nazi Mistress strode towards the table and stood by the incapacitated officer. He looked at this majestic beauty beside him. She stood regally over him, her black leather corset accentuating her breasts, her blonde hair down to the black straps on the shoulders and her strong arms covered in long black gloves. He felt instantly attracted to this woman, her stunning sexuality and charisma. He felt his penis involuntarily harden and erect. “My dear Colonel Trevor” declared the nazi goddess “You do like me after all!!” and she began to laugh. “ But that is not enough. I will soon have your complete obedience and you will love me. You will love me so much, you will do any thing for me!” Trevor tried to struggle but to no avail.

She moved her hand towards his ramrod straight penis and undid the leather pants. She began to caress it with her leather encased hand. Trevor started to lose control. His body was shaking with anticipation and his mind became confused . How was she doing to this to him? Wonder woman stared on aghast. She had never seen her lovers’ penis so big. She could see his body begin to shake and she was taking control of him. “Now I will make you mine!” declared the dominatrix. : I am going to ride you. Fuck you so much that all you will be able to do is think of me, satisfying my lusts and demands”. With this she lifted herself upon the table, unzipped the entrance to her vagina and placed his penis inside her. Slowly she rode up and down, his penis growing larger with every movement. He felt his penis inside her, he was joined to her now, his penis tight up inside. He could say nothing but only feel the rhythm of her power over him. He saw her breasts lower down to his face, she unzipped the front of the corset and they fell over his mouth. She undid the zip on his slave mask and ordered “suck these!” by now he was so confused by her power over him that he could only comply. He placed his tongue on her nipples and licked them, feeling them go hard. The nazi mistress started to breathe heavily, as her vaginal juices began to flow. As she began the first of her orgasms a clear liquid was secreted out of her breasts and Steve Trevor lapped it up earnestly. The chemicals in her breast milk went straight to his brain and started the change. He began to see a strange glow around Mistress Strauss. She was radiant to him. Her voice was like honey and her words were the only words he could hear. “ You are mine Steve Trevor, are you not?”  “Yes, Mistress!” was the only reply he wanted to give. “Who is your goddess? “ “You are, Mistress Strauss!” “ Who is our leader?” “ The Fuhrer is our leader! Divine Mistress” replied the new slave.

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But she had not finished with him yet. One more thing was needed for his conversion. She continued to ride him, harder and harder. Trevor was now fully participating, as she rode him, he pushed up as hard as he could. Load after load he shot into her. She pulled his head up, closer to her breasts, holding his hair with her leather encased arms. As she had her third orgasm, she changed position. “Now my slave, you need to show you are really mine. You will debase yourself!” At his she placed her arse in his face, with her clit right over his mouth. “Lick me out!!” She demanded. Trevor reached into her clit with his tongue and licked her deeply. The juices began  to pour and he began to drink. They flooded through his body and mind, taking control of him. She was now part of him, she was his goddess and he must do anything for her. As he obeyed his new mistress, something else in his mind began to change. The juices reached into the identity of his mind. His past history was changed and he became someone new, Stephan Veldor, a Kolonel in the ‘Strauss SS brigade’. He was a german with loyalty to his Mistress and the fatherland. Now Steve Trevor no longer existed, just a loyal subject, called Stephan, of Mistress Strauss.

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Wonder Woman looked on as she had been forced to. However, she did not know what was going on in the mind of her former lover. She had watched the nazi Mistress seduce, fuck, then humiliate the American. As he had started to pump the nazi, she had cried out “Noooooo!!” . But the mistress, had just looked at her and smiled. She had seen his massive erection and wondered why it was never quite so good for her. Now she looked upon the finished scene. Mistress Strauss climbed down from the prostrate body. “Mmmmmm, he was soooooo good!. Rarely have I enjoyed such a conversion. He is an excellent addition to my ranks. She zipped up her corset and vaginal hole then walked towards Wonder Woman. “ I need to shower now and soon I will return. My new slave will do likewise. We will return soon Wonder Woman and then SS Kolonel Stephen Veldor will fuck you one last time” With that she laughed and exited the room. “Wonder woman cried out “ Steve!! Steve!!, What is happening!! Help me!” Stephan lifted himself off the table. Who was this woman shouting at him? He turned to his mistress. In anticipation, Mistress Strauss turned to him “Go ahead, talk to her, tell who you are”. The German Kolonel marched over to the chained amazon. “I do not know who you are calling but my Mistress has ordered me to tell you who I am. I am the loyal sex slave of Mistress Strauss, SS Kolonel Stephen Veldor.” Wonder Woman looked on in amazement. His whole character had changed. Her beloved Steve Trevor was gone. The Mistress looked on smiling with pleasure. “Don’t worry Fraulein, you won’t be separated from him for long. Soon you will also join us!!’ She left the room with her guards, a new slave and an amazon in despair.

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Diana lay chained to the table, alone in the darkened room. She was humiliated in her nakedness and weakened by the physical stress of having being hung up. However, more distressing was the sight of  lover being converted. Was the change permanent? Could she reverse it? She pondered on these ideas. She also thought of the effect this would have on the war effort: the very best officers were now Nazis. The allies would be defenceless and what were the long term aims of this Nazi Mistress? She tried to struggle again, to release herself from the bondage but it was to no avail. Her arms stretched up above her head and her legs were spread wide: no amount of strength weakened the constraints at all. Time passed and she began to shiver. She started to think about the last words of the Dominatrix. She would never join them. Her Amazonian training would protect her from any form of brain washing and she wasn’t a lesbian so Strauss could n’t covert her. However, she thought, what about the female guards where had they come from? Diana started to feel weary again and closed her eyes to sleep, to try to regain her strength.

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A bright shock of light blasted into her eyes. “Awaken!!” Her eyes snapped open. She recoiled at the sight she saw. The new sex slave that used to be Steve Trevor stood in front of her with a torch in her eyes. What reviled her was the way he was dressed. He wore clothes of black leather. His shirt was all one piece with a zip down the front. In the centre of his chest, was a swastika upon a red background, identical to Mistress Strauss. He wore black leather trousers, tucked into jackboots, but there was no zip, just a whole where his erect penis stood out. On the lapels of his shirt were the insignia of a Kolonel in the SS. He smiled a cruel smile at her, “ My Mistress says I have something special for you”. His Mistress stood by the open door, enjoying the scene and obvious discomfort Diana was feeling. Mistress Strauss stared at Diana. “You may wonder where we get all our recruits from. They were all once allied personnel. Including my female body guards. They are now devoted followers of the Nazi cause. They even have new identities. Mistress Braun here used to be Lieutenant Sarah Jane Smith of  British Intelligence. She is now  an invaluable operative who has converted many officers. Her speciality is the use of the whip. It came quite naturally to her. I wonder what yours will be?” Diana defiantly retorted “Never!! I will never be a slave! Never”. Mistress Strauss replied “ Who said anything about being a slave? No! You are going to be one our foremost Dominatrix. You will infiltrate <?xml:namespace prefix =" st1" ns =" "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags"" /><st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Washington</st1:place></st1:state> and make many converts”. Wonder Woman was horrified. “We even have a special uniform for you which you will see later on. But now let us waste no more time. Stephan, do the honours!”

Diana turned her attention to the male slave. He walked towards her and pressed a button. The table she was on moved to a horizontal position and she faced the ceiling. “ Now Wonder Woman, these are your last moments of existence. Enjoy them! “ Stephan open the hole in his trousers and his penis came immediately erect. He climbed on the table and began to caress the amazon’s bare breasts with his tongue. With his hand he began to fondle her clit and feel her juices begin to run. He placed his penis inside her and began to pound her, harder and harder. He felt her responding, thrusting her hips up towards him. He placed his hands in her hair and pulled her face towards her. Placing his tongue inside her mouth he kissed her passionately nad released a liquid that went straight to her brain. At the same time he shot load after load into her. As he finished she lay unconscious on the table.

Diana had not known what was going to happen but as he climbed on the table she guessed. She decided she would not submit, she would not react to this. However as he lay on top of her, she could smell him, his odour was intoxicating. As he had started to rub her breasts, her nipples had involuntarily become hard. She felt herself becoming horny like she never done so before. His hand had felt her clit. She felt his beautiful massage and she now realised she was losing control. She began to breathe heavily. A shiver ran up her spine as she enjoyed this ecstasy. Her cum now flowed between her legs and she writhed in pleasure’ His long hard penis was now inside her. She didn’t care what happened but only that this wouldn’t stop. He could do what he wanted with her, she wanted only to please him. She in turn began to respond, thrusting her hips to meet his massive penis. As she did so his juices began to mix with hers and the process of conversion began. Soon she new that she wanted sex at least four times a day, she wanted to be in control and she would dominate men. She would make her sex slaves adore her and worship her. She wanted to convert many men and put them in their rightful place, as servants to her and her leader, Mistress Strauss. Now the remnants of Wonder Woman were being torn away. This was the process of creating a super dominatrix. Finally he had kissed her passionately, injecting the conversion serum into her brain. This removed her previous identity. Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, no longer existed. There was only a nazi nymphomaniac dominatrix in the service of Mistress Strauss.

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A short while later the dark haired amazon awoke. Mistress Strauss stood before her. “What is your name?” commanded the Nazi Mistress “ Hauptmann Wilhema Berger” Immediately replied the dark haired woman. “Very Good!! And your battalion? “SS Brigade Straus, Mistress” came the reply. “Excellent. Who is Wonder Woman, hauptmann?” “Wonder Woman no longer exists…” smiled the young German woman” “Wunder Fraulien now serves our cause’ the new nazi officer said evilly. “This is better than I had anticipated” exclaimed Mistress Strauss “ Now we will give you you’re your uniform.

And so it was that Wunder fraulein first wore her dominatrix outfit. A black corset with WF on each breast, zipped to the vagina. A red swastika emblazoned her fucking hole. She wore long red leather opera gloves and her thigh high boots, with 3 inch heels, were laced up the front. She wore a black mask, and black makeup. She was irresistible to all men and a coiled whip at her side. Her speciality was facesitting and her powers seduced all before her

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