Wonder Woman: Truth or Dare

Wonder Woman's training session with Batman takes an unexpected turn.


Characters: Wonder Woman Batman

Classification: M/F

This story was loosely inspired by a scene in Joe Kelly's run on JLA. I was also looking to further explore the Batman/Wonder Woman dynamic I first wrote about in my Mortal Kombat vs DCU fanfic. What can I say? I'm a fan of these two as a couple...so much that this has ended up being the longest literotica I've written so far. If you like it, please make sure to vote and leave some feedback. Thanks!

Both characters are TM and © DC Entertainment, Time Warner, and their respective rights holders. This is a work of parody, is not intended as a challenge to their copyright and should not be read by anyone under 18.


Wonder Woman grunted, pivoted, guarded herself against the attack. She used her bracelet to fend off a blow from one truncheon as she blocked the second with her sword.

Batman was not so easily dissuaded, however. He spun quickly, swinging his leg along the ground in a sweeping kick.

It knocked Wonder Woman off her feet but she regained quickly with a somersault, finding her footing and striking back, lunging at Batman with her sword.

They'd been training for nearly an hour now, neither of them gaining a clear advantage over the other for more than a moment. Out of everyone in the League, that's what made Batman...Bruce...the best to train with, Diana thought to herself. They were so evenly matched in hand-to-hand combat, even if he was only a 'mere mortal'.

Having taken advantage of a rare moment of downtime, they had stolen themselves away to one of the many training rooms the Watchtower had to offer. It was black, sleek, dimly lit, with the most incredible view of the Earth spinning peacefully below them – the perfect backdrop for an impromptu sparring session. With no one else on-board, they were free to grunt and curse as they went at each other mercilessly.

If she were to be honest with herself, Diana was secretly thrilled at the chance to be spending time this way, which is why her first reaction was one of dismay when Batman suddenly said,

"We're not getting very far this way, are we?" The question came as he was avoiding high kick after high kick. Diana faltered, but only slightly.

"You're not enjoying yourself, Bruce?" Wonder Woman asked, swiping the tip of her blade at his chest and missing by less than half-an-inch.

"I didn't say that," Batman replied, doubling back to get some distance between them, slowing the momentum of their fight. "I was just wondering...What's say we make this more interesting?"

"Oh?" Diana said, eyebrow raised. "What do you propose?"

"We lose the weapons," he replied, throwing his truncheons aside. "And you take out your lasso."

"My lasso? What for?" Wonder Woman asked, lowering her sword.

"If you manage to tie me with it..." He said, a devilish smirk finding his face. "...you can ask me anything you want."

Diana paused. It seemed so unlike Batman to suggest such a thing, but she had to admit to herself...she was intrigued.

"Come on, Diana. You never played truth or dare?" Batman said, clearly sensing her trepidation and looking to goad her into accepting his proposal. She wondered, what game was he playing? What trick did he have up his sleeve?

"Okay," she said, throwing her sword to the side of the room and removing her Lasso of Truth from her belt. "I'm game. Though what do you get if you evade me?"

"The honour of besting an Amazon," he said, squaring off against her. "Deal?"

"Deal." She replied.

They started slowly circling each other, staring resolutely into one another's eyes. Wonder Woman twirled her lasso in a languid but steady rhythm as she waited for that one moment where stillness would break into action, where civility would be sundered and battle would be joined.

The moment came. Batman rushed at her, alternating judo attacks with kickboxing moves, throwing Wonder Woman off-balance, making her scramble.

"Hh!" He grunted as he ducked and parried, his assault relentless. It was all Diana could do to avoid his strikes as she wondered to herself what kind of game she'd agreed to.

But then she saw an opening – Batman leaning all his weight on the one foot, leaving it vulnerable to attack. The moment she noticed it was the moment she seized on it, sweeping her leg in a kick that knocked the Caped Crusader backward.

Batman stumbled, tipped to fall over. Wonder Woman instinctively pressed the advantage, executing a series of lightning-fast, expert manoeuvres that left the Dark Knight on the floor with his back pressed up against the wall, her lasso binding his arms.

Diana ran a hand through her hair, moving aside the locks that had fallen in her face. She stood over Batman with a look of quiet triumph.

"Concede, Mr Wayne?" She said.

"Touche, your highness," he grumbled, though it was with an inscrutable expression that Diana could swear was wry amusement. "So...what would you ask of me?

Diana considered the question as she looked down at him, his muscles bulging beneath the tight restraints of her lasso. He was completely at her mercy, and the thought of it sent a dark, shivering thrill through her body that, the moment it occurred, she banished to the furthest corners of her mind.

There were so many questions she wanted to ask but out of all of them, she thought to ask the first amongst the number; the most obvious one, the one she couldn't fathom the answer to.

"...Tell me; did you allow yourself to be tied up?"

He didn't reply immediately. In fact, he took a lot longer in replying than anyone else had when under the influence of the lasso.

"---Yes." He finally answered, though he made no gesture to elaborate.

"Why?" She asked him.

"---Because..." He said, still managing to resist the lasso's power, if only slightly. "...because there was no other way to have an honest conversation with you about---about us."

"Us?" Wonder Woman repeated. Though she'd been working out for an hour, her heart only now began to race.

"Yes. The attraction we feel for one another. How much I want to act upon it, but---but how I can't allow myself to..." Batman said, the words coming from him begrudgingly.

"You want to...act upon it?" Wonder Woman asked, realising for the first time how her breath had caught in her chest. She exhaled, trying to remain calm.

He looked at her. In her star-spangled costume with her flushed skin, her plump lips, her perfect, pillowy cleavage...she looked truly amazing. And more to that, he could tell she was struggling to maintain her composure. Anyone else might have been fooled, but he knew better.

"Yes." He said.

"How...how so?" She said with halting curiosity, with wide-eyed need.

"I want to...want to..." Batman strained against the ropes and said no more, remaining silent for the longest time. Wonder Woman stood astonished. For the first time that she'd experienced, it seemed a mortal might actually defy the power of her lasso.

"I want to fuck you, Diana." He finally said bluntly, hungrily.

"What?" She said, shocked by the candour of his statement.

"I want more than that," he continued. Now that the lasso had overcome the biggest block, the revelations started to pour from him. "Much more. But on its most basic level, that's what I want. I look at you...your beautiful face; your raven black hair; the curve of your hips; your long, toned legs; the poise and grace with which you carry yourself...and all I want is to touch you, to taste you, to experience you in all your wonder and glory."

Wonder Woman stand transfixed as Batman bared his soul to her. Though he still wore his cowl, his face and eyes obscured, Diana felt for the first time Bruce's mask slipping away from him.

He continued,

"I want it so much it eats at me. I tried to bury it deep, to ignore it, but it's all I can think of when I'm with you, and the only way I could imagine to tell you was to execute another of my little gambits, another of my manipulations. I would understand if you wanted to...minimise our association from now on, but I just had to tell you how much I---."

Batman's thought went unfinished as Wonder Woman knelt down, her thighs falling either side of his hips, her hands firm on his shoulders as she pulled him forward, her lips hot on his, her tongue slipping into his mouth, desperate to savour him.

They lost themselves to the rolling waves of their kisses, experiencing each other in a way they never had before. Diana was flooded with excitement and joy as she discovered that Bruce's perfectionist expertise extended beyond his crime-fighting abilities – he was also the best kisser she'd ever had.

"Oh, Bruce..." she said, mumbling between his lips, between gasps of air. "It's you I've wanted...so much... for so long! All I've ever wanted is you!"

They continued on like this for countless minutes, Wonder Woman stroking Batman's cheek and chin, her tongue entwined with his, his arms still bound by her lasso.

Positioning herself firmly on his lap, she thrilled to the feel of his shaft straining beneath his pants. With her breath caught in her chest, she pulled away from him only slightly, staring deep into his eyes as she reached down to toy with his utility belt, surprised when it snapped open almost of its own accord.

"And here I thought you took precautions against this coming off too easily in someone else's hands." She said, pulling the belt free.

"That depends on whose hands they are." He replied with a dark smile.

"Still, it leaves me to wonder," she said, her fingers curling around the edge of his pants and shooting him a teasing look. "Will these come off just as easily?"

"Only one way to find out." He said, shifting forward to accommodate her. She grinned with lascivious delight as, at a measured pace, she pulled the Batman's pants down.

When his cock sprang free from beneath the material, Diana let out an audible gasp. She blushed at the lapse in her composure but she couldn't contain it. As his hard, meaty dick pointed up at her, throbbing in time with his heartbeat, she marvelled at how impressive it was. She had seen gods with less to be proud of.

Though she did it without realising, Wonder Woman licked her lips.

"By Zeus's cock you're big!" She breathed, greedily taking in the sight. He looked to grow even harder at the sound of her admiration though he remained resolutely quiet, ceding control of the situation entirely to her.

She reached out her hand tentatively, her fingernails brushing the length of his shaft. It twitched and bobbed in response, though Batman remained as stoic as ever. Diana, growing determined to get a response out of him, circled her grip around the girth of him, holding him warm and tight.

"Hhn!" Batman grunted, and Wonder Woman smiled with satisfaction.

"I have to admit, there's something I've always been curious about," she said as she started a slow rubbing of his cock, stroking him up and down. "...Would your infamous resolve and self-control stand up under, how would you put it?...hmmm, shall we say...oral persuasion?"

Her sapphire eyes sparkled at him as she slid her ass down the length of his body, her face drawing closer and closer to his lap until her lips were poised just above the pulsing head of his shaft.

She squeezed him hard as she opened her mouth wide to accommodate his thick dick, her lips sliding over his helmet and down along the length of him.

"Ff!" Batman hissed as he felt Wonder Woman swallow inch after inch of his burning member. Diana moaned with contented achievement at that. If she was getting that response from him now, what would she loose from him when she really got going?

For his part, Bruce wanted to reach out to her, to run his hands through her hair, but with his arms still bound he had no choice but to lay back, losing himself to the elation of this experience, to the sensation of her head and her hand moving in unison, to the alluring scent of her exotic perfume mixing with her salty sweat.

"MmmmmNnnnn," Wonder Woman moaned around his shaft as she pulled her mouth back up, the flared head popping from between her lips. "Is that good, Bruce? Is it everything you ever dreamed of?"

She kept the pressure up on him as she worked his cock in her grasp, flickering the underside of his cock's helmet with her tongue.

"God yes..." he said, the lasso overcoming any hesitancy he may have had in replying. "...though I still want so much more."

"You do?" She asked, perfectly playing the role of wide-eyed ingenue. "Well...I can accommodate that."

She lunged forward, swallowing him down again with every drop of desire she'd ever had for him and had denied to herself, finally allowing herself to feel the hunger and now seizing the chance to sate it.

"Hrrrnh!" Bruce exclaimed, his hips bucking as he felt her mouth so hot and wet and sucking him so tight.

Her black curls bounced as her lips sawed up and down the length of him, her throat convulsively swallowing as she pumped the base of his shaft with her fist.

"Nnnn! Mmmm-hhhh-mmmmnnnnn!" Wonder Woman muttered and breathed, her entire world made up of the taste and texture of him. Her bottom lip grew wet as she drooled, any semblance of propriety having long since disappeared.

"Oh fuck!" Batman cursed, his restraint falling away piece by piece. "Diana, it feels so good but I---I---!"

Wonder Woman pulled up, her saliva shining on Bruce's pulsating member.

"...But what?" She asked, suddenly worried that she'd pushed too far too fast. He was going to tell her to stop, she was sure of it.

"I want to taste you." He growled with ravenous determination. Diana broke out into a wide and wicked grin.

"I can't think of anything I'd like better," she said, before adding with a tease. "...though I don't know if I'm ready to let you out of your bonds just yet."

"Oh?" He said. "Do you have something in mind?"

Wonder Woman simply chuckled in response.

She shuffled further down, hovering by his knees, before she used her considerable strength to pull him down with her so that his back was no longer pressed against the wall. Instead, he found himself lying flat on the polished black floor, his arms still tethered to his sides.

"Reciprocity was always a virtue that was heavily stressed on Themyscira..." she said, taking one last and teasing look at her lover's face before she spun around on her hands and knees, her thighs parting on either side of Batman's head. "Tell me, can you give and take at the same time?"

He watched with breathless awe as Wonder Woman reached down to peel her star-spangled shorts from her magnificent ass, her beautifully-formed pussy being slowly revealed to the light.

Her pink folds glistened with the moisture of her arousal. Bruce's mouth watered as he felt her weight shift onto his torso and navel, his dick rubbing up against the big, luscious tits that remained trapped in her red-and-gold bustier.

"Gladly." He said in answer to her question, dragging his tongue up the length of her thigh and over the round of her ass, before sliding back down between her legs to lap at her damp outer folds.

"Aauuunnhh!" Diana gasped as Bruce's tongue skirted her clit hood, teasing the small, swelling nub. Without meaning to she pushed backward, rubbing her mound into his face, the tip of his nose brushing her asscrack.

"Hnn." He murmured, taking this as a cue to run a full-tongued lick up the length of her sodden slit.

"Uuunnhhhh! S-suffering Sappho!" Wonder Woman trembled. Spikes of fiery hot pleasure were lancing through her body, making her squirm. She reached a hand down between her legs to splay her juicy pussy open for the Batman, in desperate need of more of his lips, more of his talented tongue.

But more than that, she grew determined to offer him the same level of pleasure. She refocused her attention on the straining shaft before her, stroking it hard and fast as she took to slurping loudly on the bulbous, dusky head.

"Ssslllllrrrrp! Ppplllpppp! Shhhlllrrrhhhpp!" Lewd noises echoed in the empty space of the training room as she sucked the Dark Knight's cock with everything she had, fuelled by the overwhelming desire that bubbled inside her.

"Unh! Nn!" Batman groaned, her extraordinary oral skills threatening to splinter his focus. He managed to maintain it however, channelling the exquisite joy she was offering him into his own efforts, doubling the strength and speed of his tongue-lashing. His gloved hands flexed by his side, unable to utilise them in his pleasuring of her.

"Fffffahhh! Hhaah!" Wonder Woman cried out, her pelvis shuddering, saliva dangling from her chin as she gurgled around Batman's cock. She was getting too close to climax too quickly. This was an experience that she wanted to savour, and if she came now it wouldn't be quite as powerful as it would be if she managed to hold off.

So, with shaking reluctance, she pulled her steaming pussy away from Bruce's incredible mouth, dismounting him like she was stepping down off a steed. Now it was his turn to be concerned that things were being brought to an untimely end.

"Diana?" He asked. "What---?"

"Shhh," she said with her finger to her lips. "Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere."

She crawled up the length of his body until they were once again face-to-face, where she took the opportunity to taste the flavour of her own arousal as she swallowed his lips and tongue in a voracious kiss.

Breaking away, Diana leaned back to sit up on Bruce's lap. He watched with shivering need as she played with his cock, the twitching head pointing at the ceiling from between her parted thighs.

"A moment like this needs a certain amount of ceremony, don't you think?" She asked, her hand slipping up and down his wet cock, pressing it against her thatch of pubic hair, against her rigid clitoris. "The moment where we take everything we've ever yearned for. The moment where we finally stop teasing each other---."

As she spoke, she raised her hips, positioning the dripping lips of her pussy against the bulging head of his fat cock.

"---And start fucking each other." She finished, pushing her body down, impaling her cunt on Batman's waiting shaft.

"Oh Jesus yes!" Bruce hissed through gritted teeth while Diana, her brow knitted from the intensity of the moment, plunged herself down along the astonishing length of her lover's cock.

By the time she'd reached the bottom, her labia grinding against Batman's groin, she was so full of his dick it felt like it could come out her throat.

"Mmmmmighty Heraaaa!" Wonder Woman exclaimed in a long, drawn-out, breathy moan.

She sat stationary, squatting motionless on his dick while she adjusted to the overwhelming sensation of having his dick boiling so deep inside her. She could feel it as it throbbed and flexed within her, and the very idea of it was driving her wild.

"Oh Gods, Bruce!" She whimpered. "You're---you're so big! It feels so---so...!"

With great effort, she pulled herself up along the length of him, until the helmet of his shaft was just hovering at the entrance to her cunt, her pussylips clinging to the tight flesh of his cockhead.

She teased the both of them by holding off on pushing back down until neither of them could take it anymore. Just as Bruce was about to demand – if not plead – for her to fuck him, she slid down again, filling her quim with every steadfast inch of his dick.

"Hah!aaaah!" She cried out, finding the feel of it even more intense than the first time.

Wonder Woman continued this rate for several excruciating minutes, raising and lowering herself on Batman's cock at a deliberately torturous pace, making the Dark Knight sweat beneath his mask and flooding her pussy with desire.

As her desire grew, however, her resolve buckled. Soon enough, Diana was slamming herself up and down on Bruce's dick, fucking him and herself with everything she had, both their loins humming with energy.


"Great fucking Gaia, Bruce!" She shrieked, throwing her head back, her wildly bouncing breasts threatening to burst from her body armour. "Oh Gods! Gods!"

"Hnn! Nnn!" He grunted, bucking up beneath her in time with the slapping of her thighs. With his eyes clenched shut, he was once again taken by surprise when she froze in place, opening them just in time to see her swinging one leg up and over his head.

With incredible gymnastic talent, she brought the other leg around, repositioning herself so that she now faced away from him in reverse-cowgirl fashion – and all without ever having let his dick slip from her gluttonous cunt.

"Oh, Diana!" He groaned, amazed by both her flexibility and the feeling of her ploughing herself up and down on his cock at an entirely new angle. "You're so---hrrhn---!"

His words were lost as she lent forward, pushing him in even deeper than he'd managed before.



They both exclaimed, the feeling of his long, broad cock burrowed inside her so terribly intense.

With his vision practically blurred with pleasure, it took a while for Bruce to spot the reason Diana had spun around. He had started by staring at her perfectly-shaped ass and the way it flexed as she fucked him but then, across the room, he caught a glimpse of motion.

Looking past Wonder Woman's curvaceous body, he saw the both of them mirrored perfectly in the dark glass of the Watchtower's floor-to-ceiling windows, their ghostly forms reflected over the background of the Earth rotating below them.

Catching his eyes in the reflection, Wonder Woman's face lit up with a vivacious grin.

"Like the view, Bruce?" She asked, her legs parted wide on either side of him, her pink pussy like a blossoming flower, the petals stretched open to accommodate his thick trunk. The golden cups of her bustier were now pulled so low that her ample cleavage was spilling over the edge of them, her nipples only barely covered.

"So much..." He said, straining for the first time against his bonds. "...that all I want to do is reach out and touch it."

Wonder Woman laughed, though it was half-lost in her breathlessness as she slowly pumped herself on Batman's crotch. She answered him with a voice that was knotted in her chest,

"You'll get your chance," she said, her eyes drifting shut and her head leaning back as she gyrated on the Dark Knight's groin. "I pr---promise!"

She ran her tongue over her lips, moistening them. Batman watched her quietly, transfixed by the erotic display. His concentration grew sharper as he watched Wonder Woman run her hand over her breasts, down along her stomach to stroke his balls.

Bruce shuddered as Diana tickled his tight scrotum with only the barest of touches. Just as he started to thrash, the tiny amount of contact proving all too much, she shifted her attention, focusing instead on touching and teasing her clit as she continued to ride the Bat's pole.

"Ah! Uhhh! Mmmm!" She gasped and uttered, building her rhythm until she was once more fucking Bruce with all the speed she had to muster.

Sllp! Whap! Pllp! Her pussy slurped and her ass slapped as she bounced up and down on the man she'd for so long dreamt of, finding the reality every bit as fulfilling as the fantasy, if not more so.

"Oh! Oh Brrrr-uce!" She said, gasping and gulping for air as her fingers literally blurred on her clitoris, using the speed of Mercury to bring herself off. "Oh fuck, Bruce! I can't --- can't hold off anymore! I need to---to----I need to cum, my love! I need to cum so. Fucking. Baaaaadddd!"

Her face was flushed crimson. Sweat was rolling down her chest and pooling in her cleavage. Her thighs were slick and staining the grey of his costume. Stars were throbbing in front of her eyes.

And then she felt it. And then she heard it.

The sound of Batman grunting, the feel of his dick pulsating so horribly deep inside her.

"Ffffffhhhhrrrnnnn!" He groaned with tremulous force, thrashing beneath her. "Dd---Diana! Yes! Yyyyes!"

The very idea of the Dark Knight cumming inside her proved too much for Wonder Woman. She jammed her fingers down on her clit as she clamped her pussy tight around his thumping shaft, and her orgasm hit her like a charging centaur.

"Uuuuuunnnnnhhhhhh!! Ohhhh fffffuccckkkking Hadeeeeeessss!"

She lunged up and down atop him, the tempo of her thrusts as erratic as her breathing, her pussy spasming. Her screams of release bounced and echoed around the room as she plunged herself down so hard and deep onto Batman's dick it felt like the head was spearing her womb.

"Ohhh Goddess! Goddess yess!" She said, the last shockwaves pulsing from her pussy and tingling throughout every nerve of her body.

Her hands and legs shaking, Wonder Woman pulled herself off of Batman's lap, his cock slopping out of her as she fell by his side. Winded, drenched with sweat, with her knees raw and muscles aching, she felt like she'd just gone 12 rounds with Darkseid.

In the background of her mind, beneath the whizzing static of neurones sparkling like a constellation in her brain, she realised for the first time what she'd called Bruce as she'd drawn close to her climax.

'My love.'

Had he noticed? She almost hadn't. And would that small slip of the tongue prove to be the first thing to ever genuinely frighten the infamous Batman?

She looked over to find him already staring back at her, his breathing raw, his chest heaving.

"Diana," he murmured. "That was so---so---."

She couldn't help but break out into a grin at his inarticulate wonder. Her joy deepened when he did the same, his smile the most unguarded she'd ever seen. It was also the most human she'd ever seen him look, even with the demonic garb he was still wearing, and it made her heart leap.

"I know exactly what you mean," she said. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something that immediately commanded her attention. She looked at it, then back at him. "Bruce! You're still hard!"

"Hh," he murmured, glancing away at the ceiling. "Tantric meditation is one of the aspects of my training regime. It has certain...benefits...as far as sex is concerned."

"You mean..." Wonder Woman dipped a hand below her waist, swirled it in the sticky mess that her pussy had become, and failed to find even a stray drop of semen. "...You didn't cum?"

"I didn't ejaculate," he said. "There's a difference."

She looked at him, astonished. He looked back at her, his face once more impassive. She burst out laughing,

"You really do train for everything, don't you?"

"Hhn." He grunted, his lips twisting in a smile. She brought her mouth to his, kissed him, stared deep into his eyes and lowered her voice as she asked,

"Tell me, Bruce...what would it take for you to lose control? I'll do anything you want. Anything. Just tell me, what would it take for the Batman to finally, fully, give in to temptation? Hmm?"

She ran her hand along his torso as she spoke, tracing the curve of his pecs, the rigid mass of his abs. His jaw clenched as he once again did all he could to resist the power of her lasso.

"I---n!---I can't..."

"Come on, Bruce," she said, reaching up to pull on the rope, the golden glow of its coils burning bright as it worked to drive the truth out of the Caped Crusader. "Truth or dare."

"I want to---I want to---!" He said, leaving her to wonder what secret need could be so deep and dark that he would take such pains to keep it from her.

"Yes?" She asked.

"I want to fuck you...in your ass." He said, the revelation coming with more than a degree of relief as he finally relented to the lasso's power.

"You---you what?" She said, once more taken aback by one of his eye-opening disclosures.

"Your ass, Diana. I want to fuck it." He said. She almost looked away from how intensely he was staring at her.

"You do?"

"How could I not? Watching your perfect ass running around in those star-spangled shorts. It's maddening," he said, straining against the ropes. Disquieted by how reservedly Diana was reacting, he gently added, "I hope I haven't...said too much."

She looked at him, scrutinising him and everything he hid behind his mask. She looked away.

"We...we could do that." She said delicately.

His eyes narrowed, his brow creasing. "Really?"

She looked back at him, her pearly white teeth flashing in a smile that gave the greatest insight into the untamed streak that ran through the heart of her.

"I am Greek, aren't I?" She said, and they both laughed with the intimacy of lovers.

"But there's a catch." She continued as she pulled herself up from the ground, planting a kiss on his chin as she went. He stared up at her – a goddess looking freshly fucked – with more than a little wonder.

"And that is?" He said, manoeuvring himself up into a sitting position as she walked across the training room. Her boots clacked on the cold, hard floor as she strolled over to the window, inattentively shedding her clothes as she went.

Her fingers unsnapped hidden clasps on her corset, loosening it as she reached the glass pane. She looked over her shoulder, her expression enough to melt even the most frozen of men, as she pulled the bustier from her body, whipping it off to dangle it in one outstretched hand. With her back to him, and standing in nothing more than her tiara, her bracelets and her red-and-white boots, she said to him,

"You can have it, Bruce. You can fuck my ass. But...!" she said, dropping the corset, leaving her hands free to run over her body down to her ass. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye as she pried her cheeks apart, exposing the little pink rosebud of her asshole. "...You have to come and claim it!"

Batman's chest rose and fell as adrenaline flooded his veins. He'd lost count of the number of death traps he'd been caught in over the course of his life, how many times he'd been tied up and left for dead. Now, however, was the one moment in all that time that he most desperately wanted – needed – his freedom.

As she watched him begin to struggle against his bonds, Wonder Woman did her best to hide the exhilarated smile that threatened to overwhelm her. She turned her face back to the glass, content to listen to him as he grunted and thrashed.

She wanted to see what the Batman was truly capable of but, more than that, she wanted to see how much he wanted it. How much he wanted her.

"I'm waiting, Bruce." She said, and to emphasise her point she began to dip her fingertips in and out of her pussy, drawing the fluid she found there up to run it in circles around her asshole. She swore she heard him audibly groan at the sight of it, which only made her wetter.

She looked out the window at the glowing Earth below them with half-closed eyes, the serenity of the sight and the feel of her fingers in her slit distracting her completely. Her eyelids drifted shut as she got caught up in the feel of her fingers on her clit, her knuckles delving inside her cunt.

Just as she was starting to consider releasing Batman from the lasso – after all, he was only human, and the lasso was crafted by the gods themselves – she felt a presence behind her.

Wonder Woman glanced back. He was standing directly behind her, the lasso unwound and abandoned on the far side of the room.

"Hera! How did you...?"

He didn't allow her amazement to offset him. Instead, he pulled her up against the warmth of his body, kissing her from over her shoulder as he brought one hand up to fondle her breast, the other sliding over the curve of her ass.

"You've kept my hands from me for too long," he broke off their kiss just long enough to say. "It's my turn now."

He delved back into her lips, her tongue, as he ran his left hand between her formidable tits, squeezing their hefty mass and teasing her nipples. With the right, he ran teasing fingers over her sopping mound, making her shift her thighs wider apart to accommodate the glorious things he was doing to her.

"Mmmmm! Hunh! Ah!" She cooed and gasped as he began to work his fingers in and out of her. His chest pressed into her back, leaning her forward so that her cheek and breasts pressed against the glass, her nipples immediately stiffening against the cold surface.

Wonder Woman's breath fogged up the window as Batman searched out her clitoris. When he brushed it with his glove, she jolted with the sexual charge it ignited in her.

"FFFUH! Oh, fuck!" She cried out, grinding herself against him, her cunt sticky in his grasp, her tight ass pressed against the throbbing of his shaft.

She'd found, since coming to Patriarch's World, that most men regarded the clitoris as a big red button, an instantaneous trigger that unleashed pleasure like a trigger on a gun. As a result, many of the lovers she'd taken over the years had jammed on and grinded the sensitive nub to the point of rubbing it raw.

Batman was different. His touches were light, precise, stroking her to the edge of ecstatic oblivion before backing off once more, raising and lowering and raising again her cries of pleasure, like a master pianist reciting the grandest of concertos.

"Nnnnnnhhhh..." She groaned, trying to collect herself after being lost to the proficiency of his fingers. "I thought...I thought you were going to...to take me in my ass."

He brushed her hair back from her ear, allowing him to suck and nibble on the lobe.

"Oh, I will," he said. "But we need something in the way of preparation first. And I always come prepared."

She heard the snap of what sounded like an opening lid, then shivered when she felt a cool rush of liquid squirting on her ass.

"W-what is that?" She asked as the fluid dribbled between her cheeks.

"I palmed a bottle of lube from my utility belt earlier." He replied, working the slick fluid into her asscrack.

"Oh!" She exclaimed as he gently but firmly pressed a finger into her hole, her breath growing increasingly laboured. "Is...unh!...is there anything you don't have in that...in that blessed belt of yours? Mnh!"

"Everything but shark repellent," he said, his voice warm and intimate as he dropped the bottle on the floor, next to her bustier. "I want you, Diana. Now."

"Then by Hera, Bruce..." she replied, arching her back and pushing her ass at him as she threw him a look from over her shoulder. "...take me!"

He needed no further prompting. She bit her lip as she felt the bulging mushroom head of his cock press up against the delicate cherry of her sphincter. With gentle care but unwavering resolve, he pressed forward and into her, parting the tight ring of her anus and sliding his helmet inside.

"Rnnnnnn! Uah!" Wonder Woman cried out, the feel of it so agonizingly intense. "Fffhh! Mnnhhh!"

Batman paused.

"Shall I continue?"

"Please!!" Diana said, already adjusting to the thick rod of his member pressing up in her most sensitive of holes. She'd never had anything so big in her ass in all her life, and though the sensation was a powerful one, it was by no means unpleasant. As proof of that, her pussy simmered and tightened with the desire that was coursing through it, her asshole following suit.

Batman eased his cock deeper into Wonder Woman's flawless ass, filling up her back passage slowly but surely. Her ass was so blindingly tight and smooth, with only a trace of grit to distinguish it from the texture of fucking her pussy.

"Oh. My. Gooddddddzzzzzzzzzz!" Wonder Woman screamed as he finally pushed the last few inches of his dick into her rectum. She stood rigid and convulsing as she adjusted to the feeling of it, teetering on the balls of her feet as her mind swam in an ocean of passionate fulfilment.

He placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at his reflection in the window.

"Ready?" He asked.

Wordlessly, she nodded.

He started slowly, making sure they both felt every ridge and vein pulling in and out of her ass. His dick was thickly covered in the lube, her asshole puckering with the liquid as it widened, growing increasingly used to the size of his member.

Her muscles relaxed, Diana surrendered herself to the fiery pleasure of Bruce's shaft working inside her, allowing him to sluice it in and out of her with greater speed and increasing intensity.

"Nnnhhh! Annnhhhh! Hhnnnnnfff!" She moaned, tremulously sucking in air and exhaling it. She pushed back at him as he pistoned his cock in her succulent ass.

"Hrrn! Aa!" Batman grunted, her asshole gripping him so tightly, the friction of their fucking building a static charge in both their bodies.

His shaft was moving so fluidly in her ass that he was now able to give her every single hard-ramming ounce of it, her asscheeks rippling as his pelvis slapped against them.

Pulling out of her until only the tip of the head remained at the edge of her asshole, he'd then plunge his cock back inside her with one hard stroke, making her yelp with every thrust.

"Oh ffff-uck! Fuck! Fuck me...Bruce! Fuck my ass...!" She panted, her face contorted with a most unbearable pleasure.

But then he pulled back too far, his cock popping from her hole, losing its angle, missing the entry.

"Ooooouunnnhhh Hera!" She cried out, the heat of her need burning her up. "Put it back in! I need it! Put your cock back inside me NOW!"

Her nails scratched marks in the surface of the window as she did everything she could to contain her starved wanting. She stared up at Batman's reflection, shoving her ass back at him as she desperately tried to tempt him back into fucking her with all the power and passion he had been only a second previously.

Instead, he took her in his arms, spinning her around to kiss her, their tongues tangling as he ran his hands over her breasts, feeling and squeezing them as he got his first unrestricted, full-frontal view of their bare, natural wonder.

Though her waist was tiny her breasts were huge, swaying heavily as she turned to face her masked lover, swelling so soft and warm against his sculpted chest. Despite their size they were incredibly buoyant, seemingly untouched by gravity. They were, in a word, perfect.

Batman was so distracted by the sight of Wonder Woman's breasts and the perfect circles of her hard, rose-coloured nipples that his mind was left as free-floating as the space station they now stood in.

"Bruce..." she whispered, piercing him with those striking blue eyes. She reached up, touched the edge of his cowl, took hold of it. "...Bruce, please..."

She kissed him, gentle but simmering, as she pulled the mask from his face, revealing his eyes as the colour of twilight and the perfect mirror to her own, his midnight black hair spilling out from beneath the hood.

When their lips parted, he looked at her in a way she'd never seen before, as a man overcome with emotion, with longing and hunger and need.

They wasted no more time. No more words. They joined together, their kisses an unbroken chain as they fell to the ground together, Bruce on top of Diana, the throbbing head of his cock seeking out the warmth and refuge of her welcoming cunt.

Her pussylips parted as he eagerly sank his shaft inside her. Her nails scratched the length of his back as she wrapt her legs around his waist, pushing her hips back against him as he humped against her, fucking her in all her majesty.

"Oh yes!! Yesss!" She wailed, his mouth still hot against her lips as she trembled and reared against him, her legs sticking up high in the air above them. "Oh Eros yes!!!"

Bruce once again found himself staggered by the sight of Diana's large breasts as they bounced hypnotically beneath him to the rhythm of his driving cock. Hunching forward, he sucked one milky white tit into his mouth, flicking the nipple between his lips.

"Aauunhh!" A lightning bolt of quivering pleasure flashed through Diana's body as Bruce nibbled and sucked on her sensitive nub.

Moving one hand from Bruce's back to cup her untended breast, Diana offered the free nipple up to her own mouth. Bruce's cock surged as, while he swallowed more and more of Wonder Woman's left breast, he watched her lick the stiff nipple of her right.

"Oh, God, Diana! He growled, rearing back. "You're everything I ever hoped you were and so. Much. More!"

He punctuated the three last words by slamming his cock into her slit with all the force he had to give, pile-driving her pussy.

"Unnhh fuck, Bruce!" Diana screamed, dropping her breast to dig both her hands into the ground beneath them, the training room floor cracking as she dug welts into its once-smooth surface. "I've never---unh!---never been fucked like...like this before!! Unnfffffhhh!"

Leaning back, Bruce grabbed Diana's ankles to sling her legs over his shoulder. Her pussy tightened with the new angle, his cockhead rubbing incessantly against the sensitive button of her g-spot.

"Ohh Herrra yezzzz!" She slurred, spittle collecting at the corner of her mouth. Heat was building inside her body like a volcano aching to explode. She needed to cum so bad!

As if sensing her predicament, Bruce took sudden advantage of the lubricant he'd seen leaking from Diana's ass by pulling out of her pussy in one swift motion and thrusting back hard and deep inside her ass.

"Aphrodite's cunt!" She screamed, her eyes screwed shut as she bit down so hard she threatened to draw blood from her invulnerable lips. "Unnnnfff! Hnnnffff! Hnnnnrrrrrr!"

All Wonder Woman could do was hold on tight as Bruce plunged from one hole to the other, fucking her pussy in one stroke and her delicious ass in the other.

Her massive mammaries sloshed around on her chest as he become a one-man double team, fucking her fully in both holes, her knees up around his ears, his hands grabbing her tits to hold them steady.

"Brrrr-rrrr-ruuuuuccce!" She wailed, moving her fingers to her clit to add to the thunderhead of pleasure brewing inside her. "You're ma-mah-making me...! I'm going to----to---!"

There was no fighting the unstoppable momentum with which he was fucking her, no denying the storm of passion raging inside her. All Diana could do was let go, give herself over to it and enjoy the rush of her second, ever more powerful orgasm.


She screamed, her climax slamming into her with the power of a tsunami, sweeping her up with it and exploding all over, setting off a chain reaction of orgasmic joy that hit her hard and hit her repeatedly.

"Uuuunnhhh! Aa! Ooounnnnhhhh!" She gasped and wailed as her pussy burst and rippled around Bruce's broad cock, her juices gushing from her to spatter around her puckered asshole and onto the floor beneath.

Rubbing at her tingling clit, Diana eyed Bruce with predatory fixation.

"Cum, Bruce! Cum inside me! Please, Bruce – I need it! I want it! Cum for me! Please!"

Her words proved all the catalyst he needed.

His face drawn tight, with her hand clutching his hair, Bruce lurched forward, plunging his cock into the sweet, dark recesses of Wonder Woman's tight, toned ass as his shaft swelled harder and thicker than it ever had before.

"Hhhhnnnhhhffffffuuucckkkkkk!" He howled as he erupted inside her, his jizz torpedoing into her bowels, sticky and sharply hot.

From the feeling of the thick explosion firing inside her, Diana could tell his load was a heavy one, pent up from Hera-only-knew how long of denying himself and his primal urges. She murmured and cooed in satisfied encouragement, running her hands over his firm, broad chest as she tensed her ass muscles around his still-pulsing cock.

"Hhhn! Hhhh!" Bruce panted, frozen in place above Diana's perfect form, her expression one of tranquil release. She circled her arms up around him, her breasts pressing together and against him, as she drew him into another nourishing kiss.

"Oh Gods, Bruce..." she whispered against his lips, their faces resting against each other, her pussy and her ass buzzing with feverish pleasure. "...that was..."

"...Incredible!..." He breathed, searching out her lips with his own.

They lay panting on the floor of the training room, Bruce's load slowly oozing from Wonder Woman's glorious ass.

Noticing the chill of the air-conditioned room for the first time, Diana wrapped her naked body in Bruce's cloak, coiling in close to him. They stared deep into each other's eyes, sharing small, loving kisses as they basked in the comfort and warmth they offered each other.

The moment was suddenly ruptured, however, by the voice of J'onn J'onnz telepathically filling their heads.

"This is Manhunter to all points requesting urgent response!"

Bruce and Diana managed to offer each other a consolatory look, recognising that their brief window of personal indulgence had now closed firmly shut. Duty called.

Wonder Woman went out about collecting and putting on her clothes as Batman responded, pulling his mask into place.

'This is Batman on the Watchtower,' he transmitted telepathically as he pulled on his pants and snapped shut the buckle of his utility belt. 'What's the situation, J'onn?'

'A dozen nuclear-powered automatons are on a rampage in Coast City,' J'onn responded without pause. 'Each of them is twice the size of the Statue of Liberty and they're on the brink of radioactive meltdown. I'm with Green Lantern and we need immediate assistance.'

'J'onn, this is Wonder Woman. Hold the line. We're on our way.' Diana replied, pulling her bustier up over her breasts.

Batman and Wonder Woman wasted no time in heading for the transport bay, talking as they ran.

"No rest for the wicked, hh?" Batman said, the openness and vulnerability he'd demonstrated only moments ago already being buried by his usual stoic persona.

"And you are very wicked!" Wonder Woman quipped, her eyes glinting with a saucy knowingness that made Bruce chuckle, if only just a little and against his better judgment. What was more, she thought to herself, she had the proof his wickedness – the sheen of his sweat and saliva on her skin, the tickle of his semen gradually leaking from her to collect in the blue of her star-spangled shorts.

The doors to the transport bay whirred open for them. Batman rushed to the control panel and tapped in the relevant coordinates.

"The world never waits though, does it?" Wonder Woman said as she stepped up onto the teleporter platform, readying herself for transport.

"No," Batman said, running up the steps to join here on the transfer deck. "But if we're lucky, it'll pause long enough – and often enough – for us to enjoy ourselves regardless."

Systems booted up and conduits charged with power as they stared at one another longingly, separated only by the tiniest of distances yet still being torn apart by the duties they'd sworn themselves to. That didn't deny them the chance, however, to steal this final moment together.

"Bruce?" Diana said, turning her face towards his. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." He said, his eyes flashing with warmth behind the dark façade of his mask.

"Kiss me." She said, and as the twinkling light of the transport bay eclipsed them, she felt Bruce's hands on her waist, his embrace firm and passionate, as he grabbed her in a kiss that left the galaxy spinning beneath her feet.

They disappeared in a burst of light, their adventure together only just beginning...

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