X-Men: Surprise Party

Emma Frost and Psylocke have a surprise for Cyclops.




I'm not going to get too finicky trying to figure out where this sits in continuity -- consider it a riff on how a situation like this between these characters might go down. All characters are trademark Marvel Comics. This is a parody and is in no way meant as a challenge to their copyright. Only to be read by those 18 years or older.


"Sushi?" Scott asked.

"Sushi." Emma confirmed.

To say he was a little surprised would be an understatement -- it certainly didn't strike Scott as being his first choice for a celebratory birthday meal. Or even his third.

It had been Emma who had arranged their weekend away. She'd insisted on making this birthday memorable -- the first he'd had since they'd been together. In his position as Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, he often found his birthday falling in the middle of an alien invasion or a Sentinel attack.

This was, in fact, the first time in a long time that there wasn't any kind of crisis or siege preventing its celebration, and Emma intended on seizing upon the opportunity in style.

They'd taken a suite at the Four Seasons before heading for a Broadway show, where Emma had surprised him with backstage tickets.

They'd met the cast and had a few drinks before having to excuse themselves. Emma had kept their destination a secret as they'd jumped in a cab to make the quick trip to the restaurant.

And now here they were at Sushi Sasabune up on 73rd. Scott frowned.

"Not that I don't appreciate it, Emma, but...I guess I was kind of in the mood for steak or something."

"Darling," Emma said with slight admonishment in her voice. "Not only did Zagat's vote this the best sushi in the city, but I also wanted to make sure you weren't feeling bloated for the rest of the night."

"Oh?" Scott said, raising an eyebrow behind his ruby quartz glasses. "And what would you have in mind for the rest of the night?"

"Never you mind," Emma replied, a soft smirk on her face. She was wearing her signature blue lipstick and matching eyeshadow. On anyone else it would look cheap. On her, it underlined her stature as the White Queen. "Let's just enjoy our dinner, shall we?"

He opened the door for her and she forwarded in, and the meal turned out to be surprisingly good, if not a little less than filling. Given what Emma had been hinting at, however, Scott thought that was for the best.

They paid their bill and caught a cab back to the hotel, where they took a table in the bar and ordered some drinks.

"I have to say, Emma -- I really appreciate everything you've done tonight," he said while nursing his second martini, her hand in his. "It's been a great birthday. Thank you. Very much."

"You're talking like the evening's already over," Emma said. "But I still have one more surprise up my sleeve. And I think, if you turn around to see who's just arrived, you'll agree with me that it's the best one yet."

Perplexed, Scott swivelled in his chair to look at the entranceway. Standing there, in a figure-hugging black cocktail dress, was Psylocke. She was scanning the crowd, looking for some familiar faces, and lit up when she finally saw Scott and Emma sitting on the other side of the room. Every set of eyes in the place turned to look at her as she made her way towards them, just as they'd done when Emma had entered.

Betsy looked like a panther stalking its way through the jungle, with her sheeny purple hair slicked back and her choice of attire showing off her toned, curvy body to maximum effect.

For her part, Psylocke didn't seem to notice the attention she was receiving as she arrived at the table her X-Men cohorts were sharing.

"Scott -- Emma!" She said, leaning to kiss both their cheeks. "I'm not early am I?"

"Early?" Scott said, confused, but still standing to greet her while she took the spare chair at their table.

"Not at all, you're right on time," Emma said, before gesturing to a waiter. "Drink?"

"Oh, uh, champagne please?" Psylocke said to the white-jacketed man who promptly appeared beside the table.

"Very good, madam." He said before once again vanishing.

"Right on time for what?" Scott asked,

"Oh no," Psylocke said, looking at Emma anxiously. "I haven't ruined the surprise, have I?"

"Not at all. In fact, my dear, you could say you are the surprise."

"Excuse me?" Psylocke replied, not noticing that her drink had just been delivered.

"Emma, what's going on?" Scott asked.

"Allow me to explain," Emma said, taking a sip from her glass. "I've long been aware of the attraction that the both of you have felt for one another. Though circumstances have kept you from always working alongside each other, the tension whenever you meet again is, well...palpable.

"While I would never want to manipulate those close to me into doing something they didn't want to, I thought the event of Scott's birthday offered an opportunity for us all to sit and consider a mutually beneficial venture, and so I invited Betsy here under the pretence of attending a birthday party.

"The guest list for that party, however, consists of only three names."

"Emma..." Scott said, more than a little stunned. "You're not....you're not suggesting what I think you are. Are you?"

"What better way to celebrate life, my love, than to seize it in the boldest way possible?" Emma said, a shrewd smile on her face and a teasing twinkle in her eye.

"Oh my God," Scott said, shaking his head. "Betsy, I'm so sorry. I had no idea about any of this, I swear. I don't know what's gotten into Emma, but ---."

"There's no need to apologise, Scott," Psylocke replied, her demeanour as poised and unruffled as always. "Far from it, in fact."

"You're...not mad about this?"

"Well, I'd rather that if Emma had something like this in mind, she could have told me about it beforehand," Psylocke said, shooting Emma a quick look. Emma, for her part, smiled and swirled her drink in her hand.

"But...think about it, Scott. We've both had our brushes with death. We both know -- first-hand -- how short life can be, and how much you need to take advantage of it while you still have the chance.

"And, well...Emma's right -- there's long been an attraction between the two of us. I always regretted that there was nothing that could come of it, and I imagine you might have felt the same way."

"Oh, he does," Emma replied. "Sometimes when I'm waking up in the morning, I get a psychic imprint of his dreams. You've featured more than once, my dear."

"Emma!" Scott said.

"What? It's true. You know it is. I'm not jealous. Why should I be? It's clear to see she's a beautiful woman -- the very thing dreams are made of. All I want is to share that dream with you...with Betsy's permission, of course."

Betsy took another sip of her champagne. Somehow, during the short but eventful course of their conversation, she'd managed to drain the entire glass without even realising.

"...Do you have a room in the hotel?"

"The executive suite." Emma said with a nod.

"Perhaps...perhaps we'd be best reconvening there." Psylocke placed her empty glass on the table, making meaningful eye contact with both Emma and Scott. Scott, in turn, looked like he'd just been hit by a bus.

The whole room once again looked out of the corners of their eyes as the Eurasian beauty and the blonde goddess rose from their table with their male companion. It looked like he'd had a little too much to drink as they guided him towards the elevators.

Emma couldn't help but do a quick telepathic scan of the room. She smiled wickedly to herself. Every single man in the bar was wondering what that lucky bastard had done to deserve this...

They rode up in the elevator in silence, Scott's tense demeanour setting everyone on edge. When the doors slid open on their floor, Emma handed Psylocke the swipe card to their room.

"Make yourself comfortable, Betsy. We'll be in momentarily."

Psylocke took it, looking at Scott with a mixture of longing and trepidation. His face, shielded behind his ruby red glasses, betrayed nothing. Betsy closed the door behind her.

"I can't believe this is happening," Scott said. "This is...this is too much."

"Calm yourself, my love," Emma said, taking his hands in hers and kissing him gently. "There's nothing happening here but three consenting adults agreeing to enjoy each other's company."

"But..." Scott said, unsure of how to proceed, his desire and his sense of responsibility at war with each other.

"With your permission, I'd like to do something I believe will help," Emma said. "It would involve stimulating certain areas of your brain, releasing endorphins and such. It would be the equivalent of four or five shots of tequila with a Viagra chaser. And no hangover."

Scott let out a pent-up breath. His jaw clenched.

"You're always the strong one, my love. Always denying yourself," Emma said, her body pressing against his as she pulled him into a kiss. "Allow yourself this one time to let go."

He kissed her back, his hands running down her body to cup her rear. He could already feel himself stirring.

"...Do it." He said, and she complied. His head flooded with euphoria, his body surging with intensified need. She smiled at him.

When they entered the room, they found Psylocke stretched out on the couch admiring the panoramic view of the city beneath them. She'd raided the mini-bar in their absence, a bottle of vodka opened on the coffee table. She'd even switched on the stereo system, having found a station playing mood-setting R&B.

Her little black dress lay in a heap on the floor.

"There's the birthday boy." She said with an inviting smile as she sat up, and as she did her ample breasts pressed together, barely contained in her low-cut purple bra. Both Scott and Emma stared in delighted wonder at her body; her perfect ass framed by the thong underwear that matched her lacy top, the tight black stockings that ran the length of her legs.

"Aren't you just a ravishing sight to behold?" Emma said, shedding her coat as she walked over to the couch.

"I hope you don't mind, I helped myself." Psylocke said, brandishing the glass half-full of spirits.

"Not at all," Emma replied. "So long as you don't mind me having a taste."

Emma lent down, stroking Psylocke's cheek before drawing her into a kiss. It was soft and sweet at first, growing in intensity as their tongues entwined, losing themselves to the heat of it.

When they parted it was to look up at Scott, wordlessly inviting him to join them. He pulled his jacket from his broad shoulders and dumped it on the floor as he strode over to them, wasting no more time as he grabbed Psylocke firmly and threw her back in a deep, passionate kiss.

She sighed around his mouth as his tongue found hers, like he'd provided her with something she'd been aching for. The truth was that he'd been aching for it too, and for just as long.

He ran his hands up along the curve of her back, clutching her close to him as he kissed her over and over again. After years of control, after years of self-denial, he put all of himself into this one act, this culmination of so much longing.

Emma floated in beside them, offering her lips to Scott. He noticed that she'd taken the opportunity to step out of her cocktail dress. She stood now wearing a bustier in her trademark white with matching garter belt, suspenders and stockings.

Scott also saw, with excited surprise, that she'd already removed her panties, if she'd even been wearing any in the first place. Her freshly manicured pubic hair pointed in a blonde triangle down towards the pink lips of her pussy, which already glistened with moisture.

"Before we get too far into this..." Emma whispered gently to the two of them. "I have one more proposal."

"Oh?" Psylocke said, kissing at Scott's ear and suckling his lobe. "And what would that be?"

"I can establish a telepathic link between the three of us, that would allow us to feel the pleasure that each is experiencing. We wouldn't feel the same physical sensations, just the satisfaction that comes with them," she ended with a daring smile. "Sound good?"

Betsy grinned.

"I'm in." She said.

Scott, not being a stranger to the use of psionic ability during sex, nodded his head.

"Me too."

"Excellent." Emma said, closing her eyes. Scott and Betsy could both feel a tingling at the forefront of their brains, before the feelings of arousal that were already coursing through them effectively tripled.

"We have contact." Emma said, before planting a kiss hot and hungry on Scott's lips, her body pressing up against him on one side, Psylocke's on the other. Each of them could feel the excitement of the others flowing through them, making their blood pump harder and their skin tingle with anticipation.

Emma's hand found the growing hardness in Scott's pants and moaned with approval as she rubbed at it.

Betsy, not content to sit back, petalled small kisses along Scott's neck, as she took his hand in hers and raised it to her breast. It was full and firm but pliant beneath his grasp, and he delighted in the idea of finally seeing what Betsy's breasts looked like.

Emma gave him the chance. Leaning around Betsy, she undid the clasp of her bra and revealed the soft, round tits that ached to be free.

"Mmmm." Betsy murmured appreciatively, the cool of the room's air conditioning caressing her breasts.

As Scott leaned in to another kiss with Betsy, Emma unbuttoned the top of her corset. She stripped the bra free from it, leaving only the waist cinch on as her luscious tits spilled out over the top.

Both pairs of breasts were large, but while Emma's nipples were pink, soft and round, Betsy's were small, dark and firm. Their tits squished together and their nipples rubbed against one another as Emma moved in between Scott and Betsy, stealing away their kiss.

"Now, now, Scott. Don't be so greedy. We have to share." She pressed her lips to Betsy's, blue lipstick on magenta.

They started gently with one another, peppering each with light, little kisses that grew in need. Emma's small pink tongue flicked out to lick at Betsy's lips, Betsy adding her own tongue to the proceedings to draw Emma into a deep, lingering kiss.

Emma massaged Psylocke's breasts as Betsy took over rubbing at Scott's trapped member, now pulsating with need through the material of his pants. She took her hand off him only long enough to unbutton his shirt and unbuckle his belt. She then returned to rubbing at his groin, moaning as her lips smacked against Emma's.

They lost themselves to each other, running their hands across one another's waists and breasts. Scott watched them with quiet hunger.

Emma broke off suddenly, shooting a wicked glance Scott's way.

"I believe we're ignoring our birthday boy."

"So we are." Betsy replied.

"Let's correct that, shall we?" Emma said with cat-like glee.

With the kind of strength one would expect from two warrior women, they pushed Scott down onto the couch, his pants ripped off in a quick series of moves. All that stood now between him and total nakedness were black boxer briefs and a pair of crimson shades.

The boxer briefs didn't last long.

Emma flashed for a second into her diamond form, using her increased strength to rip Scott's underwear from him. She transformed back as she twirled the torn boxers around on her finger, laughing as she threw them across the room.

"My goodness," Psylocke said, her eyes running greedily up and down the length of Scott's cock. It stood proudly in his lap, if not in need of attention. "You're a lucky woman, Emma."

"Aren't I though?" Emma replied with a wink.

"May I?" She posed the question to Emma as she sank to her knees in front of Scott, whose breath caught in his chest at the sight of her in such a position.

"Oh, please do."

Psylocke took a tentative grasp of his bare penis. It bobbed and swelled in her hand. Her grip grew firm as she lent in and placed a kiss on the helmet. Scott groaned. Betsy looked up, her eyes searching out his behind his visor.

She drew a long lick up along the throbbing vein on the underside of his cock, before swallowing the head into her mouth.

Scott closed his eyes, focusing on the pleasure of it, only to open them again to the sight of Emma on her knees beside Psylocke, nuzzling at his nuts.

The sounds of slurps and lip smacks filled the room as Emma and Betsy took turns licking and sucking Scott's cock and balls.

"Are we spoiling you, Scott?" Emma asked him as Betsy traced the edge of his shaft's helmet. Emma held his dick hard in her hand, offering it to Psylocke's eager mouth.

"Oh God yes."

"Would you like more?" Emma asked, jerking him off into Betsy's mouth. "Would you like to feel my pussy around your cock?"

"Please!" He said.

"I didn't hear you," She said, stopping her pumping long enough to allow Betsy to deep-throat him. "Would you like me to come up there and fuck you?"

"Yes!" Scott hissed. "Please!"

"Well...all you had to do was ask." Emma replied sweetly, before pulling herself up the length of his body to rest in his lap, Psylocke regretfully pulling her mouth from him.

Emma parted her thighs wide, straddling him. She kissed him hard, her hands tangling in his hair. She parted from their kiss to nibble at his lip, while her right hand ran down her body, tweaking her nipple before finding his cock. The feel of her cool flesh on his, hot and firm, almost made him jump. She grinned at the reaction.

"Now, now. Don't get too excited just yet. There's so much more to come."

She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and gave him a light tug, followed by another. He could feel her pussy radiating heat such a tiny, excruciating distance from the tip of his cock.

"Don't tease me, Emma."

"No?" She said with a smirk, squeezing him even tighter.

"No," he said. "I just want to fuck you. I want to fuck the evil right out of you."

Her smirk broadened into a dazzling, if not devilish, smile. She loved it when he indulged in dirty talk. It was rare, but it was often inventive.

"Who am I to deny you on your birthday, hmm? You go ahead, my darling..."

She pressed the head of his cock up against the open folds of her cunt. There was a moment of pressure as they pushed against each other, before finally the helmet slipped inside and was met with all the moist heat she had to offer. They groaned together at the feel of it.

"...you fuck all my sins away."

She moaned as she slowly pushed down on him, his cock sliding deeper into her, inch after inch. Finally, their hips met as the base of his dick pressed against her crotch. They both sighed with satisfaction at the feel of him so deep inside her.

As Emma started to slowly ride up and down on Scott's dick, Betsy sat to the side. With one hand she rubbed and stroked her nipples, pinching them gently into hardness as her other hand brushed through the tiny mohawk of pubic hair that descended to the opening of her slit. She'd thrown aside her panties long ago, leaving her dressed only in the black stockings that stretched mid-way up her thighs.

Betsy watched the tensing of Scott's muscles, his hands on Emma's tiny waist as he helped raise and lower her. She watched Emma's sculpted body undulate on top of the X-Men's leader, the man that Betsy had for so long desired. She looked at Emma's beautiful tits as they bounced and swayed, the curve of her perfect peach of an ass...

Betsy was shocked to find herself busily masturbating, her folds so slick with need. She knew she couldn't simply sit back and watch any longer.

The sensation was strange at first, and took Scott by surprise, but as he glanced behind Emma he melted into it -- it was the feeling of Psylocke on her knees, lapping at his balls while he fucked the former White Queen deep and hard.

Betsy took one ball in her mouth, suckled it, then took the next. All the while, Emma's rear bounced above her nose, the smell of sex sweet and tangy.

Scott squeezed Emma's breasts, before running his hands down her body to pull her cheeks apart. Betsy seized on the opportunity by running a quick teasing lick across Emma's asshole and the ridge of her labia.

"Oh!" Emma squealed with surprise, before melting into delight. "Oh, Betsy! That feels so good!"

"Does it?" Psylocke asked, before offering another lash of her tongue. Emma shuddered.

"Let me show you," she replied huskily. "Get your sweet arse up here."

Betsy didn't need a second invitation. As Emma rose and fell on Scott's dick, Psylocke pulled herself up, straddling Cyclops's head, positioning her pussy directly in front of his face.

His dream of seeing Betsy naked now fulfilled, Scott moved to realise his second dream. He leant up, straightening his back and opening his mouth so he could at long last taste Betsy's cunt, her labia engorged with desire.

Betsy cried out, then moaned. At first, Scott thought it was from purely his licking of her pussy and clit, but then out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of Emma. She was working the tip of her tongue in and around Psylocke's ass, lathering Psylocke's tiny pink hole and making her squirm with rapturous delight.

"Mmmm, that's it, lover," Emma said, her mouth buried in Betsy's cheeks. "Lick her. Taste her. Tongue-fuck her, like you always wanted."

Taking this as a challenge, Scott increased his efforts, scooping his tongue inside Betsy's pussy and draining her of her juices, ending with a thick lashing of her clit. The sexy Eurasian mutant tensed, the pleasure escalating as she was worked at from both angles, Scott's tongue hot and heavy on her slit, Emma's wet and warm on her asshole.

Emma, never to be outdone, ran her fingers along the rise of Betsy's tight asscheeks, finding the little rosebud she'd lubed up so well. She dipped a finger inside, finding it tight and making Betsy shudder.

Emma's spare hand plied Betsy's cheeks apart as she slipped her finger in and out, over and over again, before sliding a second in, stretching the pink little asshole wide to once again receive the full weight of Emma's eager tongue.

It proved too much, and Betsy let out a guttural scream as she started to cum, her knees shaking.

"Ohhhh fffffffuck!" She cried, her hips flexing and thrusting of their own accord, her crotch and ass rocking back and forth between Scott and Emma's mouths.

The psychic link that Emma had established between the three of them worked its magic, filtering all the pleasure Betsy was experiencing through Emma and Scott's minds. The intensity of it sent Emma into a tailspin -- she squeezed her cunt tight around Scott's cock as she came fast and hard, grinding her crotch down onto his.

Emma's screams mingled with Psylocke's, a cacophonous harmony of orgasmic joy.

"So good!" Emma hissed between high-pitched moans. "So fucking goooooood!"

Scott could feel his balls boiling up, could feel himself on the edge of ejaculation as now the pleasure of both Betsy and Emma blasted through his brain -- only to be quashed with the tingling sensation of Emma in his mind once more.

Not yet, my darling. She told him telepathically, looking into his eyes with a sinful smile on her face. We have to save that for the big finish.

Scott nodded soundlessly, his head swaying. Ordinarily, he might have taken umbrage at this intrusion, but in the midst of all this heat and desire he could bring himself to do nothing but follow Emma's lead.

Psylocke slid down from her position atop the two of them, and Emma murmured to herself as she pulled herself up and off Scott's dick, the head of it flicking from her folds, spattering droplets of her own fluids against her thighs.

They reshuffled quickly, working on instinct as Emma lay down lengthways on the couch, with Psylocke on all fours kissing and licking at her navel, while Scott positioned himself on his knees behind Betsy, his cock pressing up against her, throbbing at the tight flesh of her ass.

He ran his hands along her torso, cupping and massaging her full, firm breasts. He could see Emma watching him, clearly enjoying the sight of him and Psylocke naked together. Emma bit on her own finger, gliding a hand across her tits and down her stomach to play at her pussy.

Betsy, looking over her shoulder, eyed Scott with deadly desire.

"Do it, Scott," she whispered. "Take me. Fuck me hard, like we've always wanted."

Though it was inscrutable behind his glasses, he glanced at Emma. She nodded her head.

Do it, Scott. She told him telepathically. Fuck her!

He needed no further prompting. He pushed the tip of his member up against Betsy's slit and pressed it into her, sinking into her slick, soft pussy.

"Aahhhh!" Both Scott and Betsy breathed, the years of pent-up need extinguished in the one act.

Psylocke waited for the moment that Cyclops was balls deep inside her, the full length and width of him penetrating her so deeply, filling her up. She almost came just at the thought of it, but she decided instead to distract herself, muzzling at Emma's pink wet pussy.

Emma cooed with satisfied delight as Psylocke sank her index finger into her slit, exploring the hot, spongy flesh inside. It was like sticking a finger into a hot pot of honey, and Betsy marvelled at the reactions she was getting as she sought out Emma's g-spot and started flicking and frigging it.

"Feels so good." Emma whispered, her eyes drawing closed as she parted her thighs wider.

Scott, meanwhile, had built up his speed quickly, the front of his thighs slapping against the back of Betsy's as he fucked her hard from behind, watching his lover sprawled out in front of the both of them, getting licked and fingered.

He had given up on the thought of ever experiencing Psylocke this way, but now that it was happening he could hardly believe it was real, could barely think of never having it. Her cunt was so tight, so perfect, her body like a drug that he wanted more and more of.

As if reading his mind -- and in all likelihood she probably was -- Scott once again heard Emma's voice in his head.

You're fucking her so good, my love...but now do what you've always secretly desired to do even more. She said. Fuck her in the ass.

Scott hesitated.

Emma was right. Whenever Psylocke had walked past him in her uniform, he couldn't help but steal a glance at her as she passed -- couldn't help but stare at the sight of her in her blue thong, the material disappearing so enticingly between her round cheeks. He'd always wondered what it would feel like...but surely this, if nothing else, was crossing the line.

Betsy had almost frozen in place, right in the middle of licking Emma's pussy. Clearly Scott wasn't the only one that Emma was using her powers to talk to.

Look at her. He could hear Emma once more. She wants it. She wants it so badly...

"...Don't you, Betsy?" Emma finished by speaking aloud.

Psylocke bit down on her lip, her face flushed. She nodded her assent, confirming it by raising her ass up in the air.

"I want it, Scott. I want you. Fuck my ass." Her hands slid to her thighs, her fingers tensing as she pulled her asscheeks apart. "Please!"

Scott's head swayed as if he was drunk. He placed an uncertain hand on Betsy's rear, his thumb pressing against her puckered hole. She tensed, but not unpleasantly.

The hole was still wet from Emma's tongue.

He slid from the depths of Betsy's cunt, every ridge rasping against her pussylips as he pulled out, and he placed the swollen head of his cock against the entrance to her ass.

Emma watched with a mixture of rapt fascination and overwhelming arousal.

Psylocke breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling as her heart pounded deep within it.

"Do it." Emma said, and he did, plunging his cock deep into Psylocke's buttery asshole, never before having experienced anything so sweet and tight.

He pushed in, further and further. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he could hear his voice mixed with Betsy's in ecstatic delight.

"Oh God!" Betsy cried out, almost screaming. "Oh Ggggod! It's so big! So fucking deep!"

When Scott had slid it in as far as he could, he paused, allowing them both to catch their breath. He knew if he tried anything else at this stage he wouldn't last long. He settled instead to simply view the tableau in front of him, the curve of Betsy's bare back, the sheen of her hair, the incredible sight of Emma bare naked and spread eagle.

With a motioning of her hips, Emma was able to coax Psylocke back down from the heavens to which she'd ascended, and reminded her of what lay so invitingly before her.

Furrowing her brow, Betsy concentrated her efforts on Emma, rasping her tongue along her folds and up her mound to her clit, which she started to suckle.

Her index finger still there, Betsy slid her middle finger inside Emma's pussy, and then her ring finger. Emma was so wet that they slipped in with ease -- it was the pinky that proved tricky, but soon Betsy was finger-fucking the former White Queen with everything but her thumb.

"Jesus!" Emma groaned, undulating her hips in time with Psylocke's fingers.

The sight of his lover with her legs spread and Betsy knuckles deep in her cunt drove Scott wild. He pushed his cock deeper into Psylocke as his hand rounded her hip and found her clit.

Just flicking it lightly with his fingertips was enough to make her writhe. She hissed in delight and pushed her hand deeper into Emma, her thumb finally joining the rest of her fingers.

Emma let out a high-pitched wail as Psylocke started to fist her. Betsy's rhythm was gentle, slow, but it was also steady, stretching Emma wide, her soaked pussy leaking all over the leather couch.

"Ffffck! Fffffck!" Emma swore through clenched teeth and tight lips, pushing herself away and against the hand that was filling her so deep.

All the while, Scott continued to take deep, hard strokes into Psylocke's ass, his mind and body filling not only with pleasure from his own actions, but the pleasure Betsy and Emma were experiencing as well.

He wanted to cum so bad, but he maintained his control as he watched Psylocke groan and murmur around Emma's pussy, her tongue lashing Emma's clit as she continued to slip her hand in and out of her.

"I can't --- can't take much more!" Emma said, the sensation of Psylocke's tongue on the nub of her clitoris drawing her higher and higher, the fullness of her fist inside her so painfully intoxicating.

Betsy could feel her own pleasure mounting as Scott's hard, thick cock gained speed, so deep and hot in her ass. Her slit was throbbing with the need to release, her thighs slick with her arousal.

She pushed her ass into Scott, fucking back at him -- he had one hand gripping her asscheek and the other slipping around to find her clit again. She knew that it wouldn't take much now to send her over the edge, so she poised herself, ready, and when she began to feel the wave building she followed through on what she'd been planning since she slipped her first finger in Emma's hot, moist cunt.

With a blast of purple energy, Psylocke ignited her psychic knife deep within Emma.

The effect was instantaneous.

Emma's whole body lurched as threw her head back and let out a guttural scream.

"UUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh!!!" Emma cried out, the sudden intensity of her orgasm overpowering her speech, her hips rising up as her fingers and toes dug welts into the couch, her blonde hair streaking her face.

The feel of Scott against her, inside her, the touch of his fingers against her clit, the sensations that were now flooding her with her psychic connection to Emma -- all of it was too much for Betsy.

Even as she concentrated on sliding her glowing psychic knife in and out of Emma's pussy, she felt her muscles constrict. Her asshole squeezed tight around Scott's dick, keeping it from moving more than inch or two.

Emma fell back against the couch, sated, as Betsy used the shoulder of her free hand and the forearm of the hand she had inside Emma to stabilize her weight, before hurriedly jamming her fingers inside her own dripping cunt, madly fingering herself as she crested the wave.

"Fuck!" She grunted, extinguishing her psi-knife and pulling her hand from an almost comatose Emma. It was slick and warm as she brought it around behind her to pull Scott in closer, to feel him deep inside her, the head of his cock throbbing in her bowels.

"Fucking me so...sooo..." Betsy's pussy squelched as her fingers moved in a blur, frigging herself. Scott, knowing what was about to happen, slammed his cock deep in her ass one last time, her skin rippling with the tremor of it. "...so gooood!"

Betsy thrashed against Scott as she started to cum, the long build-up culminating in a rapid-fire series of multiple orgasms. Bam, bam, bam -- one after another they wracked Psylocke's body, forcing her up onto her knees, arching her back, opening her mouth wide in a cry of ecstasy.

With a small gurgle of pleasure to punctuate her release, Psylocke peaked, then fell forward, Scott's twitching member sliding from her ass as she tumbled onto Emma, their breasts pressing against each other as they both lay on the couch, spent.

Scott watched the two of them, his dick trembling in the air. He was so close. So painfully close...

The two beautiful women lay there a moment, their eyes closed. But slowly their lashes flickered open, and Emma looked up at him with a smile raising the corner of her lips.

"Oh, my poor baby," she said, prompting Psylocke to half open her eyes and turn her head to also look up at him. "You want to cum, don't you?"

Scott replied by clenching his jaw and nodding his head.

"Mmmmm..." Psylocke moaned, looking into Emma's eyes. "We should do something about that, shouldn't we?"

They each took one of his hands and pulled him from the couch, standing him up while they in turn sunk to their knees.

They wasted no time in ceremony, no patience in teasing, as their mouths enveloped his dick, Emma sucking heartily on the head as Psylocke sucked the shaft and balls.

The psychic channel was still open, so he could feel their post-orgasmic bliss as they could feel his ever-building tension, and they laughed with delight as they licked up the salty release of his dribbling pre-cum.

Scott's hips started to bob of their own accord as Emma and Psylocke went to town on his cock, kissing around it, flicking their tongues along the helmet's rim and against each other, pumping their hands up and down the shaft and tickling his balls.

It all finally proved too much. The veins on Scott's body and along his shaft stood to full attention as he went spiralling over the edge. His balls drew up tight against his body.

"He's going to cum!" Emma cooed with delight.

"I want it all over me," Betsy said. "I've always wanted to feel it, sweet and sticky."

"Cum for us, baby!" Emma said, her hand tight around his shaft as Psylocke took another quick suck of the head. "Cum all over us!"

Scott started to groan loud and hard through gritted teeth, his eyes clenched shut as he bubbled over, spurting hot cum all over the both of them.

His load was thick and heavy and shot out in fat strands as it first hit Emma in the forehead, running down the length of her gorgeous, sculpted face to collect in the blue of her lipstick and to be licked up by a quick flash of her pink tongue.

The second spurt caught Betsy in the hair, running down to drip in her eyes and catch in her lashes.

The third hit them both on the chest, tracing the contours of their full, heavy breasts, Psylocke's dark nipples glittering with the semen they collected.

"Oh God!" Scott groaned. "Oh God!"

Having only moments ago cum themselves, the psychic link that was still open between the three of them left Emma and Betsy vulnerable to the intensity of Scott's own release. Their pussies quivered as they were both treated to the aftershocks, both experiencing quick, sharp orgasms by way of shared pleasure.

The post-script to their own enjoyment came with the final salvo from Scott's exploding cock, the last load dripping from the tip of Betsy's nose and the small cleft of Emma's chin. The two women began to giggle as they looked at one another, their make-up smeared with sparkling white jizz.

"Now that's what I call an optic blast." Emma laughed as she milked Scott for every last drop he had to offer, her hand as sticky with his cum as the rest of her.

"Our fearless leader!" Psylocke said in contented agreement.

For his part, all Scott could do was try to regain his breath, his body buzzing in the afterglow of his release.

"That was...that was..." He tried to say.

"The best birthday gift you've ever had?" Emma said with a knowing smile.

"The best ever." Scott said with a nod.

"I don't know about you two, but I could use a shower." Psylocke said, standing. She strutted from the living room towards the bathroom, stopping to throw a seductive glance back at them from over her shoulder. "Care to join me?"

The sight of her toned, naked body, her ass still glistening from the fucking it took, her thighs wet, her face and tits glistening with cum -- she looked like sex personified. Scott and Emma could only smile to each other, before he helped her to her feet.

They followed Betsy to the shower, where Scott fucked her against the wall, the water streaming down their bodies as Emma watched, fingering herself to orgasm after orgasm. When Scott came again, Emma knelt on the tiles to lick it clean from Psylocke's pussy, massaging the soap into her skin to clean her off.

They eventually collapsed into bed, all three of them exhausted, and when Scott awoke it was to sunlight pouring through the bedroom window. Emma was naked and coiled in his arms, but as he looked around he saw Betsy was nowhere to be seen.

He found a note on the bedside table. He tried not to wake Emma up as he lent over and picked it up.

The most incredible night I've ever had! Best wishes to the birthday boy and his wicked collaborator...and wishes for another night together not too long from now. Xxx, Betsy

Next to her name was the outline of her purple lipstick where she'd kissed the paper. Scott let out a breath as he lent back into the pillows.

As his mind wheeled through the events of the previous night, he could hardly believe them to be real. It felt so unlike him, to have thrown caution to the wind so fully.

He started to wonder -- how much had he changed in so short a time? His merging with Apocalypse, his alienation from Jean, the start of his relationship with Emma...was he becoming a different man? And what kind of man was that?

Emma stirred beside him and moved in closer, resting her head in his nook. She really had provided him with the best birthday gift he'd ever had; the chance to cut loose, to relinquish control, and to enjoy life on its most primal level.

He resolved not to overanalyse it. Instead, he wrapt his arms tightly around Emma, closed his eyes, and dreamt of what she might have in store for him for his next birthday...

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