Initiation Make Over

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Mystery Inc Curse that Came Back
Category F/F Harem
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“Like Yeah,” Shaggy scratched his head, “I think that happened, that whole episode was pretty trippy and I spent most of it screaming in terror.”

“That is everyday for you dear,” Daphne kissed Shaggy.

“Wait, I thought The Goblin King wiped your memory of that!” Shaggy countered.

“I remember that too now,” Daphne shrugged, “It just popped back in my head today.  Maybe making peace with the Wolf opened it up for me.”

“You’re part of the spirt world now,” Winnie shrugged.

“Well, enough talking for now,” Daphne smiled, “We have shopping to do, then some bed time and some nap time before our night time shoot of the Fort.”

“Bed time and then nap time?” Shaggy arched his eyebrows.

Daphne started stroking his cod piece and her strap-on.  Winnie giggled.  Shaggy gulped and went to get changed.  Daphne spun him and pushed him out of the changing room.  Winnie and Daphne chuckled as Joan squealed in delight at the sight of the leather clad hippy.  Daphne took off the dildo and pulled her skirt and blouse from changing room and pulled them on.

“Lets find you some things too,” Daphne smiled.

Daphne picked out more leather lingerie from the Werewolf special section, then moved on to girlie stuff for her and Winnie.  She approved of some outfits picked out for Shaggy by Joan and told him to tone it back for others.  Paying for them Daphne made plans for Winnie to join them the next night for an initiation.  She led Shaggy to their hotel room in town. 

“Still got those silver leathers on?” Daphne closed the door behind them.

“Like yeah,” Shaggy said.

“Sit on the bed,” Daphne ordered.

Shaggy sat on the Queen sized bed and watched as Daphne pulled off the blazer then blouse, dancing she undid her skirt, reaching into her bags to pull out the long gloves and long boots.  Shaggy stared as she pulled her thong down and kicked it off before stepping out of shoes and put on the side zippered boots.  She moved to him and ran the long gloves over his face before pulling them up her arms.

“Now off with the pants, shoes, shirt and cod piece,” Daphne ordered.

Daphne sat on the edge of the bed while Scooby came in from the bathroom and watched his clumsy attempt to do a sexy strip dance for her.

“Rut a rutz,” Scooby Snickered.

“But a cute clutz,” Daphne scratched the top of Scooby’s Head.

With that Shaggy tripped over his new leather jeans and Daphne chuckled too.  Daphne got up and went to the bags pulling out two more things then pulled Shaggy up.

“For everyone else’s sake,” Daphne held up the pair of ball gags, “Don’t want noise complaints.”

Daphne put hers on then Shaggy’s and led him to the bed.  She tossed him onto his back and climbed on in cowgirl position.  Shaggy looked at her as if to ask something, but Daphne looked him in the eyes and nuzzled his face.

*Condom would keep us from having cubs* Daphne’s voice was in Shaggy’s head.

There was a muffled grunt as Daphne reached the base of Shaggy’s manhood.  She guided his hands onto her butt as she moved her knees further apart and positioned herself.  She started to squeeze and flex her lower body making her raise up and down on Shaggy’s tool.  Their pace quickened together as the pair worked their passion into motion.  Daphne arched her back and seemed to try to howl into her gag while Shaggy became glassy eyed.  An hour later Daphne finally peaked out and Shaggy shot his load into her.  Collapsing forward on to his chest, Daphne removed her gag.

“Hmm together we are unstoppable love,” Daphne cooed, “I love you, you love me, together we breed a proper next generation.  Feel it between us.  Feel our love…”

Daphne passed out on Shaggy’s chest.


At 7 in the evening the alarm went off. Scooby got up and looked at the sleeping lovers on the bed.  Daphne still laid on Shaggy’s chest but now she had a half grin on her face and Shaggy was still on his back on the bed.

“Rakey Rakey!” Scooby licked the lover’s faces to wake them up.

“Hay Scooby,” Daphne petted Scooby, “Is it time to get up already?”

Daphne kissed Shaggy before undoing his gag and lightly slaping him on the chest.

“Come on, time to get up, shower, change and eat before we do our all-nighter at the fort,” Daphne smiled.

The two werewolves showered together in their human forms.  Daphne kept them from getting too excited and risk changing in the hotel room.  Daphne gave Shaggy a leather body harness, thong and wrist bands and ankle cuffs to put on under his jeans and t-shirt.  Daphne pulled on her own leather thong panties, a leather merry widow, thigh high stockings, purple jeans, boots, blouse and jacket.  Once they were dressed the three of them made their way to Fort Walden.

“OK, you two have free reign of the park tonight,” the park manager said, “But clean up after your dog!”

That got her a sour look from all three members of Mystery Inc.  Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby went about checking the place.

“Like is it me or does this place…” Shaggy started and just shrugged.

“Rou Rear Rat?” Scooby asked.

“The buzzing?” Daphne confirmed, “It’s coming from over here but the gift shop.”

All three heard and smelled it.

“Like here,” Shaggy stopped about two meters from the security camera, “In here.”

He opened and electrical junction box and found a poorly grounded line next to another cable. 

Daphne held up an EMF meter and watched it go insane.

“This would drive normal people nutz,” Daphne said for the camera, “High EMFs can cause paranoia, stress and maybe even seeing things… And these are lines for the security camera system that they report problems and strange things happening with said camera system.”

“Rats!” Scooby growed.

“Like Rats,” Shaggy pointed at the creatures moving along the gift shops roof.

“I get the feeling there is no man in a mask here,” Daphne smiled, “Lets try to get some EVPs.”

The three kept filming their rounds of the fort and the park around it until almost dawn when the park manager came back to let them out.  After that they headed back to the hotel for some sleep.


Daphne’s phone rang at about four in the afternoon.

“Hello?” She answered, “Winnie… In the lobby?  Your dad?!?  Shaggy wake up, Winnie is down stairs with her dad.  We were up all night so we were just taking a nap.  We will be down in a bit.”

Daph and Shaggy pulled on some cloths over their leathers and went down stairs where they spotted Winnie and a surely brown haired man.

“You must be Daphne,” The man spoke, “You are a natural I can tell.  Come, let’s go to the bar next door and talk.”

Winnie was wearing a pair of leather pants, a tee shirt and a leather vest over it.  Her Father wore a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt.  In the bar they were waved over a back room with more men and women in jeans and flannel shirts.  No one seemed to introduce themselves and they all differed to Winnie father.  A table was set for Winnie, her father on one side and Daphne and Shaggy on the other.

“You are that hippy Grimwood hired.  I see you came back since working there.  And you are that TV paranormal buster Daphne Blake,” The head werewolf stared at them.

“My wife loves your show,” one of the Flannel pack called from in back.

“Thank your miss, err, Mrs.” Daphne blushed, “I am sure Winnie talked to you about wanting us.  We don’t really have a proper pack yet…”

“Love the idea,” The head werewolf smiled, “It’s time she strode out into the world and saw it for herself.  Now, are you going to beat her into submission?”

“Actually,” Daphne arched her eyebrow not sure how to explain her plan, “I was kind of… well…”

“Out with it!” one of the Flannel Werewolves in back called.

“I was going to fuck her silly,” Daphne blurted.

“You’ll need to get her by the scruff of her neck,” the head werewolf smiled, “And she is ticklish here along the bottom ribs.  A few love bites never hurt either.  If you are going to do it tonight, you will all need to keep your leathers on.  The hotel doesn’t like us breaking rooms.”

“Like you are ok with us screwing her?” Shaggy blurted in disbelief.

“Part of our lifestyle,” Winnie smiled, “We protect the cubs, but when they become adults they need to join a pack and find their place among the adults.”

“You two go ahead back to the hotel and get started,” The Head werewolf smiled, “I want to talk to the hippy for a minute…”

Daphne stood and led Winnie out while the other werewolves smiled and waved.  Once they were gone, the head werewolf turned back to Shaggy and Scooby.

“Now listen you little shit!  Your job is to get the red head pregnant and to kiss ass to the females of your pack Omega stud!  If either of you give my little Winnie cubs, I will feed you your spleens! Got it?”

All around them the other Werewolves let their faces take on a menacing Lon Chaney tone.

“No Problem with that Sir!” Shaggy gulped.

“Ro Roblrem Rir!” Scooby saluted.

“Go!” a werewolf by the door opened it for them.

Shaggy and Scooby didn’t need any further instructions and ran out of there.  But by the time they got into their hotel room, Daphne and Winnie were stripped to their leather lingerie and Daphne was mounting Winnie doggy style with a strapon.

“You are going to be a good little girlie girl,” Daphne bit Winnie’s ear, “Alpha is going to dress you pretty and fuck you like the bitch you are!”

“Oh good,” Shaggy muttered, “Someone else to please Mistress tonight.”

“Get in here bitch and start sucking her tits!” Daphne barked at Shaggy.

Shaggy took off the shirt and pants and crawled under Winnie.  She forced her left tit into his mouth right away.

“From now on when we are on public appearances it is skirts for you missy!” Daphne barked into Winnie’s ear, “No more jeans, the only pants you wear are skin tight leather.  And the only Flannel you wear is pink winter jackets when I tell you.  It is blouses and halter tops little Beta!  In my service you are a proper lipstick lesbian!”

Winnie howled into her gag as her back arched and she splattered her orgasm on Daphne’s lap.

“Get in my ass Shaggy,” Daphne ordered, “Now it’s time to teach you to lick pussy my beta!”

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