The Amazing Woman

by noname002j
Storyline The Amazing Woman
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The Amazing Woman


Something was wrong.

Jenny Powers rushed out of her hot shower and ran to her bedroom naked. She had heard sounds from downstairs and her sixth sense was telling her that someone was trying to break in. If so that person has picked the wrong house to break into, thought Jenny.

She found her pink and gold spandex bodysuit she quickly slipped her body into it. As she placed the pink cowl over her head she heard sounds coming from downstairs. She was now in full costume, the suit was skintight almost completely covered her body. It also she showed every curve to from her shapely legs to her 36DD sized breasts. At the center of her costume was a giant “P” made of gold.

Jenny was a young nineteen year-old who had recently graduated from SWORD Academy.

The Social World Oversight Resource Department (SWORD) was the world’s most trusted government operation agency that dealt primary with the oversight of costumed criminal metihuman activity. They trained their operatives often a very young ages to become costumed crime-fighters and superheroes.

When the blonde bombshell wasn’t studying in class she was out fighting crime as the Pink Maiden.

Then it hit her, what if it wasn’t a simple break in attempt, what if it was a super-villain? What if her secret identity had somehow become exposed?!

“I think I better call in the Amazing Woman for help just in case,” said Jenny.


It was a little after midnight as Martha Alice Knight who is better known as the Amazing Woman swung through Metro City, holding tightly onto a grappling rope.

The beautiful African American beauty was thirty five years old and stood a remarkable about six foot, two inches. She had long wavy curly black hair that reached her shoulders. She also had dark ebony colored skin and her costume consisted of light green satin bustier with a yellow “A” logo that barely covered her 38DD sized breasts. She also had on green spandex shorts and a black utility belt filled with the latest crime fighting gadgets. She wore green high-heeled leather boots. She didn’t wear a mask, she had been publicatly unmasked ten years ago on a live internet channel by her sexy arch nemesis the Mexican Latina villainess known as Black Tiger.

Her athletic body was a marvelous balance of strength and tenderness. She had a body that screamed to be on fitness magazines, which it actually was multiple times as posed for various health and fitness magazines. It was part of SWORD’s public relations program to make the citizens of the world feel relatable and secure with their heroes.

Like her sidekick Jenny, Martha had given a superhuman stamina drug as part as her indoctrination in SWORD Academy. The stamina drug given to her twenty years ago, enhanced her agility and made her as strong as musclear bodybuilder. It also had helped make her an amazing gymnast and she could push herself harder and faster than any Olympic champion.

Martha started out as Amazing Girl at the age of 15, following in her father’s footsteps who served SWORD as Captain Amazing. Her father was now retired for active crime fighting and was currently the big man behind the chair as Head Director of SWORD.

As  Amazing Woman landed on a rooftop, her smart-phone buzzed inside her utlity belt. She pulled it out and noticed it was an urgent text from Jenny. 

It read: Help! Amazing Woman, there is intruder at my apartment, it might be a super-villain! – Love Pink.

“I swear, what was my father thinking by partnering me with that blonde bimbo,” sighed Martha with a smile. “She’s a sweet girl, but she had some serious growing up to do!”

Martha tapped her two-communicator watch and declared, “Don’t worry Pink Maiden, I’m not too far from your location!”


Back at the apartment, the Pink Maiden slowly walked downstairs. It was awfully silent.

The Pink Maiden to bravely yell out, “I know someone is down here! I’m a fully deputized superhero of the law so you might as well surrender!”

Then Jenny heard a familiar voice, “I think you have read one too many comic books, if you think I’m gonna surrender after hearing that silly line of yours!”

The intruder stepped from out of the shadows of the room. He was twenty-four years old and about six foot four inches tall and very muscular. He was ruggedly handsome with blonde hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in something that looked like a tight black catsuit it looked like it was from straight out a James Bond movie. In his hands was a simple wooden pipe.

“Well if isn’t Jason Riley,” examined the Pink Maiden, “or should I say the Piper!”

“Well if it isn’t Jenny Powers,” examined the Piper, “or should I say the Pink Maiden!”

Jenny’s eyes widen. Her secret had been revealed!

“Jenny Powers… who’s that?! I just saw you break in!”

“Don’t feel the need to lie to me,” explained the Piper, “I have been stalking you for months Jenny. I started when I heard rumors that you were a friend to the Pink Maiden. Always able to find her when there was trouble. So planned to abduct you to lore out the Maiden, so while you were away I hid cameras to learn when you would be alone. You can’t imagine how shocked I was last week to learn you and the Maiden were one and the same!”

“So what do you want with me?”

“With your young tight body in that suit, I could think of many things,” he said before he quickly brought the wooden pipe to his lips. He blew hard and fired a dirt into the Pink Maiden’s right breast.


The Pink Maiden felt heavily drugged. The room was spinning and the Piper seemed to get closer and closer with every turn.

“W-What have…. You done to… me?!” gasped the Pink Maiden who was now feeling very wobbly on feet.

Suddenly she fell forward and into the Piper’s awaiting arms. He embraced her as he would a lover and kissed the unconscious heroine on the lips.

He cooed into her ear, “What have I done? I have defeated you and now I will…”

The Amazing Woman suddenly interrupted, “Let her go now!”

“Ah, the Amazing Woman,” smiled the Piper who kept his wooden pipe hidden as he starting using the unconscious Pink Maiden as a shield between them, “You’ve taken the bait. Good. We’ve been expecting you.”


“Hello Amazing Woman,” said woman who stepped up behind Martha with a voice as soft as silk.

Martha turned her head and saw the newcomer for the first time. Martha didn’t know who she was, but she was strikingly beautiful about in late twenties. The woman was about five foot eight inches tall, with dark reddish hair and sparkling green eyes. She was dressed in a tight red latex bodysuit and had matching knee high leather boots that made her look a lot taller then what she really was. One thing that Martha noticed odd about her was the fact that she was wearing what looked to be rather bulky stereo headphones that completely covered her ears.

“I’m Valentine Gemini,” she said with a smile. “Oh my, your more beautiful than the villainess Black Tiger!”

As Martha was distracted the Piper raised up his wooden instrument and blew hard, his cheeks turning red and ballooning out unleashing a high pitch streaking sound that screamed in Martha’s ears.

“AHHHHH!!!!”; Amazing Woman screamed as she dropped to one knee while placing her gloved hands over her ears trying to desperately block out the high pitch shrieking sound.

The piper moved closer taking another breath and blowing hard down unleashing another whale of shrieking sound at the stunned Amazing Maiden.

Valentine Gemini smiled as Amazing Woman body began to shake from the penetrating sound that threatened to destroy her eardrums.

Jason looked down at his handy work as continued to blow hard on the flute. He then looked back at the Pink Maiden who remained on ground sleeping peacefully, he had placed ear pugs into her ears seconds before he started using the flute on the older black woman dressed in green. He himself was wearing a small earplugs that had been unnoticed by both the crime-fighters.

The Amazing Woman had tears running down her cheeks. Even with hands over her ears the sound was too overwhelming. She never felt so helpless before in her life.

“Please… stop… I’m begging you…” she begged. Her pleads of mercy went unheard as the words were drowned and lost in the high pitching sound waves.

The Piper dropped to his knees and leaned the flute closer to the ebony crime-fighter’s ears. Her body continued to shake. He watched as her breasts heaved more with ever breath she took. Jason paused and moved the flute away from his lips, “I think I’ve hurt you enough, now to soothe your aching ears.”

The Piper brought the pipe back to his lips and began playing. This time the tune wasn’t high pitch and nerve wracking, but soothe and relaxing, very relaxing.

Martha wanted to get up and slug the Piper somewhere where the sun didn’t shine, but her tormented body was slow to respond. She felt very groggy as she heard the melody tune.

“W-what… are… you…. doing…?” she managed spat out before succumbing to slumber.

“Rest.. Relax.. Sleep..” instructed Valentine softly as she leaned down behind Martha placing her hand on the heroine’s bare shoulder. Her soft voice flowed in union with the hypnotic melody from the Piper’s flute. “Just relax Amazing Woman.. Let me take care of you.. Just listen to the music… Close your eyes now.. they feel so heavy.. Sleep Amazing Woman, Sleep.”

Martha let out a heavy sigh and crumbled onto the ground.

"It worked cousin," declared Valentine Gemini with joy as both villains removed thier protective earwear to be able to hear again. "They're both ours!!"

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