Susan talks to the Mad Hatter unaware that he is a villian

by colleem
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
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Susan and Reed looked at the wounded person in front of them and carried her to the medical center of the building. Thanks to the sophisticated equipment there, most wounds could be treated immediately and bone fractures would hardly take long to heal.


"What happened to Reed? Did we catch a... leprechaun?" Susan laughed when the worst was over.


"No Susan. All scans show that he is a normal person. No supernatural powers, no mutations, no cosmic radiation."


"You had better Days Reed! That doesn't sound like your usual chaos! A simple teleportation" she asked teasingly but Reed shook his head.


"His quantum signature differs from our own which means he comes from a parallel universe. An alternative timeline, if you will."


"One of your usual experiments after all. What did he get so up to?"


"According to my scans he must have been in combat. I'd say 10 or 15 people who hit him. I suppose he saw the portal and it seemed better to him to jump in there than to be beaten to death." Nodded Reed determinedly and Susan looked at the man on the bed. Somehow he seemed familiar to her in a crazy way.


"I take care of him and you look for a way how we can bring him back into his universe yes?


"I do. By the way, I think our stories must have been very similar in his world and ours."


"What makes you think so?" she asked confusedly and when Reed left the room he laughed.


"Because he looks like the mad hatter!"


That' s why Susan knew him! Of course! The Hatter! The tea party! Alice in Wonderland! Now that he had pronounced it she could recognize it immediately. That she hadn't noticed it before. Of course it was the hatter... well someone who had dressed up as a hatter, because the real hatter didn't exist of course. Unfortunately. She had loved the fairy tale as a child and even today she still loved it beyond all measure. If you look at it closely, it was almost like her own life.


Little girl is drawn into a completely different world and experiences all kinds of crazy adventures. Just like the Fantastic Four did.


She went to the hospital bed and looked at the scanners when the man suddenly opened his eyes and panicked.


"Quite calmly! You are safe" she smiled as gently as she could and tried to calm him down. It took a while but then he seemed to notice that he was no longer in danger and looked around. It didn't take long for Jervis to realize that he was in little pain. He palpated his body and noticed that hardly anything really hurt him. And that he had been connected.


"The rabbit hole" he stammered suddenly as he remembered what had happened. He had been put into the mangle by Batman... then there had been the rabbit hole. His own rabbit hole! He was finally home.

Then he heard an amused and happy laugh and realized only now that he was not alone in the room. He turned to the side and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had blond hair and her eyes looked as blue as the ocean itself. Her lips were as red as sin itself and his eyes almost fell out of his head.



"ALICE! I HAVE FOUND YOU" he beamed as he tried to embrace her.


For some reason Susan let the man hug her. Usually she didn't like it at all and he wasn't her type either but she was flattered by the thought that he thought she was Alice. She gave him a few seconds before gently pressing him back onto the bed.


"I am not Alice. But thank you very much for the nice compliment. I also love the fairy tale very much. But my name is Susan Storm-Richards. My husband accidentally brought her from her universe. Although it is better in your condition that you are here now. They've been pretty badly beaten up."


"The Mad Hatter stammered in horror. Someone had married HIS Alice. If he caught this stupid villain. "Wait a minute. Another universe? That's... I'm..."


"I'm a member of a superhero team called The Fantastic Four. My husband is the smartest man in the world and well... he likes to research all kinds of crazy things. One of his latest inventions has created a gateway into their universe. Would you please tell me what happened?"


"Other universe... Interesting... Uh what happened... Yes... so I was uh..." he thought strained. Moment she had said that they were superheroes. "I was attacked! Yes exactly!

"My husband thought so. He said they were lucky that the portal appeared near them. It must have been quite a pack."


"Yes ... no ... it was only one" he finally admitted! "A rather bad guy... Runs around like a bat! Is there such a one here also?"


"Bat? No. We do not have such a madman here. Anyway, none that I know."


Relieved he breathed out and looked up at her.


"So... am I not in Wonderland?" he sighed sadly.


"Believe me. I really wish it were like that. But unfortunately you are not the Crazy Hatter and I am not your Alice. She said gently and took his hand. "I'm really sorry."


He smiled and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. A woman who adored the story as much as he did? A woman who was so beautiful? And especially a woman who had no idea what he was capable of.

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