Sue's feeling fine. Maybe too fine.

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm; New Species
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Body Modification
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Turning in a panic from the door back to the mirror, her first impulse was to turn invisible. To stop her husband from seeing the monster she’d become.

Instead, she watched in wide-eyed shock as the spines, claws and horns rapidly retracted. At the same time, her hair, skin, eyes, and teeth all reverted to their normal form.

Had it been some dream, or mad hallucination?

No. A part of her knew it was real. The part that suddenly overwhelmed her senses with the knowledge that a fertile male was close at hand. She gasped as she felt a sudden flare of intense arousal wash from her loins throughout her whole body. It was more intense than anything she’d ever felt.

Her beloved Reed was at the bathroom door, concerned about her. But she was only aware that a viable mate was nearby.

Reed was about to call out to her again, when the door slowly opened and there was Sue, naked. She held the shirt she’d been wearing scrunched up in one hand. She’d dispose of it before Reed could notice the holes, and ask how they’d been made. She didn’t want to answer any annoying questions right now.

She stepped sensually from the bathroom and laid a hand on his chest. “I’m feeling just fine, darling. Better than fine.”

Grinning like a she-wolf, she pushed him back and shoved him back onto the bed, then slowly crawled on top of him. Her beautiful breasts swung beneath her and he noticed that her nipples were like hard as nails as they brushed against his body.

Taking hold of his pajamas in her powerful hands, she ripped the material off him, leaving him as naked as he was.

“My God, Sue. What’s come over you?” He gasped. He was concerned about this strange new behavior, but he was also incredibly turned on. Already his manhood stood to attention, and Sue gripped it tightly in her fist, and began to pump it vigorously, then she plunged her mouth onto it, swirling her tongue around its tip and making him throw his head back and hiss through clenched teeth.

Sue had occasionally given him oral attention before, but it had always been gentle, almost polite. He’d never seen her act with such savage, carnal enthusiasm before. If he’d been able to think clearly, he might have found this new behavior suspicious. But even the mighty intellect of Reed Richards had to take a back seat now, as his body was assailed with mind-numbing pleasure.

His beautiful wife mauled his cock with her mouth and throat until it was rock hard and throbbing. Then she quickly withdrew it from her mouth with a wet slurp, climbed on top of him, turned round so that h was presented with a fine view of her wide, toned ass, and plunged her boiling pussy down onto his shaft.

She arched her back so that her hair almost dangled in his face and began to ride him savagely, thrusting her hips back and forth, up and down on his cock. The whole bed shook with the violence of her fucking. He could see her back already slick with sweat and her hair was soon a tangled mass.

He gripped her hips tightly as she pounded him, both of they grunting and gasping in unison. Her pummeling thrusts accelerated quickly. It was clear that she didn’t want this to last long. She wanted him to climax, and soon.

Indeed, all Sue wanted was his seed. She had turned to face away from him because she didn’t even think of him as her loving husband at that moment. He was merely a pair of balls to be drained. And drain them she would!

Her violent bucking built to a frenzied pace and Reed was now almost wailing with the intensity of sensations. She could feel his iron-stiff rod began to spasm deep inside her, and she reached her hands up and thrust them into her hair as he erupted, spurting torrents of glorious spunk deep into her womb.

He had a shattering orgasm, and she came too, but her climax was not as intense as she had expected. She hunched over him, her pussy muscles squeezing every last drop of cum from his spurting cock, but somehow, it wasn’t enough. She needed more. And not from her husband.

Reed lay back on the bed, worn out and totally spent. He quickly fell asleep. Sue lay with her back to him, curled up with her arms gripping her knees, and the wildness that had overtaken her seemed to pass, for the moment. Her brow furrowed as she tried to understand what was happening to her, and what these strange new impulses would make her do next...

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