Malice Sue

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Infinity Gem Madness!
Previous Chapter Susan "Sue" Storm, The Invisible Woman

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Fighting in a partly destroyed section of New York the Avengers, X-men, Fantastic 4 and the Guardians of the Galaxy are all fighting against the Mad Titan Thanos. This battle has been going for hours though exhausted the heroes have managed to trap the Mad Titan.

"You fools I will escape from this you cannot hold or withstand the might of " Thanos claims against the might of the combined heroes.

Slowly the heroes manage to pull off the Infinity Gauntlet not willing to be defeated by the heroes Thanos pulls against them. In the ensuing the heroes pry the gauntlet sending it flying. The heroes and the Mad Titan scramble to claim the Infinity Gauntlet but are beaten to it by the Invisible Woman Susan Storm. Rolling after slipping on the gauntlet Susan points it at the Mad Titan making him pause.

"Remove the gauntlet foolish earth woman you are not worthy of its " Thanos says mockingly.

"Susan you have to remove the gauntlet so we can store it somewhere " Reed tells Susan.

Unsure of what to do the Reality Gems begin to glow responding to there wielder's uncertainty before the emit a blinding light. Covering themselves from the light the gauntlet is stolen from Susan by a new figure. As the light fades the new figure is revealed to be Malice and she is wearing the Infinity Gauntlet.

"Thank you, dear Susan, for this lovely birthday gift  not only am I finally free from you I now have in my possession one of the most powerful weapons in existence." Malice says in a mocking tone of voice to Sue.

"No don't please I'm begging you." Sue is cut off by a swift kick by Malice to the face.

Laughing Thanos gains Malice's attention. "And what type of being are you another pathetic human to stand in the way of my glory."

"I do not like you, you're in my way so die you pathetic worm." Malice raises the gauntlet blasting Thanos with the power of all 6 Reality stones making quick work of him.

Watching horrified at what Malice just did the gauntlet Sue begs her darker half. "Please Malice I'm begging you don't kill them please." 

"Now don't worry I won't kill them, well at least not all now that wouldn't be very malicious now would it." Malice says smiling wickedly as she snaps her fingers.

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