She toys with one of her heroine friends

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Infinity Gem Madness!
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Taking a moment relaxing on her throne Malice is wondering where she should start and more importantly who to start with. With there being so many delightfully sexy heroes and villains and the power to reshape them to her will thanks to the Infinity Gauntlet. Looking at the gauntlet and how the light reflects off the stones having limitless power and being free from Sue what more could a deliciously evil being like her ask for.

"Well that's enough self-admiration, for now, I suppose I should start messing with dear little Susie and as much fun as it would be to finish her off let's twist that knife nice and slow." Malice says to herself.
Using the Gauntlet she creates a projection of where many of Sue's friends and allies are. One, in particular, catches Malice's attention it seems that Jennifer Walters a.k.a She-Hulk is visiting a prison likely for one of her cases.  Malice activates the Mind and Reality stones to change She-Hulk.
* * * 
At the She-Hulk is organizing her files as an odd sensation starts radiating through her body. The feeling is similar to how she feels when she Hulks out but different first of all she hasn't gone green and is far more buff than she usually is. Standing there confused Jen grabs her head as a piercing headache shoots through her skull.
"Aw fucking hell that hurts now come on Jen get your shit together why the hell am I at the joint? No way in hell did these pigs catch me wait now I remember I'm here to bust my gang out. Damn pigs got'em in a sting and took there rides well they're about to see why no one fucks with Big Jen." The former She-Hulk says to herself.
* * * 
Back with Malice she's watching this greatly entertained. "Go on Big Jen find your gang you're good friend Malice is here to help."
Malice laughs filling the halls with her evil laugh.

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