by gothamalleyviper
Storyline The Kink that came to Gotham
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Maurice Wayne Arts exhibition hall, Gotham College- One week ago

Given the fact that he was effectively was paying the rent for the hall, Bruce Wayne walked with the head of the college’s public relations depart around the hall.

“See Mister Wayne,” the PR woman smiled, “We are going to show off everything the college does for the hopeful enrollees.  This will encourage them to sign up for the fall semester!”

“I am not sure marketing qualifies as art,” Bruce said, “I am not the smartest man in the world but Great Uncle Maurice wanted this to be an ‘Arts Exhibition Hall.’  I do get it that you want to help drum up enrollment.”

“It is practical art,” the PR rep spun the talking points, “A portrait of the college not just in pictures of student, but what they do and what they can achieve.  Ah, Miss Kender, this is Miss Kender, the project is in fact her doctoral thesis for her Arts and design degree.  This is Mister Wayne.”

“Mister Wayne?” the Blue Haired College girl slightly panicked.

“So,” Bruce smiled, “Care to explain how this is art?”

“The concept comes from pictures of workers at their work stations,” Miss Kender said, “A common motif in propaganda and marketing layouts especially in years gone by.  But in this case we are focusing on how the tools themselves are the keys to unlocking potential of the people.  We have items from our history department, the film department, the biology department and each room is focused on how the tools and items help students grow and learn.  And that is one of the core functions of art, to inspire the people!  Granted this is more of a corporate focused exhibit, given we are working with the material from the college itself.  But the idea can be carried over into other veins, next month will be an exhibition focused on personal growth throw sports.”

“And that is your Doctoral Thesis?” Bruce asked, “It sounds a bit more like what I expect to hear from the advertising company.”

“Advertising is one of the corporate subsidies of the arts these days Mister Wayne,” Miss Kender sighed, “The days that a rich family would just adopt a young artist and pay for everything have long gone away.”

Bruce smiled to himself.

“Ok, the days of rich folks just having an artist on hand just so they could brag about having an artist are over,” Bruce said, “But I still fund the arts.  Granted I failed Art History… but that is another story entirely.  I want to see what you have for next month’s exhibit.   I can think of a few rich people looking for an artist to keep on staff for their corporate offices.”

Bruce smiled and shook hands before walking off.  As he exited the building he pulled out his special phone.

“Get everyone up,” the Batman growled, “Every rogue in Gotham is going to be at Gotham College tonight!”


Bruce was standing with the Dean and the President of the school in a tuxedo while Tim and Steph were circulating around.  They were currently back together for now… Bruce saw Carrie Kelly working the door.  And Bette Kane was walking around with a few friends.  Of course they were all wired to the same communications channel Batgirl had running and linked up with Nightwing, Batwoman, Huntress, Blue Bird and Black Bat who were hiding in the shadow watching out for the costumed crooks.  Bruce had already danced with Selina Kyle and from the looks of the long sleeved gown she was wearing her catsuit and thigh boots under the dress.  Bruce had spotted Edward Nigma walking around with a blonde wig acting like he was a member of the police.  Batman hadn’t been sent a clue yet so it was most likely that Riddler was planning what he was going to grab and how before sending the clue and coming back for the theft.  He was sure the genetics display with the genetically modified roses would bring Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy to the hall as well.  Upstairs there were Awards from the second annual academy of Arts for a famous comedian who had left them to the college’s art history program…and that was like leaving out a plate of bacon to get Joker and Two-Face’s attention.  And where ever Joker or Poison Ivy went, Harley Quinn showed up too.


Stephanie and Tim stood next to a window looking out over the lawn to the south of the hall towards the city.

“How mad would boss man be if we snuck off and found a hidden room and a pack of condoms?” Stephanie asked.

“Eh,” Tim said, “When he does it he isn’t going to use the condom but rather to just get changed because he has eyes on a rogue.”

“Well Nigma is in the hallway,” Stephanie said, “Think that we can have a quickly in the closet before he breaks a display case?”

“How about hit the fire-alarm!” Tim shouted, “There is a missile coming in!”

“Someone confirm?” Nightwing called over the open communications line, “Can someone confirm a miss… Ballistic in bound!  Evacuate!”

Elsewhere Carrie Kelly slammed the fire alarm.  Bruce saw the missile coming in via a window next to him.

“What the?” an old woman said looking out the window, “SHIT!”

She pulled off her wig and made a dash for the genetics exhibit.

“Poison Ivy heading to the science room!” Bruce whispered into his cuff as he waved others towards the exit.

“She just ran into Scarecrow,” Bette called in, “He just dropped a fear gas grenade and it is gassing everyone in the hallway!”


“Ten seconds to impact!” Batgirl called out the projection.

“Go! Go!” Tim said as he waved people to the fire stairs at the back of the upstairs hallway.

“Move it people!” Stephanie shouted.

“Five seconds,” Batgirl shouted.

“I have gasmask on and have Blue Bird with me!” Batwoman called over the radio.

“Don’t you think about it clown!” a voice shouted from the history of movies display, “It’s ours!”

“Want to flip for it?” The shrill giggle of the Joker retorted.

“Joker on second floor with Two Face,” Stephanie called into the microphone hidded in her watch.

The building rocked and a loud crashing sound drowned out all over noise…


FREEDOM!  AHH, Let me see what I have to work with…  Oh, this is tasty… Latex?  My, my, you seem to have such interest in ladies wearing it… My dear I will make all the ladies love to wear it even you!  Costumed Heroes, heroines, villains and villainesses?  A three some with a heroine and a villainess seems like a rather tasty idea… Bisexuality?  Oh don’t feel uncomfortable in it my dear child, soon all of the ladies of Gotham will be.   A Lesbian?  Yes, my dear you will make many sisters in service to me even if you don’t realize it!   Free at last and with such fertile grounds to pervert and corrupt and you will become my living succubae and feed me your depraved sexual encounters!


“What do you call a woman that rides a scud to commit a break in?” Edward Nigma aka the Riddler asked as the rubble settled.

“A Crazy bitch?” Two face asked.

“Not nice,” Black Bat snapped as she entered the room.

“I have to agree with Two face on this one,” Batgirl said as she walked in behind Black Bat, “You have to be a crazy bitch to do that.”

“Who is Roxy Rocket for three hundred?” Joker asked from under a pile of mannequins.

“Ding ding,” Catwoman said from her hiding spot in a corner.


Hmmm, so you want both of them in your bed?  That is delicious… Yes… embrace your desire.  Slut is such a tasty word, embrace being a slut!


“Hands in the air!” Blue Bird shouted from behind her gas mask.

“You think that the Bat will let you shoot me?” Poison Ivy mocked Blue Bird holding the shotgun on her.

“Yeah,” Blue bird fired two shots, “Because he knows I load this with the electric slugs!”

Poison Ivy twisted and convulsed on the ground as the electrical charges pulsed in her from the pair of dart pinned to her chest.

“On second thought I will settle for a simple knuckle sandwich,” Scarecrow said as he put his hands in the air.

“Choke out instead,” Batwoman said as she grabbed the masked maniac from behind.

She pinched his veins and put the villain to sleep with a choke hold.


Thrills and sexual excitement… you girls will do nicely…


“Oh pudding,” Harley shouted, “Look what I found!  Move it nimrod.”

Harley held the muzzle of the revolver to the base of the red head’s chin.  The pair limbed away from where the rocket had destroyed a bunch of junk from midevil Europe.

“You know I was thinking about grabbing that vase and seeing if I could grow some flowers in the dead guy’s ashes,” Harley sneered, “But you had to destroy everythin!”

The pair of fists came down on the back of Harley’s and Roxy’s heads.

“Nighty night girls,” Nightwing said, “I got two down how is it going?”

“Joker is pinned,” Batgirl responded, “Riddler did a smash and grab and is running, Black Bat is making Two-Face regret his life choices.”

“I got Ivy on the ground hooked up to my bug zappers,” Blue Bird said, “And Batwoman has Crow in a head lock.”

“Any dead?” Batman’s growl cut across the airwaves.

“None yet,” Carrie said on to her phone, “I am looking in the front and am waiting for the fire department, but I think we got most people out…”

“Last of the people in our area are gone,” Tim said, “And Steph tripped the Riddler for you.  I think he broke his nose.”


Harriet’s Hutch, Gotham City Center

“I am telling you, they have been selling stuff like crazy, they must have a couple grand in their safe. We break in,” the lead mook said to the other as they went to the back door of the store, “Break the safe, grab the cash and are out.  We don’t have to worry about the creepy sex shit.”

“I still don’t like this,” the other mook said, “With all the big badies in lock up after last week’s mayhem at the college, the Bats have been paying more attention to little guys like us.”

“You think the Bats are going to give a rats ass if we just do a cash grab from some perverts while no one is at the shop?”

“I will give a crap,” Batgirl said to herself as she watched the pair from the roof top.

They quickly forced the door.  Each one prying with their own pry bar.  Once in they quickly ran for the store’s office looking for the safe.  Batgirl silently landed at the rear entrance and prepared to fuck their plans right in the ass!  Barbara stopped and shook her head, that wasn’t like her but in the week since the mayhem at the college some rather dirty thoughts had been creeping into her head.  She snuck up behind them as they were ripping open locked drawers in the desk.

“Eh hem,” Batgirl said before punching and kicking the thugs.

The pair went down really quickly.  Both of them seemed to have glass jaws…  Barbara felt something, she needed sex… she needed a cock in her right now…  She looked around and grabbed the police hand cuffs off the desk of the shop owner and handcuffed the nicer looking of the two and opened up his pants.  It took only a second for her gloved hand to get him hard as a pipe.  She pulled out a condom and rolled it down the thug’s cock and slid down it.  She quickly did pumping squats on his cock to bring her to orgasmic bliss but the sound of cops coming up to the front cut her off.  She got up, pulled the condom and zipped the asshole’s pants up before leaving making sure to not leave any DNA.  She would need to come up with something to satisfy her needs… Maybe her boyfriend Dick tied to her bed?  With a last glance she saw the store was filled with lingerie and sex toys.  She resolved to come back when they were open to do some shopping.  Maybe Stephine would want to get some things to tempt Tim with too…

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