by C.King
Storyline Infinity Gem Madness!
Characters Malice
Previous Chapter Nothing seems to have happened

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 Something came to Malice's mind, something delightfully evil. Delightfully fun. Which could be what she wanted. Something which could be slow and subtle. Or fast and obvious, depending on what she wanted. But always savoured.

 "I will make my own version of all those goodie goodies. Malice-ized versions of heroes and villains alike. Then send them out to defeat their good counterparts. If they win, they permanently replace them. If they loose, I just improve or alter them and send them out again." The blond hair woman monologued as began to plot.

 "To start with," she said, as she summoned copies of many of the heroic men and women she knew. Soon their costumes began to warp and change. More leather, more spikes, more skin shown. As the costumes looked like something from bondage and domination porn. Weapones were replaced with more... approprate ones. Whips, ropes, paddles, and such.

 "Yessss. If I am to be Empress of the Universe, then these will 'nobles'. Now which ones to send out first?"

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