Later, with Reed

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm; New Species
Characters Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic
Category Body Modification
Previous Chapter Doom's proposal... Susan's answer.

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That night, Sue was determined to try to take control of her life once more, and to return to some sort of normality. She hoped that the new drug would keep the worst of her alien nature in check, and would give her breathing space so she could come up with some sort of solution to the massive brood that was dwelling in the basement of the Baxter Building. There was also the matter of Doom to think about, and the fact that he knew her secret, but she could worry about that tomorrow.

For now, she had more pressing matters to deal with. Her experiences with Doom had quickened her blood and heightened her senses, and her arousal, her need to mate, were impossible to deny. But if she was to take her old life back, there was only one person who could satisfy those urges.


Reed lay on their bed expectantly, while Sue lingered in the bathroom. She’d told him to wait there, that she had a little surprise for him. The door opened and his beautiful wife emerged. Now that she had his full attention, he noticed once more that she seemed fresher than he’d seen her recently, almost glowing. If he didn’t know better, he’d almost say she’d grown younger!

She emerged from the bathroom with a white robe clasped around her, but even with her body hidden, he could see that her shoulders were broader than they’d been before. She must have been working very hard in the gym lately.

As he was musing on this, she began to open the robe.

“I decide to get a little work done. I hope you like ‘em big, darling.”

She pulled the robe open then let it slip down her arms, putting her magnificent new body on full display. Reed gasped when he saw just how much her body had changed. Her previously modestly sized breasts were now huge orbs, which must have been artificially enhanced. They stood out proud and firm from her muscular torso, the nipples pert and pointed high. Reed could see no hint of scars beneath the huge fleshy globes, and his scientific mind mused on the new surgical and healing techniques that must have been employed, to give his wife the magnificent pair of tits that put most porn stars to shame.

Her previously flat stomach now bulged slightly, her wide hips flared out and her long legs rippled with perfectly toned muscle. She turned round and he gasped again when he saw the broad, toned cheeks of her ass, with the tiny white Y of the thong nestled between them. Again, there was no hint of sag and the titanic buttocks quivered slightly as she moved, denoting just the perfect ratio of muscle to fat. Her waist tapered, giving her a perfect hourglass figure, and the muscles of her back were now far more defined than before.

She turned to face him once more and moved towards him, her luscious curves swaying sensually as she walked on the towering white high heels she wore. Again, Reed’s scientific mind did a quick calculation and his brow furrowed as he realized that the heels alone could not account for the fact that his wife was significantly taller than she used to be!

“Sue, darling, I can accept that you’ve had some…enhancements in a few areas, but how on Earth did you manage to alter your height??”

Sue just smiled, trying to maintain a look of sweet innocence but she was struggling to contain the burning lust that boiled within her. Why couldn’t the fool stop babbling about her height and just enjoy the glorious vision of female perfection that was before him?

“Just never mind about that.” As she said this, she climbed onto the bed which creaked under the weight of the large woman his wife had become! She crawled towards him like some savage animal, now with a look of smoldering sexual hunger in her pretty blue eyes. The eyes seemed to swell almost hypnotically as she moved closer to him, her nipples brushing the bed-sheets as her massive tits hung low beneath her.

Reed drew back slightly as this predator that he barely recognized as his wife crept closer. “Sue, darling, I really think we need to talk…”

She almost growled as she lunged forward and took his face in her hands, and mashed it against her own, plunging her tongue deep into his mouth. Her huge breasts pressed against his chest, and his arms flailed briefly before coming to rest on her broad back.

She rubbed her crotch against him and felt with satisfaction that his cock grew hard rapidly against her firm flesh. Reaching down, she ripped her white thong away and cast it into a far corner of the room, then rose up above him. Looking up, Reed could see nothing of her face, only the twin orbs of her tits, which loomed above him like two flesh-colored moons. He reached up and ran his hands over the firm surfaces of the globes, finding the nipples which were hard as steel, and caressing them. Sue let out a low moan as she felt this exquisite sensation.

“Mmmmm, that’s right. No more talking. Only fucking!”

She took hold of his hardness and guided it towards her own boiling sex, then thrust herself down upon it, engulfing the full length of his cock. The bed started to creak rhythmically as she began thrusting, riding him cowgirl style, her back arched and her head thrown back, her mighty tits almost smothering him on each down-stroke.

His hands now gripped her broad buttocks which flexed in time with her thrusts, slamming him down into the bed and ramming hard against his body. Soon he was panting and groaning with the exertion of this mighty fucking, but Sue was only getting started.

“Come on,” she hissed down at him. “Fuck me harder! FUCK ME!”

She quickened the pace and power of her fucking, and now the bed was creaking alarmingly in time with her thrusts. Reed tried his best to match her, but he knew he could only take so much and would climax soon.

Once again, she looked down at him from between her mighty tits, her eyes wild with passion. “Is that the best you can do? Use your powers, you weak fool. Stretch it! Make it bigger!”

Sue had never asked this of him before, but now he did as she demanded, and used his powers to make his cock longer, thicker. He saw her smile as the sensation obviously appealed to her, and she began a rotation of her hips as she fucked him, clearly savoring the feeling of the expanding cock inside her.

“Mmmm, better. Keep it up you fucker, I’m not done with you yet!”

Reed could use his powers to enlarge his cock, but he had no special ability that could hold off the orgasm that he felt starting to boil within him.

“Sue, darling, I can’t…keep this …up. I’m going to…going to…”

She looked down at him, saw his face twisting into the look she knew so well from all the times they’d made sweet, gentle love in the past. But she no longer wanted sweet, gentle love, she wanted hot, wild, nasty fucking!

She felt him tense and his cock expanded yet further, then he gasped and she felt his hot seed pumping into her. After a moment, she felt him begin to wilt, and knew that was all he was good for tonight. It was as if a cold, empty void opened within her.

Then she heard the familiar, hated voice sneering in her mind. “How pathetic he is. A weak human fool. You deserve more.”

She lifted herself off her husband and lay on the bed next to him. Reed was in a daze, looking down at his body and seeing the beginnings of several bruises where her mighty body had slammed against him. He soon drifted off to sleep, utterly spent.

Sue lay next to him, her own body still thrumming with arousal, the fires of need within her still burning. As she stared into the darkness, the voice spoke again. “You know that you can never go back to your old life, and no drug can change that. You know there’s only one place where you can find the satisfaction you crave!”

Sue looked down at the floor, through it, towards the basement, and felt a terribly certainty that the voice was right.

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