He checks out what assailants are left

by TBLardmaster
Storyline Superheroine Takedown
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He looked around the room, assessing the current capabilities of the 12 confident and powerful Superheroines that had arrived such a short time before. Their circumstances were now rather changed; their costumes removed, their powers disabled; their fighting skills forgotten; their bodies changed outside of their will and knowledge to leave them equipped for little more than helpless sexual servitude.

Oblivious of their perilous situation until far too late to change it, each of them had confidently attempted to use their once-familiar abilities, finding out in shocking fashion their new fallibilities. Most of them had achieved only humiliation in their efforts; many stripping and incapaciting themselves without getting anywhere close to challenging him. A variety of delectable piles of slender flesh and heaving bosoms peered blearily up at their captor from a variety of states of consciousness, chastened by their ignominous defeats.

He assessed his new playthings with a broad smile on his face, glancing only briefly at those still in deep slumber; Batgirl, Black Canary, and Black Widow in an amusing pile of naked fkesh after their recent attempt at exerting their authority. Supergirl, once the once most powerful woman on the planet; looked rather less threatening buck naked; weighed down flat on her back by a pair of comedy breasts like medicine balls, her head lolling to one side, her tousled long blonde hair growing ever soggier in the large pool of drool she was continuing to add to.

He snickered at her Kryptonian cousin Powergirl, who was at least conscious, but the pain from her wounded crotch still leaving her in visible discomfort.
Never had she needed her departed flying abilities more; locked in a pathetic attempt at a press up, her even more giant orbs locked firmly on the ground; the forces of gravity far greater than any strength she still had left in her feeble frame to lift herself up. Powergirl was now so powerless she could not even stand.

Zatanna and the Green Lanternette were blearily trying to stand theirselves; not quite as overburdened as their Justice League colleague, they actually managed to do it after a combined total of only 13 attempts. But neither of them could clear their minds or figure out what was happening; Green Lanternette pathetically bleated about her missing ring, her spinning head unable to begin to focus on how on earth she could begin to focus on how she could function without her abilities. Zatanna had fruitlessly tried a couple of useless spells, and was left similarly confused about their situation - what was happening to them, and how could they change it.

"Oh dear Girlies, have you lost your pretty little costumes", he sniggered "How on earth are you going to bring me to justice without them?"

"We don't need them", they chorused uncertainly, before the Lanternette regained some small measure of awareness. "Stand down! If you don't give us our costumes back right NOW, and those of all our friends; you will deeply regret it. I am a member of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League, and our colleagues..."

"...Don't have a clue where you are and will never see you again", he delightfully interrupted them and stepped closer. "Besides, with your giant udders, your precious costumes are useless to you. Seriously, what sort or marquee would you need to tuck these gajungas away!?" The Lanternette moved far, far too slowly, and he was firmly gripping an alien breast in each hand. Shocked, the two heroines tried to respond; the Lanternette fished clumsily for his wrists; taking several attempts and rapidly realising how much stronger than her she was. He relished the outright fear that her widened eyes betrayed. Zatanna poked him insipidly in his side, shocking herself anew at her lack of effectiveness. Panicking, she commanded him to "REH ESAELER".

He snickered at her evilly - "Sorry Slut, I don't listen to fat-titted bimbos".

"What did you sa-", she spluttered, before he silenced her by gripping her throat, with his right hand. He grasped the Lanternette similarly with his left, and lifted them in the air like dolls. They whimpered pathetically, their feeble blows against his solid form only serving to exhaust them further. Eventually he smashed their skulls together, letting them drop from high above his head onto delicate ankles that he saw twist painfully beneath bodies restored to helpless unconsciousness.


Next he stepped over to Spider Woman, still sprawled uselessly on the floor but whose eyes were starting to flicker fitfully. "Wh-who are you?" she slurred in his direction. "Why, your new master, of course?"

"No man is my master!", she blurted, straining to sit up against her bruised and swollen body, unaided by an extremely woolly head.

"I beg to differ, honey". He ended the conversation by 'encouraging' her to again lie down, bumping her head hard off the floor to 'enjoy' dreamland once again.


And so only five heroines were conscious. He knew Firestar would be unable to bother him for a considerable time. He watched Wonder Woman inching painfully across the room towards her discarded fake lasso, and looked forward to removing her last hope of escape sometime very soon. Powergirl remained completely unable to rise. The Invisible Woman and Mary Marvel were in no better state, but the formerly demure Double-M was so mortified by her shameful condition he knew she was already doing a wonderful job of tormenting herself - there was no need to hurry towards her.


"Hello there Susie, struggling to get up there are we?" He bent down, lifting her easily by her waist with just one hand and hoisting her into a most unwelcome embrace. "My, these are big ones aren't they?", freely fondling her giant mammaries with his free hand.

"Guh-get off me", she yelped in outrage, simultaneously trying to push him away and try to blast him with a forcefield. The former did her absolutely no good; the latter again only serving to swell her huge bosoms still further.

"Wh-why can't I blast you?" she whimpered confusedly; simply terrified at the situation in which she found herself. "Luh-let me go..."

"Now don't be silly. What sort of gentleman would I be if I didn't help a lady in distress?".

"Wh-wha...", she replied, completely helpless in arms.

He interrupted her by ripping off her flimsy excuse for a costume with his free hand and bringing it up to her leaking chest.

"H-how dare you!" was all she could respond, desperately trying to use her former power and only gaining herself an extra cup size and the loss of a few more brain cells. "I'm Fantastic..."

"No dear; if you were 'Fantastic', you wouldn't need me to wipe your lactating udders"; quickly turning the sorry excuse for a costume into a sodden dishrag. "There we go, you're almost dry now, look..."

"Stop it! Stop it" she whimpered; her growing stupidity putting her in a circle of panic that left her again attempting to rescue herself; halving her intellect and doubling her already ludicrous chest. He saw what was happening and saw no reason not to encourage her; "That's right deary keep going, you almost had me there." He lowered to the ground; seeing her cycle would not be broken, and idly wondering just how big and stupid she would be before he next 'attended' to her.


"Well Hi Mary, how are you doing down there?"

Mary Marvel was simply too terrified to speak, flat on her back beneath two swollen anchors she couldn't begin to move. It was her worst nightmare, to find herself nude, deformed, and so lewdly displayed before a villain clearly with terrible designs on her.

"My, aren't these titties lovely", he said conversationally, grabbing himself a handful. "We're going to have such fun together, you and I..."


"Yes, I think I am! You certainly look pleased..." It was true - the chaste and demure Mary Marvel was cross-eyed, her immensely sensitive breasts responding to his crude ministrations in the most unwelcome way!

Could no-one yet save this virtuous virgin from this terrible fate?   

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