A Villain finds one of the Gems (Mixed Marvel/DC)

by aspiringactor
Storyline Infinity Gem Madness!
Characters Amora the enchantress
Previous Chapter The Gems.

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Amora the Enchantress, Asgard’s most beautiful Sorceress sat alone in an extravagant apartment in New York City. She had acquired it several years ago in order to spy on Thor Odinson, and perhaps get closer to him. But all she had managed was to make herself more miserable.   


She could only watch as Thor surrounded himself with lesser mortal women. Women who were unworthy of his time or attention, in her mind. She was the one who deserved him. After all, who else was as beautiful as she was?


It was at that moment when the Yellow Gem of reality landed in her lap.


Curious, she picked it up between two fingers, and eyed the gem suspiciously. She could sense the power radiating from it. A power which easily surpassed that of the Norn Stones in many ways. Though not through magic, she realized, but something older, and far more powerful.


“Interesting,” she cooed as she examined the gem further. She tried to delve into it with her magic, but found that it resisted her……at first. Another power not belonging to Amora helped her to learn the Gem’s secrets. It didn’t take the Sorceress long to figure out that it was the Gem itself adding her quest for information.


“So this stone gives the wielder the power to alter reality?” She said out loud, as she began to think of countless possibilities. With a snap of her fingers, she could make herself Queen of Asgard. Or Make Thor her loyal protector and lover for all eternity? Make Lady Sif suffer for believing she was Amora’s equal?


“The possibilities are absolutely endless,” Amora said to herself, as she altered reality for the first time, on a small scale,infusing the Gem to her headpiece. “First, I think I shall…."   

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