Phoebe was far from done! She wants more!

by bambucea09
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Once her mind was back out of the clouds, Phoebe got a loopy grin. Her plan was a huge success and the symbiote a superb lover, even now it was busy helping her relax and prepare her for another round. And there would be another round, she thought as she eyed the slide bar, wondering how far she should push it. Already it had been able to ejaculate something inside her, though Phoebe didn't really care and only enjoyed the warmth in her womb. In a few hours, once she loaded the back-up, everything would be fine. She really could go a bit further than she usually would.

Deciding on that, she quickly gathered the rest of the living symbiote suit and planned to go into her bedroom. Right then the symbiote was her lover and you make love on your bed. Once she realized that she couldn't manipulate the slide bar from there she froze. It didn't take long for her to turn around and punch something into the command line. She wanted a remote control for the bar, so she made one. Instantly a stainless steel remote appeared next to it and it had a slide controller mirroring the position on the monitor. It curiously also had a 'delete' button and after a quick check Phoebe realized that she could delete the function at any time and give the symbiote back its full range of shape-shifting abilities. Well, it was a nice thought but she wouldn't need it.

Phoebe made her way into her bedroom, laid the rest of the suit on the edge of the bed and closed the door. Right as she lowered herself on the sheets, the symbiote started in earnest. Her clit once again received attention, but Phoebe quickly grabbed the remote and slid the control a lot further into the 'living' direction. Instantly she could feel movement everywhere inside the tights. Tendrils were forming and soon her entire lower body was teased and squeezed, especially her nether lips. As she grew wet she could feel something waiting at her entrance. Seemingly without resistance it slid in, revealing three smaller members thrashing inside her. And if that wasn't enough, another one formed at her back door, swiftly penetrating her there before growing in width. The double penetration made Phoebe sprawl herself across the bed, toes curled and fingers gripping the sheets. Her climax was fast approaching and she couldn't wait for it. She slid the control further, hoping it would hasten everything. It didn't but the tights now looked a lot more like skin. Not that there was time for disappointment for before she could even think of playing more with her remote, the tentacles inside her exploded and so did her senses.

Only a few seconds past before Phoebe regained control of her limbs and realized that once again the symbiote wasn't finished. And while the symbiote had been fucking her brains out, the other parts of it had crawled closer, right in arms reach of its host and lover. Fantasizing how it could only get better with more of it on her, Phoebe grabbed the boots. Their insides were teeming with tendrils, but she pulled them on anyway, the edges of them and the pants melting into each other, leaving no mark behind. Instantly she felt the tendrils play with her feet and while she had never considered herself a fetishist, she enjoyed it thoroughly. The wet feeling of kisses and someone sucking on her toes made her feel like a queen being serviced. Before she could continue, the tentacles entered her orifices again. Phoebe groaned in pleasure but still grabbed the shirt, also looking like it was made out of flesh with tendrils moving around inside. Swiftly she pulled it on, moaning as the tendrils started to play with her breasts and nipples. As some of them started tease her bellybutton she couldn't hold it back anymore and another orgasm surged through her body.

Her breathing was starting to become a bit labored and she realized that the symbiote wasn't stopping. Already, she was back on track for another high, every part of her body subjected to her lover's ministrations. And she realized something else, namely that she fucking loved it. That this was better than anything she had imagined. And that the fact that her hands and face were uncovered could not be tolerated. Her mind spent not even a second to rationalize what she was about to do, too great was the pleasure she was feeling, too fast her next high approaching. With a flick of her super-powered fingers Phoebe switched the slide fully. She could feel it changing, forming more toned legs, gripping her hips, waist and chest tighter. The boots morphed, too, and acquired two wicked looking clawed toes and similar, though slightly shorter, claw formed at her heel. In front of her eyes, the still not worn gloves changed, the fingers elongating and forming sharp ends, just as claw like as her 'boots'. Quickly Phoebe slipped them on and marveled as the edge of the gloves melted into the skin of her shirt. At that moment her body was still penetrated and pleasured, so it took her a few moments to realize something. While she could feel her body being played with, she could also feel the bed sheets under her, as if they were touching her skin, and how her newly gained claws were ripping through the mattress. 

In the grips of yet another ecstatic orgasm, Phoebe tried to find the mask, but it wasn't where she last saw it. Feverishly she looked around only to find it just outside her reach. She could try to web it closer, but she realized that her lover wanted her to work for it. For a few seconds it felt like dozens of tiny worms were crawling through her butt, the next she could feel a powerful member slamming inside and out of it. Her cunt felt like it had been stretched beyond all limits and frankly Phoebe loved that feeling. At that point Phoebe stopped trying to keep straight what was being thrust inside her and how many of it. She only cared that she got fucked, the more the better, and that she got her hands... or rather claws on the mask. She crawled towards it, but had trouble to keep her focus and shredded the bed linen some more. Finally she reached the mask and her claws ran through the black mane. It was slightly longer than a human face, but not quite animal like. With its mouth closed, it nearly looked like a normal mask were it not for its clearly fleshy exterior. Suddenly the mouth opened, revealing its fearsome maw, and out came a freakishly long tongue. Without thinking Phoebe opened her mouth for a deep and sloppy kiss. As her senses ran amok, she only focused on the foreign tongue caressing her own. As Peter he had kissed quite a few women, but for Phoebe none of them came close to what she now felt.

When the tongue withdrew, Phoebe knew what she had to do. She turned the mask around, staring at the black mane and watched it split open. Dozens of tendrils were squirming inside, but that was nothing new. What captured her attention was a long tube, connected to the mouth. It was weaving through the air, elongating and splitting in two. Smiling, Phoebe opened her mouth and invited it inside. As she brought the mask closer, the tube slid inside her mouth with out hurry. One part went down to her stomach, the other down to her lungs attaching themselves there. At the same time a fleshy sheath surrounded her tongue and the brutal fangs of the mask lowered themselves over her actual teeth, connecting her sensations to the longer symbiotic tongue and its fangs. Her hair was gently pulled inside and the edges the mask melted away. Nothing of the beautiful Phoebe Parker could be seen, only a feral looking symbiote covered woman remained. A woman who in that moment experienced bliss beyond her wildest dreams. Every inch of her body radiated pleasure, courtesy of her symbiotic suit and lover. Her clawed hands ran through her new shoulder-length black hair, her gasp and moans freakishly distorted, but that only made her more ecstatic. And when her lover started to share a bit of what it was feeling, it was over. Phoebe's body was so overloaded with pleasure that she simply collapsed on her bed, barely conscious and heavily panting.

It took a few minutes until she could move again. When she did her lover was already busy making sure she was relaxed. Phoebe understood that she needed to be relaxed and fresh for their next round. A chuckle escaped her changed lips as she moved her hands under her head and crossed one leg over the other. A few thoughts ran through her mind and she came to a decision. One hand searched for the remote and she had it quickly in her talons.

"You know, darling," she said, addressing her symbiote for the first time. "When I was Peter Parker, I came across a strange possibility. That possibility bothered me so much, that I needed to find out how it could happen. How could, in any reality, the intelligent and pragmatic Ann Weying turn into a being like Depravity? How could a woman like her turn to a symbiote as a lover and forsake her husband? I wanted to know that so much that I turned myself into a daring young woman. And I have to say that I now understand how it could have happened." The remote was now in above her head and a predatory smile showing two rows of cruel fangs split her face. With a leisurely twitch, she pressed the button, deleting the bar and the unleashing the powerful symbiote. A dark chuckle echoed inside her mind, as felt the bond with her lover grow closer. "You could say that I can empathize with her now. In fact, I think 'Depravity' would make a nice name for us."

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