Phoebe, or rather Depravity, stops her fucking and considers her next action.

by bambucea09
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Characters Symbiote
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Coming down from another sex-induced high, Phoebe was finally satisfied enough (at least for now) to think about more than immediate gratification. Ever since she had pushed the button and freed the symbiote, she had felt her sense for her human body fade. By now she could only feel the former living suit. While that meant that her lover could no longer play with her old body, that wasn't too bad. Every part of her new body seemed to bring her more pleasure from the start. Even just running her claws through the bedding was nice. Not to mention her actual erogenous zones. In fact, even now one of her claws was still lazily playing with her snatch, a snatch that was every bit as transformed as the rest of her. Despite all of this, she knew that she wasn't truly bonded to it, only its current host. That thought brought a well of disgust into her now-shared mind. 'Host'. Her lover detested that word, hated everything that implied that they weren't going to be together forever. And Phoebe agreed. They were going to stay together, hopefully truly bonded soon . Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, was gone. Not dead, everything about him lived on, but she had no intention of ever going back to be Peter.

Well, she couldn't stay in bed forever. Sighing, she removed her hand from her crotch and licked off the mixture of her own fluids and whatever it was her lover had pumped into her twice. It tasted like a fruit juice mix and a good one at that. Phoebe was looking forward to taste other kinds of 'juice' as well. Once empty, her folds were swiftly covered up, without her having to move a muscle. It was hard to believe that she had rejected a symbiote once, but then that was hardly comparable to now.

Phoebe's enhanced body coiled together, legs pulled against her chest, and flung herself of the now ruined bed. Her feet, or more accurately the two claws on each foot that had replaced the toes, made a clicking sound as she landed. The claws there were very flexible and strong, despite their strange appearance. She could easily bury them in the floor and probably a lot of other materials. And it wasn't at all difficult to move silently, as she quickly found out. But she made a conscious decision to make the sound with each step, because it seemed like a cross between a predator and a fashionable woman in high heels. And wasn't that an accurate and flattering impression?

A look in the mirror caused Phoebe to smile, once again revealing her unnatural maw. She looked simply great, all in black with a few red vein-lines cutting through. Her skin was perfectly smooth, even a bit glossy and a dream to touch. And far more durable than human skin, too, she believed, judging by what she knew of symbiotes. There was no spider emblem on her chest, Depravity was beyond simple creatures, after all. The still present smile was both cruel and enticing, though Phoebe might not be a neutral judge. To her surprise she noticed that her eyes weren't protected by the red, jagged patches. The patches were her eyes! They were smaller than Venom's, but still far larger than a human's, thus gifting Phoebe with a greater field of vision as long as she was Depravity. The smaller size might also have been less intimidating than Venom's stare. Not that it would be noticed, with her beautiful, black mane of hairlike tendrils (She could actually feel them!) framing her face, making her unnatural eyes appear even more sinister than they did on their own. As her fingers ran through the mane again, she delighted in how feral and wild, yet sensual she looked. Her body was toned, but still very feminine with great curves and long legs. Her breasts, too, looked spectacular the way her symbiote supported them.

Oh yes, she was very satisfied with her decisions. Now to make new ones.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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