Depravity wonders about her abilities

by bambucea09
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Symbiote
Category Marvel Symbiosis Spiderman
Previous Chapter Phoebe, or rather Depravity, stops her fucking and considers her next action.

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Before she could actually decide on her next step she needed to be more aware of her abilities. Speed and strength were clearly well beyond her old, but that was hardly everything there was to know about her. She could go back to the Master PC and look it. Or she could just cut out the middleman and ask the being providing her with them. Having a general understanding that to her lover's mind he - and she couldn't think of him as an it any longer - was simply making her 'better', she needed to ask real questions.

"Darling, what is that you have pumped into me?" she purred.

At first he tried to answer in his preferred way: Feelings and intuition, but it wasn't informative, since they weren't yet bonded to each other.

"Fluid purpose two-fold." Oh? It had more than one function? "First helps bonding."

Already Phoebe couldn't control herself and nearly shouted: "Than why have we stopped? I'm game for another go, Darling! We can be truly together within a few hours!'

A wave of happiness washed through her, followed by distinct sadness."Cannot produce great amount, need time and Queen-Phoebe difficult bonding-partner."

Queen Phoebe? She had to say that she liked the sound of that. Together they were Depravity, but they would always be individuals, even if they planned to share their complete existence with each other. To be addressed as his Queen was simply delightful. "Can I help you recover in any way?" The faster they were bonded the better.

"Human fluids. Ejaculate best, female, too. Blood helps, but not much." There was a certain reluctance before he went on. "Bonding still slow. Queen-Phoebe appealing, perfect, unique... but complex."

The adjectives echoed in her mind with the reverence Phoebe once held for MJ or Gwen. It certainly made up that they couldn't bond as fast as others. He wouldn't leave her anyway. She briefly considered using the Master PC to simply complete it, but decided against it. She didn't want to cheapen the bond, at least not further after making sure that the symbiote would only want her. "So I need to fuck people to help you recover. Certainly the most pleasurable way to 'recover'. Do you have something that might help me with that?"

"Controll body-shape. Can change appearance. Can change smell. Enhance arousal in vicinity."

"So pheromones that make slightly horny people more horny. Good. You said it has two purposes."

"Yes. Second purpose procreation."

Phoebe was thoroughly confused by that revelation. "Doesn't your kind reproduce asexually?"

"Normal symbiote, yes. I not normal. Aberration, cast out. Kept prisoner."

In that moment she understood. When she merged the symbiotes and gave them him his new life story and sex drive, this had changed reality. Since no being had useless instincts (at worst they were throwbacks), her lover now required a partner to procreate. "So I'm pregnant? We actually will have babies. Will they hate us like your kind's spawn usually does?"

"Not pregnant. Spawn already conceived. Two kept in womb. Spawn possess genetic memory, love Queen-Mother. Soon will spread, conquer earth."

One of her claws tenderly brushed her womb and her terrifying features softened enough to be called 'gentle'. "I'm a mother," she whispered. The image of hundreds of symbiote possessed humans ran through her mind. And it was appealing... for a few moments, that is. Then Phoebe remembered her time on a planet controlled by symbiotes. They had been bloodthirsty monsters, barely able to form a coherent thought. She didn't want 'her' symbiote race to be the same only with less infighting. She wanted them to show others what she felt, the kind of pleasure and bliss only symbiosis could provide. "We will spread, but I will not just let our babies bond with just anyone. I will find them hosts, that will be real partners, like us. No constant fights for dominance between symbiote and host. And we will be stronger for it."

Phoebe could feel her lover's bewilderment turn into approval. He was too entrenched in his kinds way to think of a different approach, but different enough to see the benefit of one. She turned to the door and stared through it at her Laptop, still running the Master PC 2.9 program. "And I know just how to find them"

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