Make Jean Grey Kitty's "father"

by jessiesgirl
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Emma Frost Jean Grey
Previous Chapter Go to the computer and make Kitty into Emma's real daughter

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Many different scenarios ran through Emma's head on who Kitty's father would be.  She thought about Tony Stark and there days in the Hellfire Club.  There was Scott, the ever loyal leader of the X-Men.

Both men had make such terrible mistakes in the past though that neither could be trusted.  It was then that she had an intriguing idea - who said Kitty's father had to be a man?  Once the thought crossed her mind it was an easy choice: Jean Grey.  She had always been screwing things for Emma but with a little nudging of history things could be quite exciting between them, not to mention intriguing to see what this change would do to Jean.  
Emma quickly went to work typing in Jean's name and could not press enter soon enough and the changes were immediate.
After the usual buzzing died down Emma looked around her suite and saw just what had changed.  On the nightstand was a wedding photo of her and Jean!  Both in white but Jean wearing a white suit (guess we know who wears the pants).  Emma was brought ot of her thoughts with the bedroom door opening to reveal the new Jean Grey.  She looked very androgynous with her boot cut jeans and loose flowing flannel t-shirt.  Also the luxurious hair she was known for had been replaced by a short boys style with her fringed gelled sticking up.  No longer the Marvel Girl everyone knew but marvellous none the less.  Wait what was Emma thinking?  She just wanted to have some fun.  She wasn't even remotely attracted to someone as disgusting and repulsive...and beautifully sexy as Jean was she?  
That's when she realized by adding Jean as Kitty's father she forgot to uncheck the box mentioning they were in a loving marriage.

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